Monday, December 31, 2012

Activities of the Naga Beings....

I have posted on Naga Beings and now continue to talk more about them.

Nagas are Dragons, serpents, snakes or to summarize...they are reptiles but tortoise, fish and frogs too fall under this Family Group.  However Nagas are from both the world and other realms, so if you don't see them it doesn't mean they are not around. The thing that caused Nagas to be angry and bring harm to human is when they are hurt or killed in human pursuit to claimed land, cut forest, burnt jungles, dig ground, built houses, mass killing of bigger mammals in the sea etc. They will create accidents, sickness and deadly ones too or skin diseases and many more.

Buddhists do not take refuge in Nagas but we acknowledge their presence and do offerings to them for peace and harmony within the family, the society and the Nation. It is like making peace with an angry neighbor so we offer flowers, five-color clothes, milk, honey, oats etc. Remember Nagas are clean and they do not accept anything that is stained by blood. In return, the Nagas will protect humans who did the offerings, giving them protection and wealth.

As in human, the Nagas too have the Black and White groups, meaning the Bad and Good groups. The Black group will not help nor forgive and will surely harm us if we agitate them, but the White groups promised to protect Dharma practitioners and those who are kind and good.

So if you dream of snake, please find monks or Tibetan monks to help perform the Naga Puja. It can be done by offering Food, Water or Incense and the Guru will advise what is best. However if there is a serious epidemic that cause sickness and death, the Gurus normally will do the ''lion roar rituals'' to appease these Naga Beings.

There is a certain day in a month to perform these pujas. You will have to check the correct dates and take part if you can or do a small donation towards the payers.

Below is the monthly activities of the Nagas....

1) 1st Month (January) is the Naga's Dharma month. They will listen to Dharma.
2) 2nd Month (February) is the Naga gained Wisdom month. They will help and protect those who make offerings to them.
3) 3rd Month (March) is the Naga Gathering or Meeting Day. All offerings will become nectar and they will fulfilled our wishes.
4) 4th Month (April) is the Naga Discipline and Regulations Day. Offerings at the place where prayers/ rituals is permored will bring peace and harmony.
5) 5th Month (May) is a rainy month. Naga will stay at home and practice. Offerings during this month will help us gain wisdom.
6) 6th Month (June) is Fruits collecting month. Offerings made to Naga will have our wish fullfilled. These is good for people wishing for child or wealth.
7) 7th Month (July) sees Naga collecting essence of food. Offerings during this month will help us not born in places of hunger or be hungry.
8) 8th Month (August) is a Naga dress-up month. Offerings to Nagas will help to gain wealth and also auspicious success.
9) 9th Month (September) sees Nagas collecting essence from trees, give them offerings and invoke their protection and they will bestow wealth.
10) 10th Month (October) is when all Nagas take a rest. They will be sleeping so no need to do any offerings.
11) 11th Month (November) is Winter working month. Offerings to Nagas will bring peace, happiness and harmony for oneself and family and also to the Nation.
12) 12th Month (December) is when Nagas guard their Wealth. Offerings to Naga will help us safeguard our Wealth
Therefore the Monthly Naga pujas performed Monthly will see the people and the Country of Singapore safe, happy, free from epidemic. The Nation will have due rainfalls, flowers will bloom and trees bear fruits. It will also bring abundance and prosperity to oneself and the Country.
(The above is a teaching given by Khenpo Dorje of Sakya Templing in Pasir Ris)
As 2012 is coming to an end, I pray that all Beings be Well, be Happy, at Peace and be Safe. May Beings have Happiness and the Cause of Happiness and be freed from Sufferings! Sadhu x3

Monday, December 17, 2012

Wat Manao - Suphan Buri

Wat Manao ( Manao in Thai means Lime) is situated in Suphan Buri. The Temple is more than 100 years old. The current Abbot is Luangpo Chuchat. He is also the head monk for Suphan Buri District.

I met Luangpo Chuchat went he came to Singapore to celebrate ChaoKun's of Wat Ananda's 80th birthday. It is affinity and we connected. From than on, I will visit Luangpo Chuchat whenever I go to Bangkok.

The Buddha in Wat Manao is slightly different in design as compared to most temple. This particular Buddha was placed near a riverside. The giant Buddha's statue was moved into the Temple with a roof above it by Luangpo Boi (he passed away 119 years ago).

When we visited this time, there were some constructions going on. Luangpo Chuchat showed us the place where he is building a museum to house all the old Buddha statues and amulets given to the Temple. He is also building a place where lay people can stay over doing retreat.

To farm this project, Luangpo Chuchat  commissioned a set of 5 Buddha's amulets which is unique to Wat Manao for sales. He only made 5000 sets and by the time we were there, it was left with only slightly more than 80 sets. These amulets are unusual and it became collectors' items.

I was very fortunate as Luangpo is my Master and he gave me 2 different types and 1 to my brother. The amulets are retailing to raise fund so it is Bht 1,000 per pc. The set of 5 is Bht 5,000.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Every morning for the last four months, I have been using the Service Lift from the Car Park to my office. I have the habit of looking around me so I surveyed the lift. I realized the management have sealed the lift wall with plywood and the door with white stickers. There is a mic speaker just in case we are caught in emergency and need to talk to someone but other than that, a Lift is a Lift.

As days passed by and with people moving in, the plywood protection got knocked with cracks and scratches. What more when you have workers and movers and of course you see the standard comments of all the vulgarties scribbled on the walls, with drawings and telephone numbers etc. It has something to do with mentality and it is cheap thrills.

One day I saw the white stickers covering the door was stripped off, leaving an aluminium front. While waiting for the lift to stop at my floor, I naturally looked at the lift door in front of me. Suddendly it occured to me that I am not able to see myself even though I was in front of it. I tried waving my hands and could only see slight movements. What happened to my body mass, am I not here?

