Saturday, May 30, 2009

Autthaya from Lian's camera....

Picture Gallery - Sunset 1

Picture Gallery - The Sky

Picture Gallery - Sunset 2

The Kingdom of Siam (today's Thailand) held a remarkable past. I visited Ayutthaya in the evening, the sun was setting and there was an early moon in the sky. Something about the place captured my imagination. The place is trying to tell me stories about it's past. The quiet environment, the ruined monasteries, its silhouettes against the sky, the serenity of the place, no tourists running around and slowly darkening sky made me took these pictures.

The place reminds me of Buddha's teaching - Nothing is permanent. Be it an island, an authoritative figure, famous actors/ actresses, World Trade Center of USA, beautiful historic places of the East & West, the great dynasties of China etc. For structures and buildings, they are still standing to tell people of their past. For human, whether you are a King or a poor man - no matter how great you are or how poor you are, when you die, you are nothing but a pile of bones or ashes. Put these bones or ashes together - can you tell who is the King and who is the poor man?

Therefore why is human EGO so great and why do people look down upon each other? Why do people speak maliciously about another? Why people think that they have the right to take other people lives?

I am not a fanatic in my religion. I cannot conform to a space. I want to be free and I want to be able to ponder over Buddha's teaching. I do not want to accept what is handed on a plate. I do not want to read the explanation of a suttra written by monks because it is his understanding and not mine. I looked at things and think about it using Buddha's teaching.

For things that I do not understand, I put them aside - I do not deny them. I am also not a devotional Buddhist - I am plain LAZY! I admit. Ask me to go to the temple faithfully, do group prayers faithfully, do religious ceremony faithfully - all these are group activities, it is interactions but it does nothing to my understanding of Buddha's teaching. Some say it is to create good merits. Yes, because at this point when you are together doing religious things , you have no time to do bad. What happen when you step out of the temple? You go back to the same bad-temper person. You go back to be the quick-mouth person and when you open your mouth, you spew nothing but hurts at others. You continue to be jealous, instead of letting go you continue to harbor more and more anger and emotion of negative nature.

To me, Buddha's teachings are for self reflection at home or at a quiet environment. When I became a Buddhist, it is my affinity with the religion. I have started taking a piece of cloth and using it to rub on the mirror surface. Why? This mirror initially is clean and clearly reflects my true self. As time goes by, I became lazy and I let dust settled on the surface. The dust is so thick now that I cannot see my true self - I want to find my true self again so that I know who I am.

Why did Buddha gave up being a Prince and the possibility of being King? Now a day we are talking about which famous Buddhist master we are associated with, which big temple we are attending service and our status with these masters and temples. I am sure this is a common phenomena. We are not wrong...but it will not help you get enlighten but instead will it build up your EGO? Remember always to watch your intention.

Salvation to the Buddhist is our own doing. Buddha does not salvage us from the dumps. Buddha left us ways and means to get out of the dumps. Buddha told us what are the dumps and where are they and please do not jump in. Buddha told us - we are a piece of land, we either plant something to our benefit or leave it to be barren or grow weeds. This is karma. You plant and you sow. You reap what you sow. You will not get orange when you plant apple. Going to heaven is not the doing of the Buddha, it is your own effort. Buddha left us all the landmarks and site maps of how to get there. Buddha also hopes that in the event we are trying to get there, try to help others to get there as well.

Oops! from Ayutthaya to 'preaching'. My understanding of Lord Buddha's teaching is only my own, not representative of anyone or any group. See my EGO is big! I am talking about myself.........I am trying to and yet I fall into letting myself 'slack' and wake up again and walk on.. and fall again. This is human nature....BUT I will reach my GOAL for the sake of myself and others!...haiz... is there a 'myself' ??

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


It was said “Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder”… this is ever so true. We saw many Imperfect People…but their Hearts are so Perfect. We saw so many Perfect People but their perfectness are but Skin Deep.

So what is Beauty…Beautiful? I have never considered myself anything near to the word Beauty or Beautiful. It is in every girl’s dreams to be a Beauty or Beautiful. Beautiful people always get their ways around, even when they are mean, shallow and scheming. Everyone likes Beauty…their Eyes can only see that far and not beyond. Be it Men or Women…they saw what they want to see.

Cut all the craps about self-esteemed, about confident and being yourself. When you are made to feel and are being compared…what do you think? Especially girls…we are vain and we are born with the right to be Vain. From very young age we know that we have to have a family with background, we have to have brains, we have to have beauty, we have to have love, we have to have all the things we want to have. We know that if we are not a Beauty, we should at least have brain. We set a standard for ourselves. Or is it the cruel world, with all the FAKE expectations and we run after it so that we think by being Perfect, we will not be denied of all the FUN the world can offer.

I am not a Beauty, neither am I ‘brainless’ and my brain may not be as brainy as some. I am as hard working and honest as the person next to me…so what? Where do I go and what do I get? Lucky for me I am a thick-skin. I do not have inferiority-complex. I have friends who ran off to fake everything that she is borne with – even her virginity! FOR? Her self-esteemed? To get what she wants? To get the so called High Society Man who can provide for her Vanity? For LOVE? For Status? For MONEY?

It is the cruel environment we live in. Everyone is so competitive. It is drilled into us that we have to be the best - best in everything. HOW MANY ‘BEST’ CAN THERE BE IN THIS WORLD? It will be nice if everyone is the BEST. So if everyone is the BEST, who is going to be the BEST ‘BEST’…and it goes on!!!!

I have lived in this cruel world long enough to ‘suffer’ all the barbs. I have also learned to accept myself for what I am long ago. Too bad if I am not a Beauty to you, you did not lose anything neither do I. I am not the most outstanding staff you wanted, however I am an honest one – no one will bother to find out BUT I give myself a thumb-up! I am not an easy to get along person, too bad. Blame the environment for making a girl grows needles all over her like a porcupine and she needs it to protect herself and not HARM others.

Given the politics in the working world, what sort of sufferings, belittling, cruel and demeaning outbursts that I have not faced? It could be so bad that you doubt your self-esteem? It hurts and hurts like hell! I got over it and ‘what was said than is history now. HOW can I please everyone? HOW can I make everyone like me? I don’t like everyone too. I only like some because I think they are nice to me. AM I also not categorizing? WHO am I suppose to prove to that everything I do is flawless? Proper? Intelligent?....there is no PERFECT HUMAN BEING! Am I asking a bit too much of myself? WHY do I need to compete with everyone or show everyone that I am GOOD? I never trust reassurance from others, most of the time what is said is never delivered.

If I allowed all the above to fill my LIFE, I will feel that I have wasted my existence in this lifetime. I came here with a purpose. I came to learn many lessons - some happy, some sad, some painful, some joy and all that this Samsara has to offer. IF I let myself go into Depression, Depression is also a lesson I need to learn. WHAT got me into Depression? Am I asking too much of myself? If I have given my best shot, I will not leave to regret. My self worthiness, is that the business of others? There are people who are fond of running people down to make themselves look GREAT. Anyway you ONLY LIVE ONCE… nothing to do with James Bond! As long as you touch your heart, you may not be that GOOD, neither are you that BAD…after all we are just HUMAN. My concept is Always maintain a Good HEART!

