Saturday, January 31, 2009


I attended a Kalachakra empowerment recently.

My affinity with Kalachakra started years back. The first sticker was a present from my Guru Lama Zopa Rinpoche. At that point of time I do not own a car but Guru gave it to me and told me to stick it on. I did not think too much about it as I was very happy to be with Guru, even for a very short few minutes.

When I returned to Indonesia where I worked, sure enough I had a car because I need to drive to work. It was a beautiful black color 5-door Suzuki Vitara. I took out the Kalachakra sticker and put it on the back door window. It is this Kalachakra sticker that see me through my fatal accident, my car turned turtle twice. All the windows and the car body was badly smashed. I had cuts and abrasions on my body and right shoulder blade but I do not have broken bones and internal injury. The dented roof of the car nearly cut my head into two if it was 1" lower. However the back window where the Kalachakra sticker was remained intact - the door was not dented nor was the glass window smashed.

I am attracted to the beautiful colors of the Kalachakra symbol. The five colors of blue, red, white, yellow and green. These colors represent certain aspects of Kalachakra. I used to wonder how does the Buddha Kalachakra looks like but did not search for the image. So when I got my new car, I continue to stick a Kalachakra sticker at the back window. I did have a few more car accidents - body smashed and I am not hurt.

Kalachakra is a wrathful Deity and a manifestation of Skayamuni Buddha. In Chinese it is 时轮金刚. In Varja practice, if you are not empowered or initiated, you are not allow to look at the picture of such Deities.

Due to the kindness of the Master, he did not request a commitment from us. At the same time he taught us method of Kalachakra Meditation. Because this practice requires a Master's empowerment therefore I am not posting it here.

Kalachakra requisites three principal attitude - renunciation, bodhichitta and the understanding of voidness. Renunciation is the willingness to give up problems and their causes based on a strong determination to be free from the sufferings. Bodhichitta is a heart that is set on achieving enlightenment. It is motivated by love and compassion for all beings. Voidness means an absence of fantasized ways of existing.

The mantra is

May all who set an eye on this mantra be blessed and protected from calamities...

Monday, January 26, 2009

Rajgir - Vulture's Peak

This is an article published in 'Mandala'... I am posting it here to share with all who have been or yet to go to this holy place.

Vulture's Peak or Rajgir is a holy place to Buddhists. This is the place where Buddha taught the Heart Sutra - The All Encompassing Essence of Buddhism. Deepest respect to Buddha and all my Gurus of this life time and that of past and those coming in future. Here is something I wrote at the spur of the moment inspired by the journey with a pure heart.


Ha! Rajgir, the Vulture's Peak
I pant and I puff my way up
on a winter day
with sweat on by brow
and pain aching from my legs
but my determination is set.

As I reached the Peak
my heart is filled with joy
Hooray! I made it
but where is the Vulture?
Oh! it is only a little rock-like

I passed Ribur Rinpoche on the way
He was resting on a rock
surrounded by his convoy
but still he finds the joy
in seeing us puffing past him.

How can I let my Guru down
by not making my way up
when he is game at his age
to make this memorable journey
for the sake of all his students.

Suddenly there were exclamations
behind me I looked
coming down from the sky
a stream of beautiful light.
Oh what a wonderful sight!
Even heaven is delighted
at this Group who is devoted
to both the Gurus and the Buddha
to make it up in this weather.

We cramped the little platform
some even sitting on the edge of a rock
But what do we fear ?
Nothing !
cause our hearts were set on a
wonderful puja we did
and Heart Sutra we repeated.

It started to rain on our way down
Little droplets of blessing from Heaven
it is encouragement of a puja well done
I must not get wet 'cause I
don't want to lie flat

Then I heard a Venerable was sick
a crowd had formed around a van
with Lama Zopa standing in the rain
giving his great compassion
to this sick man.

Looking at my Guru
tears welled up in my eyes
I am sure he was too tired too
but always putting himself aside
and forever giving himself
to us with no
reservation and complaint.

I felt gratitude to this sick monk and others
who have worked tirelessly
for all of us
so that we are not hungry and thirsty.
How many of us realized
that they (monks) ran around
getting ready food and
hot sweet flavored tea
that we all consumed so readily.
At places such as these
where nothing can be available
but only through hard labor.

As I sat quietly in the bus
I sent my loving thoughts to
both Lama Zopa Rinpoche and
this sick monk and
all the lamas who have done
so much for us.

I hope I can practice
like all these Lamas.
They are a source of example -
Something I must learn to acquire....


Experience is sensing the moment. Be there, heart and soul because what we felt then will not be felt again although we may go back to the same place. The people will not be the same, the feeling will not be the same, the Gurus will not always be around and all that happened, only happened once. It is a Once in a Life Time Experience.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Human and their Body - Cancer

How many of us pay attention to nagging pain? How many of us pay attention if we felt something is not right with our body and seek medical confirmation and help?