SO, this was it. I am ''here and yet I am not here''. If there is no reflection of me, does that mean that I am non-existence? Probably this is what the teachings are all about. The ''mass'' you is actually not ''you''. You are neither that ''mass'' nor what you believe yourself to be. So which part of the ''mass'' is you?

I do not say I have any realization but it occured to me that "Emptiness is Form" and "Form is Emptiness". Meaning Emptiness does not mean there is nothing. It comes from nothing and goes back to nothing. Chim, right?

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

My Song....

Because of my Karma
I came to Samsara
However this Samsara
is also the Pureland of Buddha Sakyamuni

Why are we chasing Enlightenment
Why do we look at the Sky
and try to reach for the star
When it is here with us

We are always looking outside
Outside is so colorful and exciting
There are so many attractions
Or are they distractions

Looking inside...what is there to look?
First and foremost
Where is inside?
My organs? No, my Thoughts
am I aware of them?

Life after Life
I merry-go-round the Realms
I am not always
in precious human form
Even if I am
I must have wasted it away
Yes, that is why I am still here

Hopefully all the accumulations of merits
past, present and future
will not go to waste
At least I won't think that
the precious human rebirth
is always mine to have

I pray to all the Buddha,
all the Gurus
I rejoiced at all the unsurpassed merits
of the Enlightened Ones

May all my effort and energy
I directed at the works for Sentient Beings
Wishing they are well
Wishing they will reach ultimate happiness
and no one left to suffer in Samsara

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Don't Worry, Be

Why worry about what will happen after you are gone, 
because when you return to dust, 
you will feel nothing about praises or criticisms 

Why worry too much about your children 
for children will have their own destiny
 and find their own way 
Don't be at their back and call

Why expect too much from your children 
They would be busy with their jobs and commitments 
Uncaring children may fight over your assets 
They think they are rightful heirs to your wealth 
but you have no claims to theirs

Why trade in your health for wealth 
because your money may not buy you health 
When to stop making money and how much is enough
and it is never enough! 

Out of thousand hectares of good harvest 
you can only consume a little daily 
Out of all the houses you owned
you only need eight square meters of space to rest at night. 

So as long as you have enough food and money 
live happily
Do not compare with others for fame and social status 
But of happiness, health and longevity 
Why worry about things that you can't change 
because it won't change for you 

A day well lived is a gain 
we do not know what will happen the next minute 
Do not count your bridges before it even appear 
because you may not wake up tomorrow 
Live for Today, Now, this Moment 

Above all learn to cherish the goodness around …… 
and FRIENDS… …..they make you feel young and "wanted" 
Even when you are alone 
No, you are not alone because the Buddha is with you. 

Smile in time of Goodness, smile in time of Adversity 
Be thankful for the Good, and that of the Bad ! 
 and train your Mind

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Being aware....

Not many people are aware of their thought processes.
Recently I am aware of my thoughts on and off and at the same time aware of my surroundings and the people around me. I realized my heart ''thoughts'' played many tricks on me or me being gullible because I did not guard my thoughts.
My ''heart'' responded to external influences. When someone is nice to me, I said he is nice. When someone is not friendly I asked ''why''. Our ''heart'' is forever busy judging and reasoning. Some time we reasoned to make us feel better but actually there is nothing to justify.
Whatever arises is due to conditions and thus the consequences. We are not aware that our actions may caused or disturbed others thoughts. We always think that I don't care and what you feel is our own ''thoughts''.
When we say there is nothing but actually there is something because our reactions towards the other party is no longer friendly. We can be cordial or a matter of fact but we no longer care about the results it brings.
I realized the Road of Cultivation is a lonely one. There are so many doors leading to the same goal and each of us takes a different one. There are people who travelled together, there are people like me who have to be on my own. The problem is recognizing that you are ''alone'' and do not forced yourself onto anyone. The problem with human beings are we want to be associated. I know that we say we want to practice, we want to achieve ultimate enlightenment, we want to achieve for the benefits of Sentient Beings....but we keep on causing pain to others.
I also realized that all the Great Masters achieved clarity and wisdom when they are practising on their own and finally Enlightenment. Before one understand what it is, how can one tell people about it? In another word, if we do not abandone the Three Poisions, how do we understand the profound and yet simple Truth? We are already so confused with bombardment of so many information. Some say this is good, we all run there; some say this is no good, we all keep away. Some say this is a Perfect Teacher because of name and fame and we are like idol chasing. We want to be associated with the most popular masters - Yes, they are good Masters but what do we see in them?
I rejoiced at all the Gurus who has attained an enlighten mind in their many life times. They are now here because they wanted to reach out to all those who has the affinity with them. Do we look at the Gurus of passed achievement or do we look at the Gurus we know or think that we know? How many of us take time to find out? Mostly we know who he is in the past and follow him now because he is renowned?
Buddha reminded when Dharma is slowly receding, we have to be an island onto our self. We just need to continue practising and perfecting our self for the coming of the next Buddha. Yes, we can achieve this life time so we will come back for others when we understand what is it all about.
Did you ever thought why are there so many Arahants during Buddha Sakyamuni's time. There are many devotees or even people who met Him first time, listened to his Teachings and attained different stages of Arahantship?
I will continue to ''look at the rising and falling of my thoughts''. I know too that I will stray from my cause on and off. I will still continue to pay my respect to all Masters who follow Buddha's Dharma and is spreading the correct Teachings.
At the end of the day, I have to face ''Death" myself. All the good things I have done is to prep myself so that I don't go to Hell? If I am a practitioner, going to Hell may not be a bad thing because there are endless suffering beings there too.....and there are also Great Masters and Bodhisattva there too. Going to Hell is also to clear obstacles and you need not be burnt there you believe?

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Something to improve our JOINTS....