Actually this post is for someone dear to me. Instead of looking around at what people said ‘About Me’, what people ‘Think About Me’, what ‘Untruthful Things said about me’ – IT IS THEIR BRAIN, THEIR MOUTH AND THEIR SINS! What has that got to do with me? SNAP! Out of caring too much about what people says. I got my fair share. AT THE END OF THE DAY, I am going to face my Karma….or you would say ‘I have to face GOD'.

Remember, we LOVE you OR probably I should not speak for ‘WE’….AT LEAST, I LOVE YOU! and I know my Fook Kokor too! Do not place your happiness and self worthiness in the hands of others. I SAID this one million and one time on my Blog, to Alice, Appleteas and now to YOU, my dear!

You know what we have gone through as kids? You know how we struggle to be where we are today? You know and hear my stories? You are one of US, and you are definitely NOT WEAK!

I have no chance to go into Depression. I have no time to go into Depression. I have no time even to pity myself, cry for myself (to think about it), I have no time for SELF EGO (I have none as I lived in a borrowed body, there is no ME) and what IF I go into all that? Who is going to look after my parents? If I go MAD, anyone is going to PITY me? SO why must I GO Mad? Who would be hurt if anything happen to me? My Parents and siblings. Not even friends…because as time goes by, what am I to them? They will also forget me and maybe occasionally remember that ‘SILLY’ Me!

LET IT GO!!! I am so sorry that you grew up in an insecure surroundings, BUT me too, you know? If you allow people to BULLY you, they surely will. If you allow people to treat you like a DOORMAT, you invited it. You need not hurt others BUT you can speak up for yourself. If the work environment is not conducive, change. Changes may create some uneasiness, I am facing that too… but WHY let yourself go CRAZY? You have a choice. You still have Dad to fall back on. You can afford to take a break and your family does not need you for bread and butter. Mine do.

The Unique You, have nothing to do with Perfection. Why must you be a perfectionist and act like one for the eyes of others? The greatest men on Earth are/were not perfect…. WHO ARE YOU? Just live any honest existence, fulfill you duty, smell the flowers, touch the tree, smile at the morning dew hanging on a leave waiting to fall onto the ground. Look at the sky, see the ever changing clouds, feel the wind on your face and isn’t that good. Sit around at Malls, along the streets and in the Parks – look at people, look at the children, the young, the old and those on wheelchairs – Do you think they are Perfect? Do you think that they do not have any sufferings? Whether you are Perfect or Imperfect, in the eyes of others, they have their measuring tapes. Can you meet all that? Do you have to meet any for a matter of fact?

I am 100% an IMPERFECT PERSON with so many flaws. As a daughter, as a sister, as a staff, as a friend, as a neighbor, as Buddhist devotee, as a public, as a Global citizen and now a netizen – I laugh at myself and I give myself, very gently a 50% marking ONLY.

So my Dear, your Aunt, so full of her righteousness, so full of zeal, full of anger, full of warm, full of love…never ever think that I need to live up to the expectations of anyone. I probably will put myself through liposuctions to get fats out of my body, re-shaped my face, give myself a high nose, kissable lips, right size boobs…for? Better still if I can change my brain, change my status in society, become the Boss of those who bullied me BUT can I make everyone like me?

YOU ACCEPT ME FOR WHAT I AM! IT is also OK if you do not love me. It is OK if you want to gossips and talk bad about me. It is OK if you doubt my sincerity. It is OK if you doubt my ability…. The most important, I DO NOT DOUBT MYSELF! PLEASE do not doubt yourself.

Hope the message got through to you. It is such a pity that you need to put yourself in the hands of others and went into DEPRESSIONS because of all these unworthy people! If the LIEW blood flows in you, you should from now ON, stand tall! We do not need you to be Mrs President, nor Mrs Prime Minister, nor Ms World, nor some Great names – we do not belong to that league. We just want you to be yourself, have a healthy body and mind, it does not matter what Religion you follow – JUST BE YOU. Do not expect Life to be gentle and kind – BUT you can expect LIFE to teach you a few lessons and when you look back when you are 60s, will you laugh?

Do you know why I GO into all these words here? I just want to tell you that this World is IMPERFECT and IMPERFECTION in the eyes of artists is BEAUTY!


Monday, May 25, 2009

Dumpling Festival....

Very soon it is going to be Dumpling Festival. Every year and weeks before this day, traditionally most Chinese families will prepare all the materials and ingredients getting ready to 'wrap' dumplings. In places where you find Chinese people, you will find people celebrating this event.

This year it falls on the 28th May 2009 or the Lunar 5th day of the 5th Month (五月初五). Chinese families will consume this yummy dumplings to mark the event of a classic hero who safe the country. He threw himself into the river to appease the River Dragon so that it will not cause floods killing both people and crops. His name is Qu Yuan. All the people got together to create dumplings and threw them into the river. The purpose is to distract the Dragon's attention into eating the dumplings and not Qu Yuan. Another activity is the Dragon Boat Race. The boat is paddled by 20 persons, 10 on each side and a drummer sitting in the front. In ancient time the Dragon Boat was used to chase away the dragon.

Today, nobody is throwing dumplings into the river any more. They are 'throwing' these dumplings into their stomach. This dumpling is made from sticky rice filled with mushrooms, chestnuts, peanuts, salted egg yolks, roasted pork, red beans etc. Different dialects have their own way of filling this dumpling with their own 'goodies'. The shapes of the dumplings come in a triangle form or a pyramid form and in different sizes. The sweet ones are smaller and the savory ones are larger.

The Chinese Lunar 5th day of the 5th Month is Mum's Birthday. Every year this day, I remember Mum with fondness and love. 'The Dead' do not need to celebrate birthday anymore as their time in this world has expired. However they are gone, the love continues to live on in my heart. So....

"妈妈 - Happy Birthday to you. I know you do not need it any more. I know that we have no celebration anymore but on this day I want to say...In the whole wide world, there is nothing like having Mum.

To kids who have Mum, they are like a precious bundle cradled in Mum's embrace. The happiness of being love by Mum can never be matched with anything in the Universe.

妈 I miss you!!!"

Friday, May 22, 2009

Body Arts ...

I was fascinated with a program I watched on TV about body arts or some call it body paintings. These artists who paint on bodies with such creativity are totally another set of people with a different hobby and passion. There is a different between body painting and tattoo. Body painting is impermanent (or temporary tattoo) while tattoo is painful and once painted, it will take another painful process to erase. However I saw many tattoo their body. Some on their chests, some on their arms, some on their ankle. Body painting design varies. Colors are vibrant and some are good enough to act as an apparels. If you do not pay attention, you probably think that it is the real thing.

Lately the movie Painted Skin is about a ghost painting a beautiful young girl face and apply it on her own scary one. The idea is to tempt the man she loves to love her in return. Therefore I believe body painting has the same effect. It is sexy and appealing to the eye. Mostly such designs are painted over naked body and you have to look at them in the form of art and not otherwise.

