Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Chrysanthemum & Wolfberries Tea

See the floating flower petals and red wolf berries, aren't they beautiful? This golden color tea is much loved by the Chinese for decades. 

It is an easy to make beverage. You just have to pinch some dried Chrysanthemum  flowers, add in a tablespoonful of  Wolf berries, pour in hot water (and if you like you can boil it over heat for a few minutes) and cover it for 15 minutes. To those who prefer it sweet can add sugar.  I love to drink it original without sugar.  The taste of flowers fragrance lingers in my mouth and nose and it is so refreshing.

Given so many flower teas, this one is definitely Chinese. Mum used to make it and it is believe to take away heatiness. The word 'heatiness' is associated with imbalance of  fire element in our body. This 'heat' will cause sore throats, hot body, sticky eyes etc. When you eat too much BBQ, spicy food and lack of sleep, this tea detox and keep you well.

So what good is Chrysanthemum? Here it says that Chrysanthemum tea contain Vit C and is anti spirochetal in nature. It helps to ease heaviness in the head which maybe caused by viral infection. The flower is free from caffeine and thus from all the side effects like anxiety, tension, irritation, nervousness and confusion. As a natural coolant it helps to lower temperature if you have a fever. For those who are all time worrying about pimples and acne, this drink helps to cool down your liver and lungs (皮和肾) and detox so that you can look beautiful again. There are many goodness in drinking this golden beverage but it gives additional benefits coupled with wolf berries.

Do you know that Wolf berries has a Chinese name called Gouji?  Gouji is around for thousands of years. This item boost the immune systems and is high in vitamins, minerals. It is a known antioxidant. Chinese cooking loves to sprinkle a few of Gouji for medicinal purpose. Wolf berries is very high in ORAC and it simply mean Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity. This mean its properties has many goodness like age-defying and protect against free radicals that is detrimental to good health. You may like to know that these include heart disease and cancer. Gouji is rich in Vit B1 and C. It contains minerals like calcium, chromium, magnesium, potassium, copper, manganese and zinc. These minerals in the body balance electrolytes, act in muscle and joint health and immunity. It is high in Carotenoids which is anti-cancer. It also support eye health. There are many more goodness and to list them will be endless.

Therefore the combination of  Chrysanthemum & Wolf berries Tea have many benefits and it is a wonder drink and can be consumed Hot or Cold all based on one's preference.

I suggest you try and I am sure you will love this golden fragrance drink. It is cheap and effective.

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