 As we advance in age, our body is getting stiffer, our joints are cracking and some of us have pain walking. I saw these among my friends and we are not that old either. So having joints problems are not due to age but how fast we worn out all the ''padding'' that we took for granted.
Here is a method which is better than popping all the Glucosamine. This is a natural way to counter all the backache and joint aches and are tested by some already. I believe this method is safe enough unless you totally cannot consume liquor.
Here, try it!
1) Buy 2 kg of golden raisins or yellow raisins.
2) Buy a bottle of Gin, you can get Beefeater London Dry Gin which is not so costly (definitely cheaper than your Glucosamine).
3) Put the golden raisins into the Gin. (If it is too much than use another container that can take 2 kg of raisins and a bottle of Gin.) Keep the bottle opened.
4) Note that you need to soak the raisins in gin for at least 7 days. In between please shake the raisins so that it mix well with the Gin..
8) After 7 days, you can scoop the raisins and put them into a container with lid.
9) Every time eat 5 to 9 raisins and eat it 2 or 3 times a day. Here is how you can eat it....
     - with salads
     - with ice cream
     - with oats etc.
The person who sent this article used to have cracking sound when he bend his knees but now he can walk and run very well. The swollen feet joints are no longer puffy and he can bend his fingers and clenched his fist.
You may ask, why is this method so effective? Actually this method was used by people long ago. They knew juniper berries are medicinal. Gin has juniper berries as its ingredient and therefore is effective when used with golden raisins.
I am not able to take liquor but to help me have better joints and free myself from Arthritis , I am consuming this as medicine and not eating/drinking the items (raisins and the gin) as an intoxicating indulgence!
Hope this sharing helps!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

May I ask where is the Path...敢问路在何方

Earlier on when I posted on 'Journey to the West', I said that I will post the music to this wonderful Chinese Classic Literature. This song that I am posting is the latest serial made in 2012. The music is rearranged and sang by Dao Lang. With his low and husky voice, he injected impact and feelings into the song. Even if you do not know the story, from the song you will feel the perseverance and challenges that the Monk and his Three Disciples has to go through to achieve what they set out to do.

As in Butterfly Lovers or Phantom of the Opera, one needs not tell you the song title, the success of such classic songs are... when you hear it, you know it.
Here is the inspiring song. On the video you will see the painstaking preparations of the various personalities prior shooting. You will hear Dao Lang sing. Kudos to those who gave us so much enjoyment and thanks to all those behind the scene, without everyone we will not be able to sit in front of the TV to see such mesmerizing production.
Title : 敢问路在何方 (May I ask where is the Path)
           Gan wen lu zai he fang
你挑着担, 我牵着马
Ni tiao ze dan, wo qian ze ma
You lug the luggage, I lead the horse

迎来日出, 送走晚霞
Ying lai ri chu, song zuo wan xia
Together we saw many sunrises, and said goodbye to many sunsets

踏平坎坷, 成大道
Da ping kan ke, cheng da dao
The Path is hard to travel, and it leads to Enlightenment

斗罢艰险, 又出发, 又出发
Dou ba jian xian, you chu fa, you chu fa
Meeting difficulties and challenges along the Way, but we will not be hindered and carry on our Journey again.

啦啦 。。。。。

一番番春秋 冬夏
Yi fan fan chun qiu dong xia
Many Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter passed by

一场场酸甜 苦辣
Yi chang chang tian xuan ku la
Experiencing all the Sour and Sweetness, Bitter and the like of Life

Gan wen lu zai he fang, lu zai jiao xia
May I ask where is the Path, the Path is beneath our feet

你挑着担, 我牵着马
Ni tiao ze dan, wo qian ze ma
You lug the luggage, I lead the horse

翻山涉水, 两肩双滑
Fan san se shui, liang jian shuang hua
Over the mountains and streams we travelled until we feel the burdens on  both shoulders

Zhong ri lei dian, ren shi jian
It is tiring to strive in this Samsara

一路嚎歌, 向天涯, 向天涯
Yi lu hao ge, xiang tian ya, xiang tian ya
We sang along on the Path and we walked on and on

啦啦 。。。。。

一番番春秋 冬夏
Yi fan fan chun qiu dong xia
Many Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter passed by

一场场酸甜 苦辣
Yi chang chang tian xuan ku la
Experiencing all the Sour and Sweetness, Bitter and the like of Life

Gan wen lu zai he fang, lu zai jiao xia
May I ask where is the Path, the Path is beneath our feet
Gan wen lu zai he fang, lu zai jiao xia.............
May I ask where is the Path, the Path is beneath our feet
Actually the Path to Enlightenment is not an easy Track because our Mind is clouded. It needs a lot of perseverance, patience, wisdom and believe to walk to the end. We walk this Path for the sake of all Sentient Beings and that is why we walk on and on until we reach our destination....Nirvana!
May all Beings be well and Happy !

Friday, September 21, 2012

Wise Sayings ...My very own

Kindness may not be returned with Kindness but need not be returned with Hatred.

Relationship cannot be measured by who gives the most and who get less.

To be alive is not guaranteed but death is guaranteed.

How long you will live is not guaranteed and when you will die is also not guaranteed.

You do not grow old now, it started when you are in your mother's womb.

All human beings have the same temperaments except some show more on certain traits.

Pain is universal - human or animals alike.

Human expressed pain vocally, animal's too. Do we only hear humans' pain and ignore animals' pain?

There are time we did not hear others pain BUT only our own pain.

Happiness is not given by others, it is a mental choice.

We complaint about others but never about our self.

Make peace with Yourself and that of your Surroundings.

There is no fairness in this World, the fingers on your hand are also uneven.

Why is it so hard to be Good and so easy to be Bad?

When is it the last time you realized that you are acting Bad. Are you apologetics?

Many people forget how to smile and be at peace with themselves.