I claim no credit for these inspiring pictures as they are taken from various sites for their beautiful illustrations to share with my readers here. Body painting is an ancient art. To think about it, during ancient days where there were no papers, I believe people paint on their bodies, faces and limbs. We can see some of these in Red Indians and African tribes.

Enjoy these pictures and amaze at the painstaking efforts in the creations. I love them...and such a pity to wash them away!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The ring on your finger....

When two people are so in love, the next step they would want is to be together. The proper way is to go through matrimony receiving blessings from everyone. To be official acknowledged as husband and wife is blissful. Some do it in Church followed by Tea Reception and Dinner. Some do it in the Temple kneeling in front of Buddha to pledge their love. Some do it the Muslim way.

Beautiful wedding bands..many girls’ dreams. To find someone who loves us and someone we love is a life time goal to most girls. To Love and To Hold, so holy and binding. Different religion or ethnic group does their vows differently. Below are some of the vows :

The marriage vows….(in front of the Commissioner of Oath)

"To have and to hold, from this day forward, for better for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death us do part."

Hindu marriage vows ….

“are known as Saat Phere and consist of 7 verses spoken by the couple as they take a step for each. When after the seventh step the groom says to the bride "With seven steps we have become friends. Let me reach your friendship. Let me not be severed from your friendship. Let your friendship not be severed from me." they are pronounced husband and wife.

Roman Catholic
In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, take and wear this ring as sign of my love and faithfulness.

The blissfulness lasted as long as the couple is in love. How many really honor their vows? A friend said ‘Dear Lian, Love dies…and only commitment and responsibility will bind you together. To love and to hold, to give and take, to err and to forgive – through richness and poverty’…time will prove how strong will the ‘bands’ last.

The marriage path is not easy to maintain. When two people growing up from different families and are brought up with different values. What if these values clash? Two different people with different characters come together, what happen? When one party is always the giving one and the other party is ‘I don’t bother type’? When one is sensitive and the other one has ‘low EQ’?

Marriage - marri…and ..age…together is a lesson you will never learn from any books. Not even from the experiences of married people. Every couple is different, their problem is different, their expectation is different, education is different, upbringing is different, and thinking is different….EFFORT and is only with these that the vows will see the couple to the ‘tombs’.

I came very close to wearing the ‘Wedding Band’. It is now a souvenir…a reminder that once upon a time someone loves me enough to give me a ‘band’.

Please don’t get me wrong. I am not bad mouthing marriage neither am I discouraging it. Below are some happenings to friends....

1) They are facing a marriage breakdown - cannot communicate anymore.
2) Some on the way to divorce.
3) Some – you live your life and I live mine. Meaning husband has husband’s ‘fun’ and wife have wife’s ‘fun’.
4) Some husband and wife slogging like crazy to help make ends meet.
5) Some have husband and ‘boy friend’.
6) Some have wife and ‘girl friend’.
7) Some pretend even though they know their wives are fooling around ‘under their nose’.
8) Some married because they have to. For girls, the ‘biological’ clock is ticking.
9) Some married because mother says must get a wife and produce the lineage.

Wedding Band…put around your finger…and you got stuck there. You become an equipment. You are a child producing machine, you are a desire/ lust letting go machine, you are a washing machine, a vacuum clearer, rice cooker, housemaid, car washer, ATM machine and many more.

Today I am really mad over a friend’s dilemma. We were classmates. I saw her ‘husband’ before they were married and I don’ think very highly of him. Snobbish, arrogant and he thinks he is the smartest and cleverest man around. Phew.w.w.w! Every time my girl friend’s talk, he will run her down. Of course he likes talking to me…I gave him all the barbs! Men…are they sick or what? You are nice to them…they think you got ‘no brain’…when you are ‘tough’, they think you are attractive! Cantonese says ‘Jin Kak’…!

Honey, after signing the papers today…you don’t cry anymore. I cannot tahan you like that. It makes me very ‘pek chek’..and my ‘fire’ all rising. That ex-husband of yours needs a ‘chiak charbo’. I said before you are too good for him.

Girls, when we fall in love can we reserve 30% for keeping? At least you will not be so badly hurt when it's over.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

80th Birthday….14.5.2009 (Thursday)

I attended Luang Por Chao Kun Rai’s birthday at Wat Ananda. This is an auspicious occasion to celebrate as not many live to the age of 80th. The sky broke into heavy morning shower. It was a shower of blessings as we made our way to the temple. Many devotees have arrived. There were 400 monks from various schools and each took turn to say prayers for this occasion. I was there when Ven. Gunaratna was reading the Jaya Mangala Sutta. The Mahanyanese group led by Ven Guang Ping and the Varjayana led by a group of Tibetan monks (not sure where they are from).

As devotees milled among all the well known Luang Pors and monks of various status, actually I am not familiar with many of them. However I saw Luang Por HongKim of Bukit Batok and Luangpor ‘Income’ who is from Chiangmai. Some Luang Pors are about 90s and attended this occasion because Chao Kun (as we fondly called him) is the leader in the Thai Theravada School in Singapore. His title is conferred by the Royal Thai King.

I know Ven Chao Kun many years back. It was through a hospice patient Mr Lee. The monk had promised Mr Lee that he would take care of his funeral. We visited Wat Ananda. I was met by a small built, spectacled monk. He is the Abbot of Wat Ananda. My first impression was Oh! he looks like Gandhi. We explained our visit. I have no idea the status of Choa Kun, his busy schedules and yet he is so unassuming and easy going. He is so kind. He took care of Mr Lee’s funeral and expenses. After everything, Ven. Chao Kun took Mr Lee’s ashes with him to Thailand for further prayers and blessings.

Actually Ven. Chao Kun is very high in his status and yet he is so approachable, easy to talk to and give his time when he can to the devotees.

I acknowledge that due to my Karma, I am born a girl this life. Being a girl has many restrictions when it comes to connecting with Monks. I see monks as any other human being and they have all the defilements and temptations that a layman has. The only thing is they have taken the monk’s vows. Many went on to be great masters and some fall along the way. I see no big deal about these. I believe they have great and good connections to be able to shave their ‘heads’. The stumble is a lesson along the way. As a lay person, we are in no position to censor them. I try my best to keep away from Monks and be proper. My respect is to the teaching of Buddha and the Monks represent Buddha. I respe
ct the ROBE they are wearing. Many lay people get too close to Monks and gossips and misunderstandings arise to create schism. To take side and create a discord amongst Monks is a fast train to Hell. That is why I venerate, respect, learn, practice and keep a distance so that I do not misbehave or become rude in both actions and speech of being familiar which usually happened.

Many people said that Theravada is a Small Wheel of Buddha’s Teaching. People who embrace this school of thoughts normally work on themselves and liberate themselves to the state of Arahant. They leave this world with no attachment. But to me, from what I see and what I know of some great Theravada masters, they are Theravada but they perform the Bodhisattvas ways.