Most of us are frighten of what we will find and the worst fear is Cancer. However ignoring it is of no help. You could have captured it during the initial stage, postponing it may give it a chance to take your life. I have friends who have gastric pain and later realized it was a growth in the abdomen area. They lost their lives.

I have friends who found a lump around the breast. Diagnosis showed that it was a cyst and only need a minor surgery to clear it. Doctor sent it for biopsy and found that they are just dead tissues. What will happen if we ignore it? We give it a chance to turn ‘toxic’ and later cause us a breast or even our lives.

Listen to your body. Don’t put off and think I will attend to it when I am free and I have so much work to do, children to attend to and family commitments to attend to. It will be too late. I had a colleague who had a nagging pain under her armpit. She put off until recently when the pain is unbearable. The X-ray, CT scan and testing showed that she had a few lumps and there are cancer cells. Due to the numbers and the sizes of each of them, Doctor is not able to operate on her. She had to take chemotherapy until the lumps shrink. That is Cancer at Third Stage.

I got a reading material from one of my friend and thought I share it here.

Eight Warning Symptoms and Sign of Cancer

1) Sore that don’t heal
2) A lump in breast or other part of the body
3) Unusual bleeding
4) Change in bowel habits or bladder functions
5) Recent change in wart or mole
6) Indigestion or difficulty in swallowing
7) Nagging course or hoarseness
8) Unexplained weight loss or fever

For your information:

The Top 10 Cancer found in Men
1) Colon
2) Lung
3) Prostate
4) Liver
5) Nasopharynx
6) Skin
7) Lymphoma
8) Bladder
9) Leukemia

The Top 10 Cancer found in Women

1) Breast
2) Colon
3) Lung
4) Ovary
5) Corpus Uteri
6) Cervix Uteri
7) Stomach
8) Skin
9) Lymphoma
10) Thyroid

I volunteered for HOSPICE and have seen many cases of Cancer. I saw some unusual ones too. I will be sharing with you stories of my experiences.

Take care of yourself and the people around you. Avoid excessive smoking and eating. Avoid extreme to the extend of being a paranoid. As pictures of cancers are shocking, I will not post any here. However do support Breast Cancer and donate to a Pink Ribbon!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Touching Message....

Friends sent me an article. I am sure many Singaporean probably read about it in the papers. However I nearly missed it if it had not been for SuiHunn. Her e-mail to me is 'Something to Think About". This article was written by Dr Lee Wei Ling. She is the Director of National Neuroscience Institute by her own merits, not to mention her paternal background.

I believe this article touches many Singaporean. If it did not touch you, it definitely did touch me. Sharing here with you....something written with much depth and wisdom. Cheers to Dr. Lee!

In 2007, in an end-of-year message to the staff of the National Neuroscience Institute, I wrote: 'Whilst boom time in the public sector is never as booming as in the private sector, let us not forget that boom time is eventually followed by slump time. Slump time in the public sector is always less painful compared to the private sector.'

* * *Slump time has arrived with a bang.*

While I worry about the poorer Singaporeans who will be hit hard, perhaps this recession has come at an opportune time for many of us. It will give us an incentive to reconsider our priorities in life.*

***Decades of the good life have made us soft.*

The wealthy especially, but also the middle class in Singapore, have had it so good for so long, what they once considered luxuries, they now think of as necessities.

A mobile phone, for instance, is now a statement about who you are, not just a piece of equipment for communication. Hence many people buy the latest model though their existing mobile phones are still in perfect working order.*

***A Mercedes-Benz is no longer adequate as a status symbol.*

For millionaires who wish to show the world they have taste, a Ferrari or a Porsche is deemed more appropriate.

The same attitude influences the choice of attire and accessories. I still find it hard to believe that there are people carrying handbags that cost more than thrice the monthly income of a bus driver, and many more times that of the foreign worker laboring in the hot sun, risking his life to construct luxury condominiums he will never have a chance to live in.*

***The media encourages and amplifies this ostentatious consumption.*

Perhaps it is good to encourage people to spend more because this will prevent the recession from getting worse. I am not an economist, but wasn't that the root cause of the current crisis - Americans spending more than they could afford to?

I am not particularly a spiritual person. I don't believe in supernatural beings and I don't think I have a soul that will survive my death. But as I view the crass materialism around me, I am reminded of what my mother once told me: 'Suffering and deprivation is good for the soul.'

My family is not poor, but we have been brought up to be frugal. My parents and I live in the same house that my paternal grandparents and their children moved into after World War II in 1945.

It is a big house by today's standards, but it is simple - in fact, almost to the point of being shabby.*

Those who see it for the first time are astonished that Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew's home is so humble. But it is a comfortable house, a home we have got used to. Though it does look shabby compared to the new mansions on our street, we are not bothered by the comparison.