Does it makes you inferior just to say ''I am sorry"?

It is not Fun taking other people's life, when your turn comes you will realized what goes around comes around.

Wisdom comes from your daily life and not that you are born with it.

Wisdom does not belongs to the intellectual, the beggar on the street has it too.

 Until we stop cyclic existences, we will travel around the Six Realms.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Shangpa Rinpoche

Shangpa Rinpoche is a wonderful person. He is soft spoken, humble and kind. His kindness is not verbal but he silently showed you he cares.

On 12th September 2012 (yesterday) was Shangpa Rinpoche's birthday. I do not follow the activities of the Temple so I was not aware. However, somehow, somewhere my connection with Rinpochela is strong as I came to know about it.  Upon entering his abode I saw a beaming Rinpoche. I wished Rinpoche 'Happy Birthday', long life, good health and all his wishes fulfilled as he wishes them to be. I wished that Rinpoche continues to benefit more Sentient Beings far and wide. I am very happy to see so much Guru devotions showered on Rinpoche. Various centres around the world sent in their well wishes and I am sure Rinpoche knows that he is much love by us.
But I have one wish for Rinpoche..."Please publish a Book with all the pictures you took". Rinpoche is an excellent photographer. I enjoyed looking at the pictures he took of nature.

Yesterday Rinpoche also launched his book "The Path of the Yogi" Past and Present Lives of Shangpa Rinpoche. The past Shangpa Rinpoche was an Enlightened Being. The Shangpa Rinpoche this life is no less. Rinpoche said last night that he paled as compared to his past life. No, Rinpoche. The Shangpa Rinpoche this life is just as Compassionate and Enlightened, if not more. Rinpoche had done so much for Sentient Beings. Even for this girl, who probably am a lost sheep from Shangpa Rinpoche's herds was made to feel that I am also one of his.

I have known Shangpa Rinpoche for many years now. He has a presence that a disciplined and practising master has. Initially I was afraid to see him privately as he projected the feelings that he sees through me. I felt inferior being the imperfect me. He actually make me aware that I am far from my practice of perfection.

In my spiritual upbringing, Monks are Buddha's representatives and they are practicing. Many forget that once they get close to a Monk they tend to forget their behaviors and become improper in action and speech. Some have high expectations and expected the Monks to be dedicated to themselves only. Actually Monks belongs to all Sentient Beings and the ultimate objectives is to deliver all Sentinel Beings away from sufferings.

To Shangpa Rinpoche showing kindness is naturally in him but the silent support he gave me during my most difficult times leave me eternally grateful.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Nagas Beings

Kenpo Dorje give us an understanding to why we need to perform Naga Puja monthly. I never knew the significant of this puja until I did it with Kenpo earlier however the understanding is that these beings are around us. We see some and we don't see some but if we accidentally offend them, we may get into trouble.
There are people who believe and of course there are those who will shake their heads and waved their fingers saying 'Wa lau...why you so superstitious huh?". Actually in Buddhism, we believe that there are living beings on the Six Realms of Existence. Many people have never seen the celestial dragon so to them...don't see mean non-existence. However snakes are also from the Naga family and many reptiles are too.
Nagas are very clean and pure beings - the celestial, sea and land are the same. I am not talking about snakes but the very dragon itself. So to appease them, all offering must be pure and clean. We are not able to offer anything that has meat and if we go out sea, if we can we should not wear or carry anything that is made of leather. As for attire, it is better to be in white. You will say 'what the fuss? you don't even see them". Well just think - Prevention is better than Cure.
Nagas are Dharma protectors but not all of them. Like human beings, not everyone is good so don't be gullible. Human beings when angered can beat you up or worst kill you. Nagas will not beat you up but can kill you. There are many people who out of the blues contacted Cancer and the word that comes with Cancer is DEATH. There are people who think it is bad luck but Buddhist will tell you it is a Karmic debt. People think that they will live to a ripe old age, yes because these people are enjoying their good fruits. What if you antagonized a Naga and your Karma debt is about to ripen? The Naga will take this opportunity to harm you.
So when you are digging the ground, renovating a house, going to the forest or walk the along long lonely road, even if you drive, please be mindful.
Attached a picture of the Golden Naga (Dragon) on top of MBS. Kangyur Rinpoche who we all acknowledged as the manifestation of  The Buddha of Medicine was performing Naga Puja on 18-7-12 at MBS. This picture was taken by a public and sent to LianHe Zaobao. It is not a super imposed picture. On that very same day, I was out in the sea with Ratna Rinpoche releasing Naga Vases and offerings and above the sky appeared a Rainbow and there is a red dot. How can two different phenomena appeared on the same day and about the same time?
Tomorrow (7 Sept 2012) is Naga Day again. So to those who wants to do a Naga Puja, you can checkout the website of Sakya Templing in Singapore.
May all Beings be well and Happy and be free from sufferings.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Journey to the West

…. is a great classic Chinese literature written around 16th Century. The said author was Wu Chen En and I give kudos to him as to how did he fabricated such an entertaining, magical and successful novel?
When people refer to the title, people cannot help but remember the Monkey God, SiWu Kong. The story circled around a Monk and his three disciples – the Monkey, Pig and Sandy. The white horse is actually a Prince of the Dragon family. 
This Classic has been made into movies, TV series and of course translated into simplified Chinese version as well as English books. It never fails to mesmerize the audiences and the readers with episodes of battles between good and evils. There are many characters in the story of animals spirits that after practicing of hundreds and thousand of years can turned into human and have magical powers. All these creatures craved to eat a piece of the Monk's flesh because it will give immortality.
It was said that the Monk, named XuanZhang did really existed. He was send by the Tang Emperor to India to bring back teachings of the Buddha so that it can benefit the people of China. During those days, travelling is by foot or horse and it takes months or years to move from one place to another.
My friend’s late father said that there are two possibilities and I believe many people think alike. The story was written by XuanZhang. Since he was on a spiritual journey and stopped at many places, he must have met many kind of people – the kind, the wise, the spiritual, the wicket, the cruel, the immortal etc. Instead of directly referring to them, he used different animals to represent these people and weaved a story around them. XuanZhang has a Royal Pass given by the Emperor so he was also the Diplomat of China at that time. He collected stories of various lands, culture and people and these will be stories that he will repeat to the Tang Emperor. To me this possibility is somewhat farfetched. To Buddhists practioners especially monks, they spent most of their time on spiritual learning and meditation so to write such stories is time wasting as it will not bring about Enlightenment. 