Many people misunderstand Buddhism. They think that Buddhism have so many schools. In actual facts all these are just a ‘Path of Convenient’ to suit the temperament of various Sentient Beings. There is only One Buddhism, One Saykamuni Buddha, One Teaching and One Path. No matter what schools you are in – the fundamental of Buddha’s Teaching is something you must know and that is THE FOUR NOBLE TRUTH and THE EIGHTFOLD PATH. All others are ‘vessels’ to ferry you across the Ocean of Samsara.

Coming back to Ven Choa Kun, I was very fortunate to come face to face with him yesterday and have the opportunity to wish him Happy Birthday personally. It is once in a life time to be able to attend an auspicious event of an 80th Birthday of a Monk. I am glad I am able to be a part of it. So my wish for Ven Chao Kun….

“May you live healthy and live long; may you be freed from physical and mental sufferings so that you continue to deliver the Dharma to us. May you have the energy to continue your kindness to all sentient beings. May you fulfill all your wishes and things you wanted to do for Sentient Beings and finally may you attain Enlightenment!”

Sharing some pictures I took during the event. SADHU SADHU SADHU!!!!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

My travel....Maldives

Most of my friends know that I have a job that second me to various destinations around the world. Sometime one year, sometime two..but not more than 3 years. Although I am posting my blog with 'Singapore' as home ground...I am 'here' and 'not here' at times.

Many of my friends have asked me to share one of the slides I did under the name 'Journey'. I actually sent it to a few who loves it. Nothing great actually, just some amateurish photography. These pictures are taken in Maldives...because I worked there at one time.

Maldives is a dream place for holidays. Mostly are European, Japanese, Korean, HongKong Chinese, etc.., some Singaporean. The currency acceptable are US$ and Euro. The capital is Male. Maldives is make up of 3,000 islands or maybe more. Travel is by sea planes or by boats...and the furthest island by boat can take as long as one month.

This is a beautiful country. Religion - Muslim. Race - Maldivian. Skin Color : Dark (they are fairer than Indian, not like Sri Lankan..I find that they have a unique look by themselves). People are nice and simple. The only trade here is tourism... Ha.a.a.a. so by now I have exposed myself...Yes, I am in the service industry.

For those who loves to shop till you drop, Maldives is not the place for you. If you love the Sun, the Sea and the Swim, this is haven. It is a paradise. All those beautiful colorful coral fishes you see on television or National Geographic magazines, they are all at your 'door step'. Really, they are that near to you if you holiday in Maldives. Of course all the activities are water sports. You can snorkel, dive, boating, island hoping...have dinner arrange on a sandbank...just you and your other half. For the rich and famous, they arrive with their private boats.

There are lots of beautiful corals of assorted colors and types. There are big and small fishes of various colors. You see turtles, dolphins, sharks, sting rays, Manta Rays and the extinct fish Napoleon Wrasse (oversize grouper with a hump head). However you are not allowed to go fishing here although fishes are abundance. Let me tell you...the sharks here don't want to eat you...they have more than enough food!

The further you are from the main islands or islands with satellite, you have no signal for TV or handphone. You lost contact with the World. This is what we need - to be away from all the hectic city life. This place is End of the World to me!

Here are photographs that I took with my Casio Camera. I know nothing about lightings and all the gadgets...but I took this myself. Because in my work I travel alone, I took pictures of nature.

Welcome your comment and my pleasure to share....enjoy!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Food Measurement...

Many of us love food. We eat anything cooked differently - blend, spicy, stewed, deep fried etc. The Chinese says : To Human food is bigger than Heaven' - so it long as you are alive you eat!

I have a staff who always fall sick when she eats 'Beef'. She will have very bad headache. I noticed it and I stop her from consuming beef. She is not getting the headache anymore. It is the red meat that shoot up her blood pressure, let alone cholesterol.

Eggs are my first love in any style and I can eat more than 2 eggs a day and everyday for a week. I used to smell 'uric' in my urine. On top of that my heels are very painful. I have cut back and I am not having pain anymore.

Seafood is another type of food that we all love. The seafood haunts in Singapore are filled daily and nightly with people. Prawns, crabs, bamboo clams, mussels, lobsters , sotong/cuttlefish, abalone, pomfret are high in cholesterol. Do you love these?

During break in our meeting, we talked about 'Eating Rice'. There are reports that we should cut down on people jumped at it. RICE is carbo, so don't eat rice, eat proteins or vegetables and fruits. For 5,000 years or more, Chinese have been eating Rice...why are we cutting down because some health freak said so? There is a proverb "One man's meat is another man's poison". We have Asian stomach and RICE in Asia is staple food. To be able to 'eat rice' means 'abundance'. So why do we follow the crowd? We just have to be moderate. You can say that I am a rice eater.

Attached a Cholesterol Chart. Those with '0' can eat them in quantity. Look at gizzards..they are the highest in cholesterol. Chinese loves to 'use an organ to enhance another organ'. They will eat pig brain to improve the Human brain. We always say someone is 'pig brain'...meaning he is not using his how smart can consuming Pig Brain makes a person?

Essential Guidelines for Healthy Living
1) Eat a variety of fruits and vegetables which contain vitamins and minerals.
2) Increase the consumption of high fibre foods such as wholemeal bread and cereals.
3) Reduce the consumption of high saturated fat and high cholesterol foods such as fatty meats, coconut milk and cuttlefish etc. On the other alternatives such as fish and lean meats to obtain protein.
4) Be moderate in alcohol consumption and increase water intake to at least 6-8 glasses per day.
5) Reduce sugar intake. Cut down the consumption of high-refined carbohydrate foods e.g cakes, cream biscuits, and reduce the amount of sugar in drinks.
6) Reduce the salt consumption. Avoid table salt and soy sauce.
7) Quit smoking. If you do not smoke, never start.
8) Maintain ideal body weight.
9) Exercise regularly i.e at least 3 times per week. The aerobic exercises like brisk walking, jogging, cycling and swimming will strengthen the cardio-pulmonary system, muscles and joints.
10) For those who are too busy to have proper meals, make sure you have adequate nutrient supplements.
11) Learn to relax in stressful situations and have a positive mind towards all matters.
12) Maintain your routine medical check-up and full blood screening test at least once a year.
13) Daily cholesterol intake should not be more than 300mg.

Here is the Chart for your use and information.

Hope the above chart is useful and give you an idea of measurement each contains. Do not get paranoid over it. Life is short and enjoy at the same time take care of your health.


Sunday, May 10, 2009


There are many types of dreams - day dreams, good dreams, bad dreams, frightening dreams, wet dreams or you do not know you are dreaming? Most of the time our mind continues to work even though we are asleep. Experts will tell you that you dream whether you know it or not. However some dreams are vivid and you can remember them very clearly when you are awake. Some dreams hold a meaning. It is actually your subconscious trying to give you a message. The superstitious believe that it is a message from “somewhere”.

Chinese believes that when you dreamt about the death of someone, it means that person is going to enjoy a long life. The scary part of this is - you contributed to his/her long life by giving up some of yours. Some people dream about coffins - to Chinese, coffins are LUCK. Of course everyone hopes to dream of '4-digit' so that they can strike it rich when they bet on lottery tickets.

