Monday, September 16, 2013

Happy a Great Man

I like to pay tribute to Mr Lee Kuan Yew in my small way. As a Singapore Citizen, I am glad I am not born in the era of unrest and it is because of the stable and safe society in Singapore now, many of us, a younger generation do not know what our grandfathers or fathers went through.

It is indeed a blessing to live to 90 and I pray you live many more years in good health and among your family and people who truly love you. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MR LEE KUAN YEW.

Many of us will not make the mark of 70s. In the Chinese Alamac, any living beyond that is no longer recorded as you have lived beyond the age and is consider long life.

I am sad to see people posting negative remarks and ill wishes hiding behind psuedo names. They are not brave enough to be up front, these are the people we Chinese call "little people - 小人". Too bad, this great man have more merits than all the little acts behind the scene. If one is not brave enough to face the challenge therefore such people are not worth the attention. It is a bark from a little puppy.

Mr Lee is a strict father. He had to be. We are a multi-racial country and "one grain feed a thousand kinds of people", how to please everyone? People are not able to see the bigger picture and see far. Many matters are not to the heart content. How about living in a corrputed society? Look around us and count your blessings.

Anyway a Nation need to move ahead. It is what the people want and the Nation will grow that way. I believe what goes up must come down. What good days we have, the bad days are only waiting eagerly to come. All the peace of a country can only be maintained by people who want peace and harmony. If Singapore loses its Peace and Harmony, hope we will find a second Mr Lee Kuan Yew.

Once again Thank You Mr Lee, for all that you have done for the Nation!

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