Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wise sayings n Karma...

Recently I lost my eldest brother and I have been wondering why people died so violently. The Cause and Effect is not something we can mess with. Whether you believe or not, the saying goes "what goes around, comes around".

** Happiness cannot be bought by money but you can rent it for a while.

** Yesterday was the deadline on all you complaint no more.

** Love means telling you why you're sorry, did you get it?

** I don't know, I don't care, and does it matter?...but it does make a different with who goes to Heaven.

** Why did we see the hole in front and yet think that we can avoid it?

** You can bargain with money to buy life...but you cannot bargain with Karma...Karma won't take under table bargaining.

** Karma is the unseen hands that mould the World, you chose...Heaven or Hell.

** Don't blame Karma when you are down, you make a choice to be down there.

** How do you explain that people are better than you...or worst than you?

** For every bad thing done, there is an unseen hand that make sure it balance up.

** How people treated you is how you treated people...the effect will come sooner or later.

** Drop a stone into the pond and cause ripples...but it will hit you when after it hits the bank.

** You can only win Karma when you know where she is.

** Know yourself and you will know Karma.

** We saw people paying up their Karma but we chose to say it is coincident.

** How people treated you is their Karma, your reaction to them is your own Karma.

** People are pathetic because they go around doing things and am totally blind to Karma.

** What makes you think that all the evil you have done will not come back and claim their rights?

** Remember to do good, do no is better to sleep peacefully...than fretfully.

** You can lie to the public with the evil you have done, you cannot lie to your own consciousness.

** What you are today is a reflection of the Karma you did.

** People are stubborn, they believe in the now and do not worry about what after...reason, they are shortsighted.

** Everyone desires happiness, but they do nothing to help themselves gain happiness. They waited for happiness to fall from Heaven.

** There are people who believe happiness is only possible for certain people and not themselves...they are right because they do nothing to create it.

** I always tell myself..."Lian, be at peace with yourself and with the surroundings". How can I be happy if I am not happy with everything around.

** No one owns the rights to Happiness, we all can be happy if we want to be happy. It cannot be given, it is already there with you and you just have to discover it.

** Cause and Effect have nothing to do with God, it is the natural Law and Order of the Universe. It has no religion preference either - what you sow, you reap.

** Do you have to wait for Karma to fall on you for you to believe? Than I wish you Good Karma...


  1. May I share the below meaningful verse with you Lian :

    "Impermanent are all conditioned things
    Of a nature to arise and pass away
    Having arisen, they pass away,
    Their calming and cessation is true bliss!"

    May your brother attains Nibbana Bliss!

    Yes. No one can escape the Law Of Cause and Effect!

    Anyway, I believe we should spend more time focusing on how to do good, avoid evil and purify our mind! The past has gone, the future is yet to come, we should do the "Right Thing Right" now!

    By doing more good, avoid evil and constantly discipline our mind we will not commit any bad deed, we will then gain more good merit! We should share and transfer our good merits with all beings who require it!

    Why worry about the past? No one can change what had already happened! Why worry about the future? The future is the "RESULT" of what we are doing now! We should LIVE now!


  2. Thank you Sathira for sharing. I understand the law of impermance and that of Cause and Effect...however I am still sad that my brother hv to leave this way. I will be OK, not a problem.

  3. 先告訴自己希望成為什麼樣的人,然後一步一步實踐必要的步驟。........................................