Maybe because of my sensitivity or due to my meditation or maybe none of these - I have vivid dreams only when something is going to happen. It is a pre-warning, it is a notice, and it is a call..well whatever name you call is a signal to me. To think logically without all those frills and mystic elements - it is actually my inner self. People always say "Listen to yourself"..."Listen to your heart"..."Listen to that little voice inside you"...yes! It is that "little voice". Many of us ‘hear’ that voice but we ignore it or we are frightened to admit it or because it is something that we do not want..we close our heart to it.

At different points of my life, I had vivid dreams. Some scary, some worrying, some religious and some are predictions of coming events.

Dream #1
I sat in a room (looked like an old wooden house)..and a square table in front of me laid with tea cup and sweet finger titbits. I wore red robe and headgear, jewelry and lips painted RED. I saw a red color double happiness pasted on the wooden wall. It looked like I am dressed to be married. The traditional Chinese style. No one is with me. I am all alone. I sat there for a long time in that semi lit room. The only lights came from a pair of Dragon Phoenix Candles. What is it trying to tell me? Getting married but it is not happening. I came very close to be did not happen because he died.

Dream #2
It was a pavilion. A man is waiting for me. I can still remember that he dressed up like an office executive – a blue long sleeve shirt and black pant. I came up behind him…and I stabbed him..again..and again many times. I do not know why I did that..I knew this man loves me..why am I stabbing him? I ran heart is beating like it will jump out of my chest. I heard police car’s siren behind me..I kept running….I ran for a very long time…I keep saying to myself…I killed someone..I killed someone..and the police were after me…RUN! The police car finally caught up with me and it passed me and moved on. Oh! They are not after me! I kept thinking..did he die..did he die..?? What is it trying to tell me? Yes, I killed the love of someone for me…I did. I chose my parents over him!

Dream #3
I am at this pagoda. I knew it was a furnace. I saw a man throwing dead bodies into this furnace. I saw my brother was one of them. But when it came to my turn, I woke up. I cried..I don’t want to wake up. A voice said that my time is not due. I have a mission I need to fulfill. What is it trying to tell me? I knew from this dream that my brother and I will share the same Faith, we did now. I woke up from the dream with tears all over my face. That was a time I was so pure in my prayers and my heart was so calm. I do not want to stay in this world and contaminate myself..but my duties need to be done and I did.

Dream #4
This happened when Dad was taken away by the police for interrogation on the case of his friends. Mum was mad at him and so was the family. I did not say anything bad or blame Dad. But deep in my heart I was very very sad. That night when I slept. I dreamt that I was kneeling saying my daily this point..the Goddess of Mercy came down from the altar. She was dressed in Black robe. Not the usual white one we always saw in her portraits. She spoke to me for a long time. I felt my heart quiet down and I felt a deep sense of peace and inner bliss. When I woke up, I could not recall her face, or what she said. However the deep sense of peace and bliss lasted for weeks. What is it trying to tell me? To renew my believe in my Dad and my connection with the Goddess of Mercy. I know she looks after me always.

Dream #5
I appeared at a place, it is not a familiar surroundings. Something is happening but I do not know what. White banners are flying everywhere…everything is in white...There is some kind of procession going on…and all the palanquins are also in White...It looked like a festival..and yet it looked like a funeral procession. I looked around at the sea of people..and yet there isn't any sound at all. I saw Steve. He was standing on top a rail…the type that barricade the road to keep pedestrians at bay... I am glad I saw someone I know. I walked up to him and said ‘Hi’. He looked down at me..and continued to watch the procession, ignoring me. I told myself that since he did not bother..I will walk home. My home is on top of a hill. It is a good road however it is a very difficult walk home. My feet were like so heavy that I find it so difficult to lift them. I dragged myself all the way up the hill. It seems like ages and finally I entered the gate to my Home. The funny thing..I did not go into the house. Instead I walked around to the backyard. When I strolled into the backyard..I stopped. I was surprised to see a Tibetan Monk dressed with ceremonial headgear. He is rounded with a cheerful smile on his face. I stood rooted to the ground. A voice said “You met your Master and don’t you know how to pay respect?” Immediately I dropped to the ground and did my full prostration. Before I can kneel, the Monk threw his robe into the air and amazingly it covered the whole of the backyard. It served like a carpet so I kneel on top of it. When I did my full prostration – lying full on the ground , the ground fitted exactly to my body a mattress..protecting me from stones and the hardness of the ground. I kept prostrating and the Monk said “ Not bad, not bad”. The Voice spoke again “True. She is a dragon”. Do you believe it, I visited a Temple in Nepal..on the the back of the Temple..these words were written in white.."Welcome Home".

What is it trying to tell me? My relationship with Steve is dying. Once dead I will move on to pursue my religion..the Tibetan Buddhism. I did..I started to visit Sri Lanka, Nepal and India on pilgrimages.

Dream #6
Although I did not make a fuss about Steve, silently it hurts me very deep. It came when I am not prepared. One night, a few months later, I had a dream. I saw myself parking my car. As I was walking I ran into Steve and his wife. We stopped and I scolded them so furiously and then I stormed off. When I cooled down, I regretted. Why did I do all that, now my merits fields are all burnt. I walked on and I saw a monk. He was trying to balance a few tins and I went up to him. I offered to help him to carry some. The Monk offered me a ‘Heart’ shaped metal tin…I refused to take it. I asked for the rectangular one. He smiled and gave it to me. Oh My was small and yet it was so heavy. The monk started to walk and I carried this tin running after him. I lost sight of him. I searched for him. The more rounds I ran to look for him, the tin became lighter. It became smaller….and finally it disappeared totally from my hands. With this the monk appeared from nowhere, he smiled at me and disappeared again.

What did this tells me? The divine knows my pain and my sufferings. The running around with it eliminated the heaviness and burden in my heart. The pain lifted. I had no more anger. True because one week after we broke off, I was seconded overseas. I carried my pain with me. During this period I worked very hard, I nursed my wound and it slowly lifted. I had no more anger. My friend was surprise that I had no anger towards them. Actually Steve is a good person. Our affinity is not deep enough to be together. Men have the weaknesses and how can I say he is 'bad' just because it ended the 'unexpected' way!

Therefore as you cleanse yourself spiritually, your inner self surfaces. It is your guiding is subtle, it is light..and only if you are sensitive to know. I am sure many of you at some point of time experienced this too.

Dreams and reality…are they interlink? Do we know ourself? I believe we know what is happening and where is the solution.

There are many more such incidents... but I do not dream about them anymore. It came as a kind of 'six sense'. My heart tells me what is happening...most of the time it is true. Whether it happens at home, in the office, to myself, to is 'there'.

I was with my Mum when she passed away. There is no sign that she is leaving. Somehow I stood there looking at her, she was very calm, no heavy breathing, she looked at saddness in her eyes. It is a silent communication - I knew she is happy with her life and with us. I told my siblings as they were sitting nearby "Mum is leaving.. pull the curtain around please." My brother did not believe me but both of them came and stood besides me, all three of us sent Mum off. We saw her breathing slowed down. We saw her closed her eyes..very peacefully she left. Scary right?

