Sunday, May 3, 2009

Mercy not mercy dying?

What is Euthanasia? In another word it is 'Mercy' killing. People who are sickly and knew that they have limited days and undergoing pain who chose to end their life willingly is called Euthanasia.

On the other hand, many think that people who are pronounced brain dead, who are supported by life sustaining equipment is alright to perform Euthanasia?

If there are medical people reading here, correct me if I am wrong - a person who is brain dead, is still alive - is that right? The brain controls the functions of the limbs, facial expressions and swallowing etc. but the heart is not control by the brain. If the heart is functioning and pumping blood, the person in comatose is alive. Performing Euthanasia is 'murder' without permission from the patient. People always say 'The Heart is willing but not The Head'.

Ending the life of a loved one prematurely weighs heavily on the conscience. It is something you have to live with your whole life. Because we always hope and 'what if' he does come around, can we deprive him the chance of survival? There are cases that people waked up from long comatose.

The bill for Euthanasia remains evasive in Singapore. With all the heated discussions from the religious to the non religious to the so called free thinkers and those out to create discords. I am speaking on a layman point of views...

Give a thought........

1) What if someone wanted you to die, created a fake medical record and got you on 'Euthanasia'?

2) What if someone wanted your inheritance and cannot wait for you to die, produces a fake medical record..and got you on the train of 'Euthanasia'?

3) What if someone loves you so much and in the course of extreme jealously produced a fake medical record and send you to heaven via 'Euthanasia'?

Possibilites...possibilities...possibilities!! Where can we draw a line? How can we be sure that it is for the best of the person? What if........?

Many argued on the point that instead of letting the person suffers with all the needles and equipment sticking into him, it is better to let 'go'. Most are concerned about family financial status as medical expenses are not cheap. This gives uncertainty whether the brain dead person or the one who is terminally ill live too long to chalk up huge medical bills. In Singapore, even with a Will, Euthanasia is.... NO. Let alone the terminally ill who may not want to die but in the spur of the moment of pain requested for one in confused state of mind. Should Euthanasia be performed?

My Dad was diagnosed with brain tumor. I asked the Doctor for diagnosis and prognosis. The final is 'Death'. From the moment of diagnosis to death, there is still time to be around with family. Understanding all the effect of chemo, radiation and medication - I decided that I wanted quality life for my Dad. I did not submit him to chemo where he will lose his hair, patched mouth and tongue, vomiting and lost of appetite. I decided on medication. We stayed around him and let him expired naturally. Even with this, I live with my conscience that I deprived my Dad a chance to live. Why? I chose not to do chemo and radiation - is this passive Euthanasia? It took me years to come to term with myself that what I have decided is for the best of Dad.

When it came to Mum, Doctor advised that her organs are failing. It is a matter of days. She was in coma. Doctor asked whether I wanted to let her live with life sustaining equipment - and I said 'YES'. As long as she is alive, I will not deprive her of survival. Mum woke up, came home and spent another year with us.

My sister's father-in-law got a stroke. Due to internal brain bleeding, he went into comatose. Doctors are not so optimistic about his conditions. However to save his life, they suggested surgery. At this point, both the brothers and my sister was too shocked and they dare not make a decision. As the patient is in NICU fighting for his life, out here the family around dare not make a decision and the doctor will not make a decision on the family behalf. If no one makes a decision and the patient slipped 'away' this passive Euthanasia? Today, he is recovering and is able to walk and he has gone home to East Malaysia. So how do we decide what is best? If given a choice, no one wishes to DIE!

Therefore, where is the line?

I read a story about a nurse in a Nursing Home. She believed she was doing it out of compassion so when a patient was in pain, she gave them injection to let them die. One by one the patients died. Others became suspicious. They caught her red handed. She cried and said she was doing it out of love and compassion. She wanted them to go to heaven and to God where they will not have sickness and pain. However not all the patients wanted to die the 'Euthanasia' way. So is this taking matters into one's own hands?

As I am a Buddhist, whatever form of Killing is a NO. Killing oneself willingly is suicide. Many do not believe in after life and reincarnation, I do. How do you like committing suicide life after life? Human body is precious.

I have known many terminally ill patients hoping that they have a choice to live longer. So when you want to take your life when you are healthy, THINK again. Many thought that dying solves all the problem. Too bad, the account balance record does not work this way.

I read the website discussions/ comment page of the national newspaper. People are hurling remarks at one another and at the government just because Euthanasia is not approved in Singapore. Religious tolerance and respect is, but skin deep. It saddens me. I believe the fun is 伪恐天下不乱!

So do you know which are the countries that have approved Euthanasia? These are some of them :

1) Netherlands (Holland)
2) Australia (Northern)
3) Columbia
4) Japan (must meet criteria listed)
5) South Africa
6) Belgium
7) Canada
8) Germany
9) USA (some States)
10) Switzerland
11) Poland
12) India

Euthanasia...therefore can be 'mercy' can be 'committing suicide' can be 'murder'. It can be 'actively' or 'passively' practiced. When, how, where, the correct timing to administer 'Euthanasia'???

Another thing, we do it on animals all the time...don't they also have the right to live?

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