Thursday, May 14, 2009

My travel....Maldives

Most of my friends know that I have a job that second me to various destinations around the world. Sometime one year, sometime two..but not more than 3 years. Although I am posting my blog with 'Singapore' as home ground...I am 'here' and 'not here' at times.

Many of my friends have asked me to share one of the slides I did under the name 'Journey'. I actually sent it to a few who loves it. Nothing great actually, just some amateurish photography. These pictures are taken in Maldives...because I worked there at one time.

Maldives is a dream place for holidays. Mostly are European, Japanese, Korean, HongKong Chinese, etc.., some Singaporean. The currency acceptable are US$ and Euro. The capital is Male. Maldives is make up of 3,000 islands or maybe more. Travel is by sea planes or by boats...and the furthest island by boat can take as long as one month.

This is a beautiful country. Religion - Muslim. Race - Maldivian. Skin Color : Dark (they are fairer than Indian, not like Sri Lankan..I find that they have a unique look by themselves). People are nice and simple. The only trade here is tourism... Ha.a.a.a. so by now I have exposed myself...Yes, I am in the service industry.

For those who loves to shop till you drop, Maldives is not the place for you. If you love the Sun, the Sea and the Swim, this is haven. It is a paradise. All those beautiful colorful coral fishes you see on television or National Geographic magazines, they are all at your 'door step'. Really, they are that near to you if you holiday in Maldives. Of course all the activities are water sports. You can snorkel, dive, boating, island hoping...have dinner arrange on a sandbank...just you and your other half. For the rich and famous, they arrive with their private boats.

There are lots of beautiful corals of assorted colors and types. There are big and small fishes of various colors. You see turtles, dolphins, sharks, sting rays, Manta Rays and the extinct fish Napoleon Wrasse (oversize grouper with a hump head). However you are not allowed to go fishing here although fishes are abundance. Let me tell you...the sharks here don't want to eat you...they have more than enough food!

The further you are from the main islands or islands with satellite, you have no signal for TV or handphone. You lost contact with the World. This is what we need - to be away from all the hectic city life. This place is End of the World to me!

Here are photographs that I took with my Casio Camera. I know nothing about lightings and all the gadgets...but I took this myself. Because in my work I travel alone, I took pictures of nature.

Welcome your comment and my pleasure to share....enjoy!


  1. Wow! Looks like a great place for a vacation! Might consider Maldives if I got the time (and money) to travel one day! ^_^

  2. Hi..yes, this place is expensive. You will love it. Save and make time... :)