On the other hand, I felt that the possibility of Wu Chen En writing it was higher. The Author left his home town for Imperial Examination in the Capital. He was a filial son and his mother who lived her life in the village requested him to record what he saw on the way and tell her when he returned. Apparently the scholar passed the Imperial Examination and became an Imperial Officer. On his way home, he suddenly remembered his promised to his mother and fabricated these stories to entertain her.
Other than the literature, the Theme Song of Journey to the West is another Classic. No Journey to the West does not use this music score. Just by listening to the music/song you know the name to the movie immediately. Like the Classic Theme Song of Butterfly Lovers, this is another fantastic score. 

The title of the Theme Song is ‘May I asked where is the Path’. I love the music and the lyrics. I shall share this irreplaceable song next time when I decided to post music.
“Dare I asked where is the Path…the Path is beneath our feet…..”
The above picture is taken from the Internet and credit goes to the Artists/ Studio who created such beautiful animated character of the novel. Thank you.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Trying to Understand.....Heart Sutra

I  am self reflecting and thus self mutters. You may find what I am trying to reflect familiar and if you do, this means we are walking the same path.

" To Bodhisattva who are at ease with himself, has been practicing wisdom for a long time reflected on the impermanence of the 5 aggregates crosses the river of sufferings.

Sarila..Form is nothing but Emptiness..and..Emptiness is nothing but Form...thus Form is Emptiness and Emptiness is Form, So is Feeling, Thoughts, Actions and Senses are no difference.

Sarila, since all Forms are Emptiness, there is no Arising and Falling; no Impurity or Purity, no Increasing or Decreasing. When there is no Form, than there is no Feeling, Thoughts, Actions and Senses; there is no Eye, Ear, Nose, Tongue and Body; no colors, sound, smell, taste or sensation. There is no vision neither is there perceptions, there is no Ignorant or ending of Ignorant; there will be no Death or ending of Death; there will be no Suffering, The Cause of Suffering, The Ending of Suffering and the Path. There is no Lost nor Gain, since there are no Lost nor Gain, when Bodhisattva is practicing the Paramita, he does not hanker over Obstacles. Since he does not hanker over Obstacles he sees through them and have no Fear. Leaving behind all illusions, he reaches Enlightenment. All Buddhas of the Three Times, by practicing this Paramita attained the Highest Wisdom. The Buddhas know this Paramita is a Great Mantra, is an Enlightening Manta, is an Incomparable Mantra and a Mantra above all Mantras, this is nothing but the Truth. Thus the Paramita Mantra and here it is : Gatte Gatte Para Gatte Para Sam Gatte Bodhi Svaha "

The Heart Sutra has 260 words. It is a Sutra that will lead one to Enlightenment. It contains the Highest Wisdom of the Buddha and also the Essence of the Buddhist Teachings.

I use to chant it is Cantonese and reflect of each sentence. No complicating thoughts, just simply explain to myself. Every time I go back to this Sutra, my understanding is different.

So I pray for the understanding of this Sutra and may I attain perfection for the benefits of all Beings.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Happy 47th Birthday Singapore

It is National Day again. Tomorrow (9.8.2012) we will see a 47 year-old Singapore.

In view of this, I want to say 'Thank You' for people who shaped Singapore, put us on the Map and such a tiny little island yet we stand tall. Thank you to all the old guards (most are no longer around) and LKY and the current cabinets too.

How will the younger generation be like? How are these people going to shape Singapore.? What are their values, their Pride and their Commitment? Noticeably, we saw people from other countries who are now citizens here, they are calling our Country their Home. We welcome them as we need the 'numbers' and the 'head counts'. Singapore is growing older and 'productions' are not working fast enough. Bring in the babies.

My wish for Singapore - May Singapore be blessed, People are Kind, Jobs are Coming, Races in Harmony, Friendship from our Neighbours, Food are Plentiful, Children are Filial and the Country is Safe.

On such a meaningful day, lets our LIONS Roar ! Do not forget the Blood, Sweat and Tears in making of a Nation.


Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A Cyst

I had a growth on my back and it has been causing discomfort and pain for a few months now. Initially when the pain got unbearable, I went to my regular GP hoping that he will cut it out. However I was naive.

My GP was very up front and told me if I want to get it out I should go to the hospital. He was not prepared to do the excise because the growth was big and it was near the backbone. The cut will be long and deep and it needs to be scraped to get the hardened fats out. I was reluctant as I do not want any part of my body cut if I can avoid it. He gave me antibiotic and told me to wait for it to ripen. Again he mentioned that it may or may not ripen and I can still go through surgery.

The growth is actually a Sebaceous cyst. It is actually fatty glands that went abnormal and thus causing this swelling. He also mentioned that when it burst, it will be very smelly.

I carried this extra swelling with me for a few months and suddenly last Monday 30 Jul 2012, it burst without any warning. After I showered and got ready for work, I realized my back was wet. I than saw that my blouse was soiled with blood. My brother checked out and was shocked to see the unsightly oozing out black blood, white/yellowish cheesy looking flow which was smelly. My brother said "the volcano at your back erupted"...ha..a.a.a. so funny and I am in pain.

