Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Mothers' Day 2009

May is a month of memories for me.

I take this opportunity to wish all Mothers a Very Happy and Proud Mother's Day. We do not need a special day to remember Mum but it is a wonderful feeling to know that a day is made known internationally to recognize all Mums for their contribution to the society.

The role of a Mum is not just to give birth to us, she is our 'rock'. She natures us, protects us, guide us, teaches us right from wrong, she moulds our character and she gives us Life. I am sending a White Kala Lily to all Mums who are alive, wishing them sunshine all their lives and blessed with good and filial children around them.

For those whose Mothers are no longer around, I attached a White Spider Lily for your Mum. May today brings back all the beautiful time you shared with Mum. They are no longer around but they live in your hearts forever. Think of them and send them your love. I am sure they will feel it. This will set a good example for your children if you are a Mum yourself. May you too have good and filial children.

There is a question for you today - Do you know the flower(s) your mother likes?

For me, I know my Mum loved 'Gladiolus' or in Chinese '剑兰'. This flower grows in different colors and they bloom in sprays. All flowers carry a message. Gladiolus represents Longevity, Abundance, Harmony, Strength and Consideration (花语: 用心、长寿、福禄、康宁、坚固).

Every good years before Mum fell ill and when she was mobile, she bought this flower to decorate the house during Chinese New Year. I believe the flower we like tells a bit about our self. This is a community flower. It grows in spray and therefore my Mum loved people and she associated well with people. This flower is elegant and my Mum carried herself very well. Even when she was sick, she dressed well and people who came into contact with her said she was elegant.

Mum's hairs turned white when she was around thirty and it was hereditary. She did not attempted to color her hair and left it as it was. Her hair instead of white turned silvery and some strands were even a bit golden. There were a period her hair turned black with some silvery and she looked really good. Neighbors commented on her hair colors and she said it was natural without any coloring.

Mum always dressed in matching tops and bottoms. Unlike me she loved colorful prints of purple, black, red, pink, green etc. I only wear solid colors and mostly black/ white due to work. Black/ white are corporate colors. She likes me to wear dresses but I wore mostly pants and tops and jackets. Outside work I am mostly very casual with Ts and shorts/ slacks.

She always wore shoes (cover-up) when she went visiting, shopping etc. and I always got the 'barbs' from her for my open toe shoes. She felt that it is unsightly to expose the feet.

She permed her hair, pin it neatly and she used spray to hold them in place. My hair is short, at time messy. She carried handbag and I do so to work but on weekends I will sling my 'Kipling' across my shoulder and walked free hands.

Mum had good skin although it was oily. I too had oily skin and I used lemon to rub my face, uses all kind of product to keep the 'shine' away but my 'T' is as shining as ever. When Mum knew that I was rubbing my face with lemon, she flipped! Mum told me that an oily skin keeps the wrinkles at bay. This is true because at 96, she did not have too many wrinkles. Her face sagged with little wrinkles because of her illness. She kept herself clean and humm.m.m.m.m she smelled good. I missed hugging her.

Mum was a good cook. Unfortunately I did not inherit her culinary skills. I am an impulse cook. Mum did not have many cravings for food. She was simple and appreciate once a while when we pampered her with better food. So what was my favourite food cooked by Mum? Yup... her boiled soup, her fat meat with yam marinated with bean sauce and steamed until the fats melt in the mouth, her steamed fish with salted vegetable, plums, ginger - homely right? Absolutely homely and common but they came from Mum's love and therefore were the best ever. A Chef said to me once 'the most delicious food is cooked with LOVE'.

I am recalling Mum today with happiness and relived the happy time we had together. Ma... I LOVE YOU.... you are irreplaceable!

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