Saturday, May 2, 2009

Sabertooth Hamster

Is this little fellow cute? Did he exist? Anyone had a sabertooth hamster before? Allison 365 has one...and here is how he looks like..handsome right? Allison is a talented artist. I stumbled upon her blog and fell in love with all her drawings. She has given me permission to use her drawings on my blog and I am too happy to share. She is also preparing to publish all her beautiful works into a book and more people will have access to it.

Hamster is a home pet. They are small, fury and....adorable? It belongs to the 'Rat' family. I have known people who is obsessed with Hamsters. Well these little fellows are 'sexy'....they 'sex' all the time or what else can they do as captivities locked up in a cage. They reproduced very fast. We maybe over populated with rodents before we know it. From hamsters to chinchilla…and a variety of different types.

Did the Sabertooth Hamster cutesy look fool you to keep him as a pet? Probably this little thing looked 'harmless'...if he existed and I see why most animals have some prehistoric ancestors. If this little sabertooth hamster is available, he will probably fetched a prize. Someone out there will love to keep this cute fellow as a pet. Being small and rare or maybe one of its kind.

Anyone remember where you saw sabertooth animals in a movie - Yes? No?....ICE AGE! Do you remember the Tiger with sabertooth...and that little acorn that a squirrel? Well if you love one, you will have to go back to Ice Age or you have to get someone to ‘crossbreed’ one and clone it. Now a day everyone is talking about cloning…you probably pay a handsome fee to clone one as a pet and make it to be a millionaire. Just remember that you keep it at bay and not let it get onto your bed. Letting it run freely is hazardous. You probably will find your whole house being chewed down, everything gone…and maybe yourself too!

SABERTOOTH...'fangs'...'extended canine teeth'....Sabertooths to me are predators. It is carnivores and it eats meat. The ‘fangs’ are extra long for tearing. It is the cat family that has these fangs but from all the research materials, such animals are extinct long ago. YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE….!


  1. yeah i have hamster too.. hehe.. they are cute~ this hamster never see before!!

  2. Haa.a. you got to go Ice Ahe leh! Pehistoric..cannot find liao!

  3. Cute little guy but ... looks like he could create some real problems. The painting of him is fabulous ... I didn't see a link to Allison 365 website ... does she have one? I'd love to browse the rest of her work.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Small Footprints

  4. Hi Small

    Looks like she closed her blog. She said she has the intention to put her drawings into a book and probably have done so.

    The little fellow is cute isn't he? Ha.a.a.a