We went to my GP and he made me lied down. After making all the preparation, he started to squeezed the infected area. The pain was excruciating. I cannot control but screamed and yet embarrassed that I am not able to contain pain. I clenched my fist and my body tensed. My brother was with us the whole session and he told me so much flow and blood was squeezed out. The Doctor keep squeezing until the blood turned red.

There was a big hole and the Doctor inserted gauze into it and than dragging it out. He did it a few times. The pain was so bad that I have no words to describe it. I was amazed that Doctors are brave to see such and realized that they must have seen worst than this tiny wound.

"Lian, I had to insert gauze into the hole and you have to live with it as I need to clean the wound properly.  The wound underneath the hole is as big as a fishball. No bathing your back today. No pain killer but you have one day MC."

Goodness, no pain killer. I was exhausted with pain. I wonder how come I had this thing growing and not know until it became painful. I am also glad it burst. I just hope that it heals properly and I can have my beautiful smooth skin back.

So in life, we really don't know what we will grow next. Our body have a way to detox. Whatever it is, it will find a way to breakout from the body. It will give you pain. Whatever way of detoxing, the most worrying are those that are life threatening, isn't it?

I really hope that I do not grow any such things anymore. When the Doctor was squeezing, I prayed that I take all the pain of Beings who are going through pain and may they recover and be free of sufferings!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Seven Star Needles II - Purple Flower

In my earlier posting of the Seven Star Needles - Orange Flowers, I mentioned about the special Purple Flowers species. 

An Aunt gave me a cutting and she puts it in a bottle filled with water. She mentioned that I can only put it in soil when there are roots growing. She also mentioned that the purple species is not easy to grow. She do not gauranteed that my plant will survive.

My cutting survived. It did not grow into scrub but instead a few branches extended. The amazing thing is it blooms immediately. The flowers of the orange flower and purple flower bloomed differently. Orange flower blooms individually but the purple flowers blooms in a clusters.

This Purple Flower Pereskia Grandifolia is widely researched for its medicinal abilities. It was said that it is very effective for people seeking cure for cancer. I do not really know how true is this but it is definitely a medicinal plants at your backyard. Below is an extract from what I read.

"Both Pereskia bleo (orange flower) and Pereskia grandifolia (purple flower) have been used as natural remedies in cancer-related diseases, either eaten raw or taken as a concoction brewed from fresh plants. Both are believed to have anti-cancer, anti-tumor, anti-rheumatic, anti-ulcer, and anti-inflammatory properties. They are also used as remedies for the relief of headache, gastric pain, ulcers, hemorrhoids, atopic dermatitis, and for revitalizing the body.[35] In Panama, the locals use the whole plant of Pereskia bleo to treat gastrointestinal problems,[6] while in India, Pereskia grandifolia is used to reduce swelling.[78] "

For me, I fell in love with the vibrant purple clusters. It is a joy to see them buds and blooms and became a fruit. I do not really know how to use this plant but I saw many readers coming to my blog reading about this plant - The Seven Star Needles.

Monday, July 30, 2012


Saving our Earth. It is everyone's duty to do so. However small is Singapore, we are playing our part. The amount of harm we caused the Earth, we are killing it slowly. The above video is by courtesy of Singapore MediaCorp. I love the message, the song and the kid who sang the song. Kudos to all these kids...they are the "future"

We are pleading to you to give a little attention the our Earth. It is a place we all live on and our next generation and next generation and future generation will continue to live. Even if we are no longer around, we hope our decendants will live a happy and safe lives. It is still not too late. I am sharing this and hope whoever comes to my blog love this video too.

Friday, July 20, 2012

…spur of the moment

Many of us acted at the spur of a moment without thinking and the results can be quiet alarming. At a spur you flew up in anger and hit someone. At a spur you have hunches to buy a set of numbers that win you big prices….but to act in a spur could be irrational and may get one into trouble.

I read with mixed feeling of a teenage who burnt the National Flag. Is it just a flag? Did she see the meaning of this flag? All these years of education, what was taught to her? Is it the failure of the education system or failure of her upbringing? Did her parents know what she is up to?

At 10pm at night, why is a 13 year-old still hanging around a park? It is not weekend nor is it school holidays. Her friends said they did not know she did it…so why? Are there no more games or things for her to be interested in that she did what she did? She had friends with her and they did not stop her, or are they even aware of what their friend is doing?

A National Flag represents a Country. It is as important as the land you live on. It gives you identity and provided you a place called home. We say The Pledge in school everyday – We, the Citizen of Singapore, pledged ourselves as one united people…it holds the country together. It has the aspiration of the country and the people – ‘regardless of race, language ore religion’…. that we work towards religious harmony.

The daily saying of the Pledge obviously did not appeared important to this 13 year-old or many teenagers. So it is just mouthing and carries no meaning. There is no pondering to the meaning and associate it with the National Flag. What will our younger generations become?

Around us, there are people who care about the country. There are more out there who do not know the meaning of the National Flag and the Pledge to their homeland. There are people out there who are Stateless, they are not even qualified to have a National Flag. I hope it is teaching her the values of the Flag, her Home and Herself. She is a juvenile does not mean she can get off lightly. How does schools see this act? What actions will they take?

My Country, My Home is makeup of everything here that we call Singapore. It is not the Government, it is the People, our Values and what we see ourselves.

With National Day around the corner, it is time we fly the Singapore Flag and I will always fly one in my Blog because I am proud of who I am.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Sitting around for one year and for me it is better off  working. The job I was looking for is actually backend admin work, 9 - 5 type of routine. Work that keeps me busy and yet fulfilled. Responsibility but manageable. I no longer longed for lime light, big post and high pay. Actually I am working only to maintain my car, give myself some coffee money, enough to donate and sleep with a peaceful mind.