Most of the world and much of Singapore will lament the economic downturn. We have been told to tighten our belts.

There will undoubtedly be suffering, which we must try our best to ameliorate. But I personally think the hard times will hold a timely lesson for many Singaporeans, especially those born after 1970 who have never lived through difficult times.

No matter how poor you are in Singapore, the authorities and social groups do try to ensure you have shelter and food.

Nobody starves in Singapore. Many of those who are currently living in mansions and enjoying a luxurious lifestyle will probably still be able to do so, even if they might have to downgrade from wines costing $20,000 a bottle to $10,000 a bottle. They would hardly notice the difference.

***Being wealthy is not a sin. It cannot be in a capitalist market economy.*

Enjoying the fruits of one's own labour is one's prerogative and I have no right to chastise those who choose to live luxuriously.

But if one is blinded by materialism, there would be no end to wanting and hankering.

After the Ferrari, what next? An Aston Martin?

After the Hermes Birkin handbag, what can one upgrade to?*

***Neither an Aston Martin nor a Hermes Birkin can make us truly happy or contented. They are like dust, a fog obscuring the true meaning of life,and can be blown away in the twinkling of an eye.*

When the end approaches and we look back on our lives, will we regret the latest mobile phone or luxury car that we did not acquire? Or would we prefer to die at peace with ourselves,knowing that we have lived lives filled with love, friendship and goodwill, that we have helped some of our fellow voyagers along the way and that we have tried our best to leave this world a slightly better place than how we found it?*

***We know which is the correct choice - and it is within our power to make that choice.*

In this new year, burdened as it is with the problems of the year that has just ended, let us again try to choose wisely.*

***To a considerable degree, our happiness is within our own control, and we should not follow the herd blindly.*

The writer is director of the National Neuroscience Institute.

Saturday, January 17, 2009


I worked in Thailand for about 2 years plus. (Markings : Black is where I lived; Blue is where I worked)

I lived in Phuket and resided in a Muslim village named Kamala. It was a Thai house. I like the structures and designs of Thai houses built with wood. This location that I picked overlooks a hill. It was cold in the morning, cool in the evening and most of the time windy. I lived alone, away from the place I work.

Life in Phuket was an 'alone' affair. Weekdays were work. I supervised fourteen retail outlets in a well known resort property. During weekends I would sleep till noon, woke up, make myself breakfast, sat on the floor and stared at the hill, listen to the wind, the rustling leaves from the small bamboo groves in my garden and birds hopping around my balcony. This is bliss and peace.

It was routine that I drove out in the afternoon heading to Wat Chalong Temple. This temple has a history of 100 years old and a well known monk - Luangpo Chiam (deceased). I would buy lotus flowers, incense, candles and robes for offering. After than would be lunch and movies.

In Phuket Town at the clock tower roundabout is a small eatery shop. Their Hokkien Prawn Noodle with soup is super authentic!!! This shop is still around today. Thai people are small 'eater' and their helping comes in small portion. I usually asked for two bowls and I am not the only one that did that.

The movie house is pretty decent and the seat is considered good. At times I 'marathon' - watching 4 movies in a day! I watch both English and Thai movies....i.e Lord of the Rings series, Matrix and many more. For days like this, I would skipped lunch and dinner and treat myself to a big ice cream float and ice cream cakes. Yummmmmmm.....y!

Sundays were committed to house cleaning, mopping the floor, changing bedsheet etc. - household chores. There was an open air food market near a beach area that only operates on weekends. It was hawker's style - meaning push cart type. I would buy myself Kai yang and Kowgeow (deep fried chicken and sticky rice), guava slices with spicy dip and a bottle of Aqua. With these I moved to sit near the sea. Not far away was an open field where adults and kids ran around kicking footballs and flying kites. I would watch them and smile to myself. What is there to ask for in life?

It was on a secluded beach that I realized what 'solitude' is. There was no activity and all was serene, peaceful and noiseless. I looked out to the sea and it was calm. Nothing there, nothing but the sea and the sky. Suddenly I saw a tiny speck of a sailing boat. It was like 'me and you against the world'. A deep sense of 'calmness' hit me! Loneliness has something to do with attachment and people. Solitude is deep peacefulness, very 'alone'. This was the first time I experienced such emotion. Believe me, it was an overwhelming experience.

I asked myself - 'You think you can live with this?' - No, I want to be alone in the crowd. I want to be with people and yet I do not want to be dragged into shall I put it?.....affairs? I just want to 'mind my own business and only reach out when they need me." You may think that this is not the practice of a Bodhisattva BUT I have high expectation of myself - To be out of 'mundane' in a mundane world.