I am still grieving..I know you all read this many times all over my various postings. Yes, grieving needs to be done properly. It takes depends on the person and the attachment. As I talked about it, I am letting it go...but it is not gone yet. I asked myself why? I knew the answer...because of gratitude, because of Love, because we have no 'anchor', because we have no relatives from my adopted parents side. We are all 'alone'. It is also feeling sorry for my adopted parents, they are such good folks. There will be no one to carry the family name when the day comes when me and my siblings die...this family is extinct. Truly extinct

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Happy Vesak to All.....

Vesak Day in Chinese is 万佛节. It falls on 9th May 2009.

Years ago, Buddha was then Prince Siddhartha. He was born under a tree when his Mum was holding onto a branch when she went into labor. When he was born, he walked 7 steps and pointed a finger towards the sky and said "Of Heaven and Earth, I am the Enlightened". It was a joyous occasion however Queen Maya died after giving birth to the baby. The Prince was raised by his Step Mother and he grew up with much love. During his Birth, the King got all the astrologers to predict the Prince's future. A very old and learned one said "The Prince will either be a Monarch or he will be a Buddha. Unfortunate I am too old to benefit from him". The King was worried and he made sure that the Prince will always stay within the Palace vicinity. All people around him were young and everything was perfect. When the Prince came of age, he was learned, kind, compassionate and good in warfare planning. The King also got him a wife. However the Prince felt that something was missing. The break came when he saw 4 signs - Birth, The Aged, The Sick and Death. No matter how the King tried to keep these away from him but they surfaced when the time ripen. The Prince pondered - Birth, we come into this world not by our choice; we Aged not of our choice; we fall Sick not of our choice and we faced Death which is not our choice. The Prince decided he needed to find a way to stop these because he saw the pain and suffering of sentient beings. Leaving the Palace, leaving his wife and new born son he went into the forest finding The Path. He tried all kind of methods and he realized extreme ways will not help. One full moon night, he ate something offered to
him by Lady Sujata. He washed his bowl in the river and floated the bowl. The bowl floated 'up stream'. This was unusual and he knew that his achievement was near. That night he mediated with undivided concentration and attained Enlightenment. His Enlightenment shook the Universe. There were divine lights all over the world and the place he sat. All sentient beings rejoiced at the birth of an Enlightened Buddha. If you notice Buddha statues, you will see a posture whereby he sat with one of his hand over his knee cap facing the ground. This means the Earth is the witness of my Enlightenment.

There are many legends about Buddha. To the Buddhist, Buddha is not GOD. Buddha is our Teacher. He taught us the way out of sufferings. As a Buddhist, you must know Buddha fundamental teachings and if you do not, it m
eans you have more to understand about this GREAT Teacher. Buddha was very humane. Because he was like us, he realized that we all feel the same over the same issue. We all go through the same process of life and death. In this process there are things that you can do, a choice you can make as to where you want to be. Many people have not seen heaven and they doubt it. Same with hell. Therefore they go on to do all kinds of unkind actions to harm others and take others Life.

Other religion commented that Buddhist worships statues etc. What they do not know is they use the wrong vocabulary - it is not worship, it is venerate. When we knee in front of a Buddha statue, we do not pray to him. We venerate a Great Teacher and Enlightened Beings. It is like he is with us therefore some speak out to him. Buddha said "For those who know my Teachings know me".

I said before I am a non conformist type of Buddhist. I like to ponder over Buddha Teachings. I do not want to pretend I am devoted but nothing can shake my fate. I like Zen and next time I will share with you Zen stories that I like. Zen is Wisdom. If you are intelligent and well educated do not mean that you are Wise. Wisdom does not come with education.

To seek understanding from others is like begging to be acknowledged. One should seek understanding within oneself. You wash your house when it is dirty, you do not wash other's house and said that you have washed your house.

Being Vesak, I like to share with you a postcard I bought in Bangkok which shows the 108 auspicious signs of Buddha's feet. Check your feet. You may be a special being yourself. I also put up some bookmarks that I have collected. I hope it brings home a message to all those that read my blog. May all Sentient beings be well and happy. May those suffering in the traumatic events in both Myanmar and China have peace of mind and continue to live well. For all those that did not survive, may their souls rest in peace by the merits of the Buddhas and Bodhisattva!!!! Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu !
"Giving Life - Releasing Life Back to the Sea"

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Mothers' Day 2009

May is a month of memories for me.

I take this opportunity to wish all Mothers a Very Happy and Proud Mother's Day. We do not need a special day to remember Mum but it is a wonderful feeling to know that a day is made known internationally to recognize all Mums for their contribution to the society.

The role of a Mum is not just to give birth to us, she is our 'rock'. She natures us, protects us, guide us, teaches us right from wrong, she moulds our character and she gives us Life. I am sending a White Kala Lily to all Mums who are alive, wishing them sunshine all their lives and blessed with good and filial children around them.

For those whose Mothers are no longer around, I attached a White Spider Lily for your Mum. May today brings back all the beautiful time you shared with Mum. They are no longer around but they live in your hearts forever. Think of them and send them your love. I am sure they will feel it. This will set a good example for your children if you are a Mum yourself. May you too have good and filial children.

There is a question for you today - Do you know the flower(s) your mother likes?

For me, I know my Mum loved 'Gladiolus' or in Chinese '剑兰'. This flower grows in different colors and they bloom in sprays. All flowers carry a message. Gladiolus represents Longevity, Abundance, Harmony, Strength and Consideration (花语: 用心、长寿、福禄、康宁、坚固).

Every good years before Mum fell ill and when she was mobile, she bought this flower to decorate the house during Chinese New Year. I believe the flower we like tells a bit about our self. This is a community flower. It grows in spray and therefore my Mum loved people and she associated well with people. This flower is elegant and my Mum carried herself very well. Even when she was sick, she dressed well and people who came into contact with her said she was elegant.

Mum's hairs turned white when she was around thirty and it was hereditary. She did not attempted to color her hair and left it as it was. Her hair instead of white turned silvery and some strands were even a bit golden. There were a period her hair turned black with some silvery and she looked really good. Neighbors commented on her hair colors and she said it was natural without any coloring.

Mum always dressed in matching tops and bottoms. Unlike me she loved colorful prints of purple, black, red, pink, green etc. I only wear solid colors and mostly black/ white due to work. Black/ white are corporate colors. She likes me to wear dresses but I wore mostly pants and tops and jackets. Outside work I am mostly very casual with Ts and shorts/ slacks.

She always wore shoes (cover-up) when she went visiting, shopping etc. and I always got the 'barbs' from her for my open toe shoes. She felt that it is unsightly to expose the feet.

She permed her hair, pin it neatly and she used spray to hold them in place. My hair is short, at time messy. She carried handbag and I do so to work but on weekends I will sling my 'Kipling' across my shoulder and walked free hands.

Mum had good skin although it was oily. I too had oily skin and I used lemon to rub my face, uses all kind of product to keep the 'shine' away but my 'T' is as shining as ever. When Mum knew that I was rubbing my face with lemon, she flipped! Mum told me that an oily skin keeps the wrinkles at bay. This is true because at 96, she did not have too many wrinkles. Her face sagged with little wrinkles because of her illness. She kept herself clean and humm.m.m.m.m she smelled good. I missed hugging her.

