Friday, May 22, 2009

Body Arts ...

I was fascinated with a program I watched on TV about body arts or some call it body paintings. These artists who paint on bodies with such creativity are totally another set of people with a different hobby and passion. There is a different between body painting and tattoo. Body painting is impermanent (or temporary tattoo) while tattoo is painful and once painted, it will take another painful process to erase. However I saw many tattoo their body. Some on their chests, some on their arms, some on their ankle. Body painting design varies. Colors are vibrant and some are good enough to act as an apparels. If you do not pay attention, you probably think that it is the real thing.

Lately the movie Painted Skin is about a ghost painting a beautiful young girl face and apply it on her own scary one. The idea is to tempt the man she loves to love her in return. Therefore I believe body painting has the same effect. It is sexy and appealing to the eye. Mostly such designs are painted over naked body and you have to look at them in the form of art and not otherwise.

I claim no credit for these inspiring pictures as they are taken from various sites for their beautiful illustrations to share with my readers here. Body painting is an ancient art. To think about it, during ancient days where there were no papers, I believe people paint on their bodies, faces and limbs. We can see some of these in Red Indians and African tribes.

Enjoy these pictures and amaze at the painstaking efforts in the creations. I love them...and such a pity to wash them away!


  1. What a unique and beautiful form of art. Thank you for sharing these images with us!

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  2. Hi Small

    Welcome back.Where did you go? Did you hv a good time? Anything interesting to share.

    Yes, AV reviewed my blog and hope to see more traffic. It is very encouraging that ppl wrote to me that I should hv given my blog more exposures as they find the blog interesting.

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