In actual fact, I feel deeply for sentient beings and their sufferings. I feel helpless at time and there were times when I thought to myself - 'let me carry all burdens and let them be OK'. I used to cry a lot when I think of their sufferings but I am in better control now. I came through tough time in my growing years but I am sheltered and much love. I did not really suffer with Dad and Mum buffering me. However I am not blind to the difficult times and sufferings of others. The one true fact - No matter how rich you are, how powerful you are and you may be born with a silver spoon BUT you will still have sufferings.

The Eightfold Path of Buddha's Teaching applies 2500 years ago and even today. His Teaching is Timeless. I knew I will not be able to renounce the world at this point of time. I love sentient beings too much to want to let go of them. I must have make a vow somewhere in time.....and that vow will be with me until I fulfill my duties and reach my 'destination'.

Having to look after the family financially and living alone overseas most of the time molded my independent personality. I have never thought that I will go to movie alone, cry at movie alone, laugh alone and get excited alone. To be able to adapt myself to environment were my training since young. I needed a strong mind to make decisions at home and at work. I have no time to consult anyone.

I am troubled at one point in time because I believe my character as a lady is too strong. The break came when I volunteered for HOSPICE. Dr Shaw who was my mentor said this to me one day when she realized that I became agreeable and passive. I stayed in the background letting others take the lead. I tried to change to fit into the crowd. I am hoping I become a 'demure' lady by doing so. I later realized that this is not 'me'. Dr Shaw words warm my heart. She said "You do not have to change to please anyone. You have a big aura and a big heart. To others who have their personal agenda, you are overpowering for them. It is their problem and not yours." I do not really grasp her meaning until years later.

Given my personality, I have more boyfriends than girlfriends. Girls who are petty will have a hard time being my friends, it won't last. I think in any relationship this is the concept I have adopted - You accept me for what I am AND not that I need to live up to your expectation. When we make friend, it should not have 'conditions' attached. Many called themselves 'friend' but in actual fact they are no more than an 'acquaintance'. I do not have bus loads of friends but I have a handful of true friends. I count my blessings. I also realized that as I grow older, the lesser people I want to be with.

I left Phuket in November and December Tsunami hit Phuket badly. The house I was living in was gone. If I am there I would be sleeping to my death. Where am I when it happened? I was flying back from Cape Town. It was a 13 hours flight. Do you call this destiny?

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Judgement Day..Bali Bombers

The final curtains were pulled on (9.11.2008) on the Bali Bombers. I followed the initial trials and gave up after the long and tedious processes and the appeals for clemency. I followed because I worked in Indonesia and I love this country. I speak Indonesian Malay or Bahasa.

I am not able to understand the fanatic commitment to a religion. I am not able to understand the right to use religious's banner so that one can go out there and kill innocent people in the name of God. These are innocent lives, people's father, people's mother, people's children, and people’s husband etc. On what ground that these people deserve to die? Again on what ground that leniency should be given for such graved actions?

The Bombers said they hated USA, Australia and UK. Who actually are their targets? Can one go about killing American because the country fought terrorism? The country did it for the safety of their citizens. Is it not too extreme to demand the death of all who are British, Australian or American? It is the act of the Government...not the citizens. It is the responsibilities of the Government to act this way. If Indonesian is under attack, the Government will stand up and protect its citizens. I have no doubt about that.

I am not here to criticize any religion or question any God. God to me is Love. God to me is Compassion. God to me is forgiving. God is kindness and all encompassing. I am not ignorant that teachings can be misinterpreted and misguided.

I was in Bali one week after the bombing at Kuta area. I flew SIA and the whole plane had only 11 of us. Never have a chance to sit anywhere I like after take off, this is the only time. Upon arriving at the was an absolute 'minimum bodies' airport. Most of the airport staff were not there. We checked out of immigration at the shortest time. The driver met me and took me to a hotel at Sanur. There were not much traffic along the way and where are all the Balinese people?

Although Sanur is not near to Kuta but the drive is not far too. The hotel I stayed was Balinese in architectural. It gives me an eerie feeling. Probably so because there were no guests. The hotels occupancies in Bali plunged to zero. Sitting alone and eating in the restaurant was eerie because I was the only one. I have never had such experience.

The following day I went to Kuta. I had to because my Supplier was there. Along the way I saw blown apart houses, debris and there were people moving around clearing the place. The driver told me that they sometime find body parts of people blown apart. He had a friend who picked up a finger.

An unexpected turn of plans. A holiday and merry making turned into a funeral for more than 200 people. I got out of the car. As I walked, I smelled the rotting of human parts. The smell was something that I can never forget. Death smells terrible. It got into my nose and stayed there for the rest of my 7 days stay.