However one can never hide ones ability and I landed a job I was happy like above BUT recently with the yearly reviewed (although I am only with them 6 months), I got my confirmation before due date, got my promotion and increment and even blessed with the maximum of bonus allowed. Alamak! No, don't misunderstand me, I am grateful that I am useful but I have to take on more.

I was entrusted with finding a new office within reachable location by MRT. Town/CBD areas are getting too expensive for us who needs at least 10,500sq ft.  Between us we found a location. I should be happy as it is 5 minutes drives from home and I save like crazy (i.e CBD and the exorbitant car park), Naturally I am also entrusted with renovation. The search for IDs was fun looking at designs. Pinning an ID down and working with them in details was both fun and tired. The selection of designs, the furniture, colors and all nitty gritties are part and parcels of the work.

When I realized that even if I have thoughts for the well beings of colleagues, taking into consideration as many aspects as I can...I forget that I am not the head of the company. My enthusiasm overrun me. In the first place I took the project with faith, now I wonder whether I can shoulder the blame if things don't go right.

Liaising with the Landlord is another pain. I actually don't blame them. It is a new building and many things need to be done. Due to our urgency as the lease of the old office is up soon and the delay from all the consultants are making me sit on needles. Yesterday I lost my temper !!! Such and idiot was I. But with 26 days more to go and renovation not even started you expect me to stay cool?

A girl friend once told me...'Lian, you are only a staff and that's much you can do. If the thing cannot happened on time, it is not your fault. Just communicate to the management and they have to think of a solution and lose sleep...not you'. How true, but can I? Anyway I have a good Boss, so he is the good cop and I am the bad one.

Doing this project is not sitting on roses, roses have thorns. I expect many criticism and blames. People grumble when there is a change, both internal and external when things are not to their convenient.

I hope people won't come and tell me....'you did not let me check the Feng Shui and thus .........

Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Can one really reciprocate a feeling? Recently I have a friend who told me a story. She was hurt by a friend whom she loves, she said ‘Lian, I can even die for her’. I saw tears in her eyes and I know how hurt she was.

They use to meet every Friday, their families go outing together. My friend took in the children of her friends when she left for a long trip. She supported, not just emotionally but also monetary. She said she did not expect anything in return. I told her ‘you did ask for return because you expect her to do same for you as you have done for her or at least treat you as best friend and priority is for you’. The expectation is subtle, you think it is not there but actually it is there. We are all very human after all. When we treat someone nice, we expect someone to treat us nice and when that did not happened, it turned to sadness, bitterness and ended being very angry.

I have gone through all these. The expectation of friends is ‘FAKE’. People are ‘thick’ because they share common topics of discussion, interest, religion or there is something in them that ‘clicked’. It is affinity. It does not happen to everyone in the same group.

She moves away from the norm group because she does not want to be tagged. She wants to go around her routine quietly. She is religious and it taught her to be humble; it taught her to be compassionate; it taught her wisdom but the other friends did not see it. When the whole group runs after someone who claimed to be religious or know a lot about the religion and speak like one, she saw through him when he asked for expensive items which a religious person does not need. She warned her friends and they all said that she is disrespectful. How do you think one can teach the fools? Even her friend said she is ‘Lay cheh’ in Malay means ‘troublesome’.

All these are not new. I realized that when one pursue a religion. As one advances, one tends to move away from crowd. One tends to spend time with selected people and keep a low profile, going around doing things for one self and others quietly. Not asking for name, fame as well as monetary because enough is happiness. I saw through name and fame. When people use it as a facade, I bow away from it.

Therefore when recently I was hurt by what a friend said, I let it go. There are people who look at things from their own point of views and they believe it is for the benefits of everyone, I do not doubt it. It is a choice to be petty about it or choose to let it go and keep the ‘friendship’. There are people who are sensitive to others, I am not a very sensitive person but I care about people so I am sensitive about them.

When Buddha taught ‘NON ATTACHMENT’, it is a way to move away from being hurt. Anyway remember you cannot owned a person, or his/her mind or thoughts and not even physically. NO ONE belongs to anyone, not even husband and wife nor children. They are individuals with their own Karma.

I wish my friend well and that she finds Peace.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Ferrari-Taxi Crushed

Singapore is shocked over the recent car accident that happened on wee hours of the morning. It left the driver dead and took the lives of two other persons. (You can login to Youtube to see this accident – just type ‘Ferrari accident in Singapore’).

Plenty have been said and Singapore is still talking about it over breakfasts, lunches , dinners and during breaks. People are sharing videos and everyone gasped at the speed of the Ferrari.

I am joining in the fun since it is a talk about topic. I am not blaming here and I know finger pointing is unavoidable. To be fair, we should not blame foreigners for this accident. I blame DRIVERS.

How disciplined are Singapore Drivers (both Singaporean and foreigners)? How many are graceful and gracious in their driving?

Being a driver myself, how many times have I ‘curse and swear’ under my breath at reckless, SELFISH drivers?Singapore Drivers….habits

