Monday, May 25, 2009

Dumpling Festival....

Very soon it is going to be Dumpling Festival. Every year and weeks before this day, traditionally most Chinese families will prepare all the materials and ingredients getting ready to 'wrap' dumplings. In places where you find Chinese people, you will find people celebrating this event.

This year it falls on the 28th May 2009 or the Lunar 5th day of the 5th Month (五月初五). Chinese families will consume this yummy dumplings to mark the event of a classic hero who safe the country. He threw himself into the river to appease the River Dragon so that it will not cause floods killing both people and crops. His name is Qu Yuan. All the people got together to create dumplings and threw them into the river. The purpose is to distract the Dragon's attention into eating the dumplings and not Qu Yuan. Another activity is the Dragon Boat Race. The boat is paddled by 20 persons, 10 on each side and a drummer sitting in the front. In ancient time the Dragon Boat was used to chase away the dragon.

Today, nobody is throwing dumplings into the river any more. They are 'throwing' these dumplings into their stomach. This dumpling is made from sticky rice filled with mushrooms, chestnuts, peanuts, salted egg yolks, roasted pork, red beans etc. Different dialects have their own way of filling this dumpling with their own 'goodies'. The shapes of the dumplings come in a triangle form or a pyramid form and in different sizes. The sweet ones are smaller and the savory ones are larger.

The Chinese Lunar 5th day of the 5th Month is Mum's Birthday. Every year this day, I remember Mum with fondness and love. 'The Dead' do not need to celebrate birthday anymore as their time in this world has expired. However they are gone, the love continues to live on in my heart. So....

"妈妈 - Happy Birthday to you. I know you do not need it any more. I know that we have no celebration anymore but on this day I want to say...In the whole wide world, there is nothing like having Mum.

To kids who have Mum, they are like a precious bundle cradled in Mum's embrace. The happiness of being love by Mum can never be matched with anything in the Universe.

妈 I miss you!!!"

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