Barricades were laid along the road at some areas. Areas with blown apart houses were sealed off haphazardly by zinc plates (those that we used for kampong house roofs). The driver got down and walked with me. He told me that there were bodies unclaimed as the identifying job was still ongoing. The smell got worst at some areas. As I walked, I prayed. I prayed for all those who died unexpected death so tragically. There were foreigners laying reeves of flowers, some were crying and others looking for names. A memorial was built at this place so that the souls will rest in peace and family members have a place to grieve.

Kuta is one of the main town of Bali. I did my shopping the last time I was there. I stayed at a hotel in Kuta area. The Hard Rock Cafe Hotel and their F&B outlets were there. Kuta is also a beach area and it attracted lots of 'white' skin people to swim and sunbath. Along the streets of Kuta you will find pubs and it was an eating and clubbing paradise. The bombers picked this place because of the foreign crowd.

The bombing did not just killed people they believed worth killing. They killed Bali economy and the livelihood of the people of Bali. Many staff were laid off or asked to stop until the businesses picked up again. The economy was maimed by this merciless action. Bali was in the stage of shock!.

I went to see my Supplier with a heavy heart. The opening topic was still the bombing. She was an English lady married to a Balinese man. Her house and shop were near to Kuta. She heard the bomb went off. It shook the houses nearby too. Everything was chaotic. People crying, screaming and running. The second bomb went off. This time it was on the street and more crying and people were running blindly. No one knew what happened. Those staying nearby locked their doors and stayed inside with children. Adults went out to see what happened. Her husband went and helped to pull out bodies and injured tourists. He came back many hours later all covered in blood and she thought that he was hurt but he was not. He told her that there were bodies everywhere, some bodies without heads, limbs were here and there, and others were burnt. The whole of Bali held lighted candles nightly and prayed for the unfortunate ones.

I spent the rest of my stay visiting suppliers in Legian, Jimbaran, Ubud, Denpasar (the capital) and Nusa Dua. Everywhere I went, I felt sorry for the Balinese people. People were willing to sell their wears cheaply to make ends meet. For your information, Bali is the Hindu state of Indonesia. This place makes the most money in term of tourism.

What justify such pain inflicted on another human... innocent human? Someone you have not met, someone you do not know and these someone’s are not even your enemies? There were Muslim people killed in these bombing. They were the staff who worked in these pubs and restaurants. I worked in Indonesia and I know. My staff came from all parts of Indonesia. They left their parents and families to work. When such incidents happened, the families will not know that they are dead. I went back a few months later and the driver told me that there were unclaimed bodies.

The mastermind is at large. He could be your neighbor, an innocent looking man with a hidden intention to kill. Will this stop here? I believe not. There are people scheming for the next big actions and we do not know where, when and how it is going to happen.

I read some of the feedback and comments. One ang moh man said that by killing these bombers is like doing what these men have done. What is the different? Is taking revenge necessary? He must be a humanitarian. I supposed it is not revenge, it is giving justice back to the families of those who died. It helps them to close the Chapter and move on. I do not support the killing of anyone on both sides - those that died in Bali and the execution of the bombers.

Indonesia must have taken all aspect into consideration before they passed the final sentence. They know that Indonesian is homogeneous in religion. This action could jeopardize the state peace. The whole world is watching at how Indonesia handles this issue. Once again tourists are afraid to go to Indonesia for fear of the never ending revenge on the prosecutors and the government.

I felt sad that the bombers had to die so tragically themselves They faced the firing squads and bullets were shot through the hearts. It was a painful death. It was not instant dragged for several minutes. Is this necessary? It is pathetic and I know there are people out there chasing after a dream. They hope to make it big and make a name for themselves. They hope to change the world. As pain is inflicted on the families of the people who died now pain is inflicted on the families of their beloved one - who do you think is to be blamed?. They vowed revenge and the families of those killed continue to vow revenge - when will revenge ends? Who started this chain?

Jeopardizing a country peace and the livelihood of the nation who will continuously live in fear. All her people were shunned and being scrutinized when travelling overseas. They were treated like they may be one of them. It is unfair. Not all Indonesian are like that and not all Muslim are like that. These bombers could have live a life with their family and see their children grow up. Instead of Love, the children are taught Revenge. It is a mental torture for those alive. What sort of implications it had on the psychology of a child's growing years? The bombers could have lived freely in the country but they chose to be 'hunted', living their 'lives on the run'. . Is this what you think GOD wanted?

I pray that all these terrorism stop the name of GOD!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Travel # Seychelles

Due to my job, I travelled to some really exotic places. This is just one of the many. It will take 8 hours by plane. Not a place to visit if you have a tight budget. It is an expensive place. Good place for smokers though. They will stop smoking because a packet of cigarette is US$12.00.