1) they cannot be behind you, the must get in front of you – by hook or by crook
2) they are blind to signal lights, even if you are already flicking your lights to change lane, they will not slow down but accelerate to get in front before you change lane
3) they forget their udang udang – they slipped into your lane without signaling and squeezed in at the space not worrying whether you hit them…after all if you hit their ‘ass’ you are at fault
4) at traffic light, they must cut lanes and be the first one on the ‘mark’ careless whether you are the vehicle already reaching the first car on the mark
5) When traffic lights turned ‘Green’, they will be the one to speed off
6) ‘Tailing’ is so common. I cannot understand the rudeness of these drivers. They will flash their light at you to move aside. I will only give way to Ambulance and not these road bullies. I too have the RIGHT to the roads.
7) If you do not give ways to these drivers, they will overtake you on the next lane and showed you ‘vulgar’ finger signs
8) People with branded cars must speed or else it is a waste to pay S$1 million for a car to be different
9) It is also COMMON in Singapore that everyone wants to beat the ‘RED LIGHT’. Regardless we must ‘chon’ even if the light is changing from amber to red. The most ideal is to drive on without stopping at any traffic lights…thus drive on to ‘Heaven’
10) Taxi Drivers are the one who are prone to accidents because they are just as reckless. (I am not saying the driver who got hit is reckless) BUT we have to agree how some of these drivers drive
11) Big trucks i.e cement trucks, oil trucks as long as they are bigger than you, you have to give way to them because they will show you that they can ‘drive’ faster than you
12) Those that drive a Van, a 3-ton lorry and likes, I suppose it are a mental conception. They probably feel that they are third class – why do I say these? It is these group of people who also want to race the cars divers although they are marked at ‘70’.

Singapore roads are not made for beautiful cars like Ferrari, Lambo, Lotus, or any sport cars. You have no way to speed. The distance between one traffic light to the next is too short and you either stop or it leaves you dead. Anyway this Ferrari/ taxi/ motorcycle accident is unfortunate. Condolence to the families of people who are dead. The Japanese tourist who died in the taxi is unfortunate. The taxi driver’s death is unfortunate and it taught me a lesson – ‘never be the first one to speed off when traffic light just turn GREEN, you do not know what is oncoming’

OHM MANI PADME HUM…m.m.m.m.m.m.m.m

Saturday, February 18, 2012


We all want happiness. How than can we be happy? Is happiness so evasive and so difficult to have?

Happiness to many people means different thing. To a hungry man having food is happiness. To a poor man having money is happiness. Some think that love is happiness, others acquiring more and more personal wealth is happiness. Career at the top, fast cars, beautiful women, power, entourage, big houses...are these really happiness.

Since when happiness are so conditional? Are these happiness permanent? You have food today and maybe hungry tomorrow; you have money today but overnight you become a pauper; you acquire wealth and you are so afraid of losing it; career at the top but many came down and do not know how to pick themselves up again; beautiful women and power, entourage and big houses can be lost in a split second BUT we still cling to all these to prep ourselves. We believe that it is a protecting is not.

MONEY cannot buy happiness, POWER cannot command respect, WEALTH cannot buy health and WOMEN will not prove that you are better than the next man. So what is it than?

Being ALIVE is happiness. Happiness is very simple. You do not need to spend money to get it. You need not park yourself with a wealthy man to get it AND what you get from beautiful women and pay for it are cheap thrill, it is not happiness.

Touch your heart and ask yourself sincerely are you happy? We have too many baggage and we do not want to let go any. People who already have want more...where is the limit? Did anyone realized that after acquiring all the things we want we may not be alive to enjoy it.

Happiness should go beyond worldly materials, it is spiritual. It is within you. Happiness is not handed over to you by someone else. Given happiness is pathetic because it can be withdrawn. Happiness out of fear is worst.

Recently when I am not working I realized that living simple, having enough, having a roof, being with family and there are no unrealistic DESIRES is happiness. Having no FEAR of how am I going to conduct my life with no more name, fame and a steady income is happiness. Having time to pursue my spiritual happiness is happiness because I can get ready for something beyond.

Living simply, having health, being alive, having a handful of good friends and being with love ones is happiness. All these years I thought I have it all BUT where are all these now that I resided from the worldly arena? Therefore what seems real are but passing and not real. NOT REAL does not mean it is not there BUT it is not permanent.

Search for this HAPPINESS within.

May you be well, be happy, be safe and healthy.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

THE END of the World 2012

Have not been back to the blog because of a broken hand. However I thank all those who continue to visit here and support my blog.

2012...the prediction that we all will disappear OR is it only the calender of the Mayan because their wise man only manage to calculate until 2012. Being a Buddhist...I believe in Cause and Effect. Surely there will be an end of the World as Buddha spoke about Impermanence. BUT do not worry because it won't be 2012 or maybe our life time. However one thing everyone of us can be sure...more and more calamities will happen all over the world. These calamities are our making. We are the cause. We do so much harm to Nature with things we call 'modernization'. Thou sow and thus reaped...fair and square.

Coming back to Singapore, a place I call HOME. We are lucky and have enough merits to a peaceful living but there are silly things we enjoy this piece written by a wise Foreigner. How people live or behave is a choice but I am sure I won't JUMP Ship. Nothing is like home and when I am a first class citizen WHY do I want to be 2nd class, 3rd class or stateless !!

The Bizarre Behaviour of Singaporeans
Observations made by a German national who has lived in Singapore for 9 years.

44 years of economic and material success have spawned some very strange behaviours among Singaporeans.

They spent so much to buy a house or flat, furnished it up like a palace, but spent their time outside, most of the time at work. And the maids are the ones enjoying the million-dollar or multi-million-dollar assets..

Then they pay so much, the highest in the world, for a car only to park at home. Too expensive to drive, too many ERPs and car park charges to pay. And they are encouraged to park their cars at home and take public transport, being cheaper and more convenient.

And when Singaporeans travel, instead of seeing the places, they went shopping. The best part is that they would head for the cheapest bargains, buying stuff that they could get in Chinatown or pasar malam, at even cheaper prices. But they are still happy that they got a bargain.

And while the heartlanders are busy trying to make a life here, being told to bust off if they are not happy, which they could not, the rich and presumably very happy and contented citizens are buying up properties overseas just in case they need to make that escape from this paradise.

While many Singaporeans are thinking of jumping ship, or preparing to jump ship, hoards of new immigrants are rushing in to take their place in this paradise.

And to top it all up, they keep complaining about the government and all the policies that they found unpalatable, but come every election, they will vote and return the government to power.

Strange Singaporean behaviours !