Wednesday, November 21, 2012

My Song....

Because of my Karma
I came to Samsara
However this Samsara
is also the Pureland of Buddha Sakyamuni

Why are we chasing Enlightenment
Why do we look at the Sky
and try to reach for the star
When it is here with us

We are always looking outside
Outside is so colorful and exciting
There are so many attractions
Or are they distractions

Looking inside...what is there to look?
First and foremost
Where is inside?
My organs? No, my Thoughts
am I aware of them?

Life after Life
I merry-go-round the Realms
I am not always
in precious human form
Even if I am
I must have wasted it away
Yes, that is why I am still here

Hopefully all the accumulations of merits
past, present and future
will not go to waste
At least I won't think that
the precious human rebirth
is always mine to have

I pray to all the Buddha,
all the Gurus
I rejoiced at all the unsurpassed merits
of the Enlightened Ones

May all my effort and energy
I directed at the works for Sentient Beings
Wishing they are well
Wishing they will reach ultimate happiness
and no one left to suffer in Samsara

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