Garden of Eden - Seychelles! This is a Catholic country. If you read its history, actually the People's Republic of China helps to build it. That is why you will see Chinese people here and some are married to the locals. Their language is Creole (a mixed of local and French). There is a local Creole cuisine - a must try - Octopus Curry! The people - are like black. It is an island and a rocky one too. The roads are along coasters and across hills. There are lots of big boulders (big rocks). Unfortunately the water is not so 'friendly' - it is dangerous
to swim except for some spots.

So what is this place famous for? What does Garden of Eden reminds you? Of course Adam and Eve and the evil Snake. It is about temptations! Right? So the country icon is a kind of coconut named "
Coco DeMer". So what? Well the unique thing about this coconut is it is bigger than the normal ones in Asia. It is pointed. If you take off the husk, the shell looks like the anatomy of a woman. To make it even more exciting, of course there is a 'male' Coco DeMer that looks like a male anatomy.I have pictures to prove..he.e.e.e.e.!Well, the Coco DeMer needs to reproduce so you need a male and a female to do so....

Story : The locals told me that there is a plantation that grows these coconuts. Every female tree, not far away is a male tree. So at night, they bend towards each other and 'mate'. Viola!... a new tree.... so more coconuts. If you want to see them 'mating', you have to sleep under the tree and keep your eyes wide open... don't blink! :) Up to you, whether you buy the story or not.

I find this place very unique because in one family you can have 5 children and they all have different fathers. A..Ha! You must be thinking I am 'bluffing' - it is true. Because the religion is Catholic and Catholic cannot divorce so people live together and 'mate' and change partner again if they cannot agree. No marriage vow, so no need all
the trouble of legal issue. I can see the 'sparks' in man's eyes.

I visited the Coco DeMer plantation at Praline, another island. Oh My God, the leaves are so much larger than the normal coconut. Do you believe that it was raining cats and dogs while I am walking inside this plantation and not a drop of rain fell on me? Serious.... I am not joking. The leaves are that big! We only saw water coming down the tree trunk.... as in the picture.

I visited Ladiq, another island. All these while I travelled on catamaran. The sea during my visit was rough. So if you are the seasick type..avoid the period of September. On Ladiq...visitors rent bicycle and go around. I am not going to let my 'butt' suffers so I rented a car with a driver. Oh, yes the currency is in US$ of course. They take Euros too. And on this island, what do you think is the pet people keep????? Gues.s.s.s.s.... you will not believe it - I got pictures to prove
...Giant Tortoise. YES! do you like to keep a Giant Tortoise as house pet? No need to feed, it will walk along the coast and eat vegetation. It knows how to hunt for food and later come home as well - like your cats and dogs. It will not swim or ran away.. you know why? TOO heavy! It will drown! Smart right! :) The sea is really rough. Can you see the height of the sea and the beach? Scary! I went to the seaside and of course I cannot take a picture of myself so I took pictures pretending I am shooting scenery... I shot pictures of these girls. They are surely not local but visitors. NO, NO, NO... they are not Karaoke MTV girls.. ! I gave credit to my photography man! I also took picture of this handsome local man... see.e.e I did not lie...he really can advertise for 'Darkie' charming, charming,!

Because I travelled alone, I started to take pictures of scenery. I love the sky, the sea, clouds.. lonely highways. It gives me a sense of 'Solitude'. Nature is so beautiful and unpretentious. It speaks volume by itself. The way we take Nature for granted is unforgivable.
We have been taking and taking but we never give back. We are exhausting the resources that Mother Nature provides for us and now...we are running short of oils, petrol prices went up. We ran out of rice..rice price went up. We fish from the sea, in no time we have no more seafood. We kill sharks for shark fins... delicacy? Did you see how the sharks are being disposed after they cut the fins? PLEASE, do not support shark fins anymore. It is a good to have and not a must have and we all can give it a miss! We must try to do what we can so that we leave something for our future generations - our children, grand children etc.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

In Memory.. Leslie Cheung & Others

To : The evergreen legend stage performers of the East....

Lots have been posted all over the internets, Fans' sites etc...but on my own Blog, I wanted to record my tribute to these exceptional artists. Although they are no longer around but the joy from the music, movies and stage performances that they left behind is a legacy for all those that love them.

