Monday, May 4, 2009

Porky FLU.....

I know this topic is all over the place. This is a sign of retaliation from animals. Likewise the weather already did so. What's next? Here is my share on this just in case we all take it ever so lightly. Some believe they will never die. All illnesses come with a link to Karma. Believe it or not doesn't matter. Well here is the name for the Porky flu just in case you don't know : SWINE INFLUENZA A H1N1.

I am posting the FAQs for easy reading...

1) What is Swine (Pig in case you don't know) Flu?
Swine Flu is a respiratory disease affecting pigs that is caused by a type A influenza virus. Such Flu circulates among the pigs. The symptoms are high fever, running nose, cough etc.

2) How will this affect Human?
Swine Flu very seldom affects Human. There are cases that such Flu did happen to people who have contacts with pigs. There are also records that showed Human affected by this Flu can affect another Human although the other person may not have any contacts with pigs.

3) So how it spread?
Like our Human Flu, it is contagious. We just have to come into contact with a friend or colleagues who got IT. Pigs are the same. The people attending will come into contact with pigs having Swine Flu and 'caught' it when pigs ‘A choo..o.o.o.!’ and the viruses ‘fly’ out.

4) Is there a problem eating Porky?
Swine Flu is not spread through eating porky! However better have them cooked well. NO serving in 'medium' or 'rare' BUT well-cooked!

5) How to tell whether it is Swine Flu?
You can't! It is just like our Human Flu. If you have high fever, soar throats, cough, running better see a Doctor. Sometime you will also feel breathless, so be aware.

6) How to know whether it is Swine Flu or not.
You can't. The Doctor probably has to take your body specimen to do a 'culture' (test). This Swine Flu will shed its virus in around 7 days for adults. It takes longer for children.

7) So what type of Medicine to take?
The normal Flu tablets will not help. So Panadol and the lots will not do. Medical reports said that this Swine Flu is a 'tough' one. Most of the medicines use to handle Flu have no effect. At this point of time USA recommended a drug named 'Tamiflu'. This is a prescribed drug so you cannot buy over the counter.

8) Is there any case in Singapore?
For the time being we are spared.

9) Do we in Singapore needs to alarm?
Of course we do! There are so many people travelling out of the country and coming into the country, so precaution is a MUST. Better be Careful than be Sorry! Anyway our MOH (Ministry of Health) is watching the situation carefully.

10) So can go holidays or travel?
Singapore have not issue the 'No Travel' warning. The index to stop travelling is still low. However if you can, try not too.

11) How if I want to visit USA?
Looks like I cannot find any restriction saying you cannot get into USA. However again, if you can avoid during this period, please do so. But when you are travelling or coming home and you feel unwell, do immediately alert the flight attendants. If you are in another country, please quickly see a Doctor and call your family. Please do not alarm your family but let them know your situation.

12) Is there a cure for Swine FLU.
Not to frighten you - NO, THERE ISN'T! There is no medicine to protect you against H1N1 Swine Flu viruses until all the research doctors find one.

Some good personal hygiene practice....

1) Wash your hands before you eat.

2) Wash your hands when you visit a hospital ward. They always provide an antiseptic washing agent, whether wet or dry washing.

3) Do not come into contact if you know someone is having Flu. If anyone in the family is having Flu, please see a Doctor quick. All family members must not go out of the house or come into contact with innocent parties.

4) Avoid crowded places, especially Airport. Hate to say this but that is the easiest and fastest place if anyone coming through 'caught the Swine'.

5) Co-operate in public places if they need to take your temperature.

6) Do lots of Guru Rinpoche's mantra and Medicine Buddha mantra. Pray not for yourself but for all sentient beings that this epidemic will be over soon for Human as well as Pigs!

That's all I can say for now! Take care.......

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