Mum was a good cook. Unfortunately I did not inherit her culinary skills. I am an impulse cook. Mum did not have many cravings for food. She was simple and appreciate once a while when we pampered her with better food. So what was my favourite food cooked by Mum? Yup... her boiled soup, her fat meat with yam marinated with bean sauce and steamed until the fats melt in the mouth, her steamed fish with salted vegetable, plums, ginger - homely right? Absolutely homely and common but they came from Mum's love and therefore were the best ever. A Chef said to me once 'the most delicious food is cooked with LOVE'.

I am recalling Mum today with happiness and relived the happy time we had together. Ma... I LOVE YOU.... you are irreplaceable!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Porky FLU.....

I know this topic is all over the place. This is a sign of retaliation from animals. Likewise the weather already did so. What's next? Here is my share on this just in case we all take it ever so lightly. Some believe they will never die. All illnesses come with a link to Karma. Believe it or not doesn't matter. Well here is the name for the Porky flu just in case you don't know : SWINE INFLUENZA A H1N1.

I am posting the FAQs for easy reading...

1) What is Swine (Pig in case you don't know) Flu?
Swine Flu is a respiratory disease affecting pigs that is caused by a type A influenza virus. Such Flu circulates among the pigs. The symptoms are high fever, running nose, cough etc.

2) How will this affect Human?
Swine Flu very seldom affects Human. There are cases that such Flu did happen to people who have contacts with pigs. There are also records that showed Human affected by this Flu can affect another Human although the other person may not have any contacts with pigs.

3) So how it spread?
Like our Human Flu, it is contagious. We just have to come into contact with a friend or colleagues who got IT. Pigs are the same. The people attending will come into contact with pigs having Swine Flu and 'caught' it when pigs ‘A choo..o.o.o.!’ and the viruses ‘fly’ out.

4) Is there a problem eating Porky?
Swine Flu is not spread through eating porky! However better have them cooked well. NO serving in 'medium' or 'rare' BUT well-cooked!

5) How to tell whether it is Swine Flu?
You can't! It is just like our Human Flu. If you have high fever, soar throats, cough, running better see a Doctor. Sometime you will also feel breathless, so be aware.

6) How to know whether it is Swine Flu or not.
You can't. The Doctor probably has to take your body specimen to do a 'culture' (test). This Swine Flu will shed its virus in around 7 days for adults. It takes longer for children.

7) So what type of Medicine to take?
The normal Flu tablets will not help. So Panadol and the lots will not do. Medical reports said that this Swine Flu is a 'tough' one. Most of the medicines use to handle Flu have no effect. At this point of time USA recommended a drug named 'Tamiflu'. This is a prescribed drug so you cannot buy over the counter.

8) Is there any case in Singapore?
For the time being we are spared.

9) Do we in Singapore needs to alarm?
Of course we do! There are so many people travelling out of the country and coming into the country, so precaution is a MUST. Better be Careful than be Sorry! Anyway our MOH (Ministry of Health) is watching the situation carefully.

10) So can go holidays or travel?
Singapore have not issue the 'No Travel' warning. The index to stop travelling is still low. However if you can, try not too.

11) How if I want to visit USA?
Looks like I cannot find any restriction saying you cannot get into USA. However again, if you can avoid during this period, please do so. But when you are travelling or coming home and you feel unwell, do immediately alert the flight attendants. If you are in another country, please quickly see a Doctor and call your family. Please do not alarm your family but let them know your situation.

12) Is there a cure for Swine FLU.
Not to frighten you - NO, THERE ISN'T! There is no medicine to protect you against H1N1 Swine Flu viruses until all the research doctors find one.

Some good personal hygiene practice....

1) Wash your hands before you eat.

2) Wash your hands when you visit a hospital ward. They always provide an antiseptic washing agent, whether wet or dry washing.

3) Do not come into contact if you know someone is having Flu. If anyone in the family is having Flu, please see a Doctor quick. All family members must not go out of the house or come into contact with innocent parties.

4) Avoid crowded places, especially Airport. Hate to say this but that is the easiest and fastest place if anyone coming through 'caught the Swine'.

5) Co-operate in public places if they need to take your temperature.

6) Do lots of Guru Rinpoche's mantra and Medicine Buddha mantra. Pray not for yourself but for all sentient beings that this epidemic will be over soon for Human as well as Pigs!

That's all I can say for now! Take care.......

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Mercy not mercy dying?

What is Euthanasia? In another word it is 'Mercy' killing. People who are sickly and knew that they have limited days and undergoing pain who chose to end their life willingly is called Euthanasia.

On the other hand, many think that people who are pronounced brain dead, who are supported by life sustaining equipment is alright to perform Euthanasia?

If there are medical people reading here, correct me if I am wrong - a person who is brain dead, is still alive - is that right? The brain controls the functions of the limbs, facial expressions and swallowing etc. but the heart is not control by the brain. If the heart is functioning and pumping blood, the person in comatose is alive. Performing Euthanasia is 'murder' without permission from the patient. People always say 'The Heart is willing but not The Head'.

Ending the life of a loved one prematurely weighs heavily on the conscience. It is something you have to live with your whole life. Because we always hope and 'what if' he does come around, can we deprive him the chance of survival? There are cases that people waked up from long comatose.

The bill for Euthanasia remains evasive in Singapore. With all the heated discussions from the religious to the non religious to the so called free thinkers and those out to create discords. I am speaking on a layman point of views...

Give a thought........

1) What if someone wanted you to die, created a fake medical record and got you on 'Euthanasia'?

2) What if someone wanted your inheritance and cannot wait for you to die, produces a fake medical record..and got you on the train of 'Euthanasia'?

3) What if someone loves you so much and in the course of extreme jealously produced a fake medical record and send you to heaven via 'Euthanasia'?

Possibilites...possibilities...possibilities!! Where can we draw a line? How can we be sure that it is for the best of the person? What if........?

Many argued on the point that instead of letting the person suffers with all the needles and equipment sticking into him, it is better to let 'go'. Most are concerned about family financial status as medical expenses are not cheap. This gives uncertainty whether the brain dead person or the one who is terminally ill live too long to chalk up huge medical bills. In Singapore, even with a Will, Euthanasia is.... NO. Let alone the terminally ill who may not want to die but in the spur of the moment of pain requested for one in confused state of mind. Should Euthanasia be performed?

My Dad was diagnosed with brain tumor. I asked the Doctor for diagnosis and prognosis. The final is 'Death'. From the moment of diagnosis to death, there is still time to be around with family. Understanding all the effect of chemo, radiation and medication - I decided that I wanted quality life for my Dad. I did not submit him to chemo where he will lose his hair, patched mouth and tongue, vomiting and lost of appetite. I decided on medication. We stayed around him and let him expired naturally. Even with this, I live with my conscience that I deprived my Dad a chance to live. Why? I chose not to do chemo and radiation - is this passive Euthanasia? It took me years to come to term with myself that what I have decided is for the best of Dad.