至少還有你 - Leslie Cheung. An absolute performer on stage whether it was a concert or a movie. He exuded self-confident in his arena. His sexy personality comes naturally. It was in his bones. He was so suave, so good and clean looking and 100% an artist. He has many songs, movies and MTV to his credits. To fans who love him, love every inch and bits of him. I started to notice him in my higher school days. I am not a fanatic fan but I am a fan. It is the 5th years now that he has passed away but fans remember him like he is alive. He has millions of love surrounding him but we were not able to buffer him from all his sufferings. I missed his life performances and I have to make do with all that was left - his past achievements to last me for a long long time... Below are some links to selected songs that I like and share it here with those who are interested. Leslie Cheung a forever legend... "Left hand Right hand 左手右手". This is an acclaimed number. The arrangement and the lyric aptly present the singer. - Guo Guo a... Tribute to Leslie...This person who arranged and wrote the lyric used some of the famous songs sung by Leslie and used them so aptly to describe fans' feeling. He pens the surprises and joy Leslie brought to us by his music and movies. Whoever he is, I thank him. This song now becomes a classic for me to remember Leslie. "Who Can Be with Me 有誰共鳴". This is a classic. I love it when I first heard it. Whether his fast or slow songs, they make an impact and an impression.
Roman and Anita Mui's 'Man Chu Za Wah'. Anita Mui's glamor on stage is matchless. Many tried to imitate her and none is anywhere near her. The low husky voice and her daring dances on stage were super entertaining. Whether she paired up with Roman or Leslie, the stage was on fire! It was sad that she too left us. I supposed with her good friends like Roman and Leslie gone, the impact on her is great especially the later. Her classic movie 'Rouge' with Leslie was the last 100% performance from these two artist.
Roman Tam was the voice behind all the sword fighting sagas HK serials that we love to watch. He paired with Jenny Tseng who has a 'big lung' to match his. They both have good voices. He was another very sexy performer on stage and the way he 'dragged' can make any woman feels inadequate as we are. However when he was with Anita Mui, they both brought out a different type of energy on stage.
Lydia Sum, the happy comedian that brought lots of laughter and comfort to millions. She was a good sport. Her joyous self and permanent laughter was a 'landmark'. Her unfailing love as a Mum. Her failed marriage and her courage to move on are well respected. Her commitment to her career was remarkable. My Mum loved to watch her. We used to watch with Mum and therefore got to know Lydia too. Her signature - the hair and the spec and the laughter will live on forever.Acknowledgement is given to all the photographers that took these pictures that captured the essences of these artists.

Really misses these artists....and when can we see some good ones?

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Brushes with Death - #1

I travelled very often to different places due to work. The infrastructures of some places are haphazardly constructed and made do by villages.

On this fateful day, I travelled to a little town with my subordinates to source for products from an island. The sky darken with heavy clouds hanging above. Lightning flashed across the sky warned that any time these clouds will burst on us.

The driver drove at a speed of 90 to 100kmh. The roads from the hotel to the main road leading to the town were flanked by forests. Here and there were scattered kampongs (communities) along the way. Traffic was minimum and everyone drove like there were no tomorrow. I cautioned the driver to be careful because of the many turnings and we were not able to see on coming traffics. We narrowly escaped a few collusions. I am a driver myself and I know how dare devil we could get.

It was a long drive and I enjoyed the countryside serenity. Children walked to school 3 kilometers away. I am concerned for their safety. They ran after each other along the road and cars were not slowing down for them. The energy of this place will soon be taken over by modernization. I saw traces of vegetation being cut down to build houses. Along the way the driver stopped at a spot for us to go to washroom and replenished our Aqua. These small sheds were selling home grown vegetables, some wild durians and lots of pineapple. Since I speak a little Bahasa Indonesia, I asked him where were these 'nanas' from. He pointed at a side track and said there was a plantation inside. For Rup 5000 we could pluck as many pineapples as we like. I saw pick-up trucks filled with pineapples. I asked to see this plantation and to my amazement it was a very big plantation indeed. We bought some 'nanas' but not greedy enough to fill the whole Toyota Kijang.

As we moved along the way, I realized that local villagers travelled by motorcycles. A small bike with the whole family as passengers - father, mother, 3 kids and a big basket at the back. The whole family was balancing precariously on the bike along a road with fast speeding cars. I learnt from the driver that in this place, if you knocked down someone you must not stop. There is no time for you to think whether that someone is badly injured or dead, you keep going. The reason being if the police caught up with you, the amount they demand for fine and under table settlements can be more than Rup 100,000,000 and no guarantee that you get away 'scotch free'. Many died along this road especially at night. Street lights were not seen at the countryside and only when nearer to town. Handphone does not work here too. So I was told that these drivers will not stop to pick up anyone. If they saw an obstacle on the road, they will just hit it and go. Reason - there were 'robbers' that set this for unsuspecting people.

As we went further, we came to another town. We stopped to have refreshment. The driver recommended nasi lemak and otak otak with Teh O Beng. When you are in another country, try anything you like but take care of your stomach. Drinks should be hot or else you will have a 'running stomach".I enjoyed the 'makan' and my two girls have second helping and packed 100 sticks of otak otaks to bring home. The whole meal cost me about S$15.00.

We came from a clean country and have not seen so many houseflies on the eating table. I believe children today may not know how a 'housefly' looks like. Of course there were mosquitoes and wondered why these insects only bit us. While we were scratching our self crazy, the villagers gathered around laughing at us. We were their entertainment for the day.