When it came to Mum, Doctor advised that her organs are failing. It is a matter of days. She was in coma. Doctor asked whether I wanted to let her live with life sustaining equipment - and I said 'YES'. As long as she is alive, I will not deprive her of survival. Mum woke up, came home and spent another year with us.

My sister's father-in-law got a stroke. Due to internal brain bleeding, he went into comatose. Doctors are not so optimistic about his conditions. However to save his life, they suggested surgery. At this point, both the brothers and my sister was too shocked and they dare not make a decision. As the patient is in NICU fighting for his life, out here the family around dare not make a decision and the doctor will not make a decision on the family behalf. If no one makes a decision and the patient slipped 'away' this passive Euthanasia? Today, he is recovering and is able to walk and he has gone home to East Malaysia. So how do we decide what is best? If given a choice, no one wishes to DIE!

Therefore, where is the line?

I read a story about a nurse in a Nursing Home. She believed she was doing it out of compassion so when a patient was in pain, she gave them injection to let them die. One by one the patients died. Others became suspicious. They caught her red handed. She cried and said she was doing it out of love and compassion. She wanted them to go to heaven and to God where they will not have sickness and pain. However not all the patients wanted to die the 'Euthanasia' way. So is this taking matters into one's own hands?

As I am a Buddhist, whatever form of Killing is a NO. Killing oneself willingly is suicide. Many do not believe in after life and reincarnation, I do. How do you like committing suicide life after life? Human body is precious.

I have known many terminally ill patients hoping that they have a choice to live longer. So when you want to take your life when you are healthy, THINK again. Many thought that dying solves all the problem. Too bad, the account balance record does not work this way.

I read the website discussions/ comment page of the national newspaper. People are hurling remarks at one another and at the government just because Euthanasia is not approved in Singapore. Religious tolerance and respect is, but skin deep. It saddens me. I believe the fun is 伪恐天下不乱!

So do you know which are the countries that have approved Euthanasia? These are some of them :

1) Netherlands (Holland)
2) Australia (Northern)
3) Columbia
4) Japan (must meet criteria listed)
5) South Africa
6) Belgium
7) Canada
8) Germany
9) USA (some States)
10) Switzerland
11) Poland
12) India

Euthanasia...therefore can be 'mercy' can be 'committing suicide' can be 'murder'. It can be 'actively' or 'passively' practiced. When, how, where, the correct timing to administer 'Euthanasia'???

Another thing, we do it on animals all the time...don't they also have the right to live?

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Sabertooth Hamster

Is this little fellow cute? Did he exist? Anyone had a sabertooth hamster before? Allison 365 has one...and here is how he looks like..handsome right? Allison is a talented artist. I stumbled upon her blog and fell in love with all her drawings. She has given me permission to use her drawings on my blog and I am too happy to share. She is also preparing to publish all her beautiful works into a book and more people will have access to it.

Hamster is a home pet. They are small, fury and....adorable? It belongs to the 'Rat' family. I have known people who is obsessed with Hamsters. Well these little fellows are 'sexy'....they 'sex' all the time or what else can they do as captivities locked up in a cage. They reproduced very fast. We maybe over populated with rodents before we know it. From hamsters to chinchilla…and a variety of different types.

Did the Sabertooth Hamster cutesy look fool you to keep him as a pet? Probably this little thing looked 'harmless'...if he existed and I see why most animals have some prehistoric ancestors. If this little sabertooth hamster is available, he will probably fetched a prize. Someone out there will love to keep this cute fellow as a pet. Being small and rare or maybe one of its kind.

Anyone remember where you saw sabertooth animals in a movie - Yes? No?....ICE AGE! Do you remember the Tiger with sabertooth...and that little acorn that a squirrel? Well if you love one, you will have to go back to Ice Age or you have to get someone to ‘crossbreed’ one and clone it. Now a day everyone is talking about cloning…you probably pay a handsome fee to clone one as a pet and make it to be a millionaire. Just remember that you keep it at bay and not let it get onto your bed. Letting it run freely is hazardous. You probably will find your whole house being chewed down, everything gone…and maybe yourself too!

SABERTOOTH...'fangs'...'extended canine teeth'....Sabertooths to me are predators. It is carnivores and it eats meat. The ‘fangs’ are extra long for tearing. It is the cat family that has these fangs but from all the research materials, such animals are extinct long ago. YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE….!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Tree House..n..Zamboanga

When everyone is looking for places to go during holidays, few will want to wonder and be adventurous as to track deeper into Philippines.

For me, Manila shopping is cheap and their seashell products are well known. However I support the ‘Green’ movement and therefore refrained from buying any. I saw an NGO’s organization using the bark of banana fibers and making them into beautiful ladies apparels. This is very interesting and making good use of the banana tree after it stopped flowering and bearing fruits.

As for Cebu, it is a seaside resorts area and therefore good and cheap for those who want holidays inexpensive.

What captured me is not the above but a city named Zamboanga.

Did you ever dream of living on a tree house? Many people cannot conceptualize about living up there, on a tree. Tree house gives you sentiment like living back in the era of apes…it gives an impression of uncivilized dwellings. It looks like something Tarzan wearing a loin cloth and Jane will do so. Getting about is like swinging from one tree to another via an aerial root or a rattan. It is not easy because you need arm muscles to do so, let alone swinging with the beautiful Jane on your back.

Given these tomboy characters of mine, as a kid I climbed trees – how many of you do? I have always dream of living on top of a tree where my mother cannot find me. Can you imagine when I saw these tree houses… I was overjoyed and so exhilarated that my heart went ‘GOSH!...where on earth..did I not find this place sooner. It is far from being uncivilized…it is so civilized. The tree house is not only modern, getting up and down is as easy as ABC (no need to swing around like monkey does). Look at the way it is build and they have spiral about owning one and living in one? Well the local said that there is no typhoon here only rainfall. How can I not share with you such a beautiful place. It is still ‘raw’ and not disturbed and spoilt by modernization…so it is a ‘Shang-ri-lah’ to me.

Zamboanga is named the City of Flower. She is also named Asia’s Latin City. To me I named it the City of Tree Houses. The major resources here are agriculture and fish framings. They have unusual trades ….seaweed farming and sardines exporting. This place is part of the Mindanao’s clusters.

So what are the places to see? Well other than Tree Houses, you have the Fort Pillar, the Oldest Catholic Church, the Yakan Weavers, the colorful sailing boats and sails, the Muslim area with their colorful and beautiful mosque and a market where you find imported goods from Southeast Asia

Oh! I met a singer and she is Sharon Cunita. I believed she belted some ballads with Andy Lau. Beautiful woman and unassuming..had a daughter as pretty as she. Some of the sales staff told me that her husband is a Senator. Such sweet lady..she send me her CD after I left Philippines.

To summarize, Filipinos are warm and friendly people. Girls will fall for Filipino men and that is what my Filipino girl friend told me. They are attentive and considerate and very gentlemen…BUT…they are lazy! Mostly the women are the ones who work. How true, you trust me or you trust a Filipino?