I learnt a lesson. I must remember that in future I need to put on long pants and long sleeves Ts. We were so found of running around in shorts and short sleeves T-shirt and obviously our hands and legs were full of 'bums' of different sizes. An old lady said 'Darah manis'. GOD! she said we have sweet blood!

After 1/2 hour rest, we continued our way. We have to make it by noon and back before dusk. When we arrived at the little town, I realized there were more Chinese people. They were 'Teochew'. The driver parked the vehicle - ha.a.a Free parking! We walked along some tracks and arrived at a little jetty. I looked around and found that it was built with wood supported by coconut trunks. It was a domestic jetty for people travelling to and fro small islands around. The jetty was 'basic' - it has a shed, a few benches for waiting and we saw sacks of potatoes, vegetables, rice, meat etc. Probably these were to be transported back to the islands. The driver waved for a boat and we saw a few raced towards us. Prices were negotiated openly. Rup10,000/ person and another said Rup 8,000/ person and it went on. I decided money was not the issue but the condition of the sampan was crucial. These sampans were so narrow and how to sit three of us with one being 'heavy weight'.

Going down to that sampan was a feat. We have to climb down a ladder made of two coconut trunks and nailed wooden planks like a ladder. My two staff boarded and followed by me. The boat was bopping up and down. Fear aside, I am more concerned about being a laughing sock if I fell. Fortunately I 'landed' safely. I took a look at the boatman and to my astonishment he looked like a boy of about 12 to 13 years old. He was navigating the boat and the speed he was going was something I dare not try again. Sea water was splashing all over us and the sky decided that she was not going to hold out any longer. It started to drizzle. We were wet, wet, wet. It was exhilarating with wind and rain beating on my face let alone the danger of capsizing! Ha.a.a.a.a. don't want to think about it.

We arrived at the island jetty 15 minutes later to a warm welcome by the village headman. He showed us to the handicraft display area (not much an area actually). He showed us to the households doing these items. We negotiated the prices, selected the products, arranged the delivery and pickup dates and we were done. We travelled 5 hours (including boat ride) for an hour negotiation.

We were warmly invited to a sumptuous lunch. I am not a spicy person so spicy food is consumed moderately. However this lunch was a memorable one - it was super spicy that I can spew 'Fire'. During lunch the headman explained that during the early days, all the Sultans from Malaysia must be enthroned here. He showed us to a Mosque and also the burial ground of some of the well known Sultans. Was it the Majapahit period..? My Malaysia history is 'zero'.

We thanked the headman and time for another round of boar-racing.....rides! This time it was easier because the jetty was a wooden plank extended to the sea and we just stepped into the sampan. We waved good-bye and speed back to the main island. The sea was very rough this time. The boat bopped up and down furiously. The sky decided to shower us again. Upon reaching the 'jetty', there were boats of people taking turns to climb up the ladder. We waited for about 15 minutes. My staff watched how the people got up the ladder and they started to worry about themselves. They were not seasick but after bopping for 15 minutes I believed they were a bit dizzy now. When it came to our turn, we realized that the bopping was worst. This was caused by boats moving away, boats arriving and rough sea. Our little boat was pushed against the ladder but not able to hold still.

Looking at the situation, I moved to the bow and held the coconut trunks. I told my staff "Go now !". Gek moved forward hoping to put her legs on the ladder but the motion of the boat threw her backward. Cat was nervous. So I held the trunks and told them "Go now, faster !". This time the boat bopped badly and it was moving backward. Oh My God! what am I going to do? Part of my body was on the boat and another half holding on the trunks. I have to think fast! If I let go my hands, I will definitely fall forward and hit myself against the bow and fall into the sea. This is a 'sure' Die way! It was critical and I decided to jump - I JUMPED !!. The boat was too far back now so when I jumped, I fell into the sea. I went down, down, down! My backpack, my wallet, passport, documents and handphone. Once the bag hit the sea, the whole thing was like a holder. Water filled the bag and dragged me down further.

When I tried to surface, I saw from under the sea that a boat was pushed against the ladder. I hanged on to one of the trunk under water. If I surfaced, the boat would have CRUSHed me! I heard people shouting " Someone fell into the sea!, someone fell into the sea! ". My staffs were shouting my name. The boat backed further with the motor and I took this opportunity to surface. When the crowd saw me, the men tried to pull me out. Due to the weight of the bag and me, it was a strenuous exercise to hoist me up. Finally I was up and I saw my staff crying and their faces were pale. They later told me that they thought that I was DEAD because I did not surfaced after 'so long'.

I was wet through and through. One Chinese shopkeeper was very kind. She took me too her home above the shop and told me to hot shower while she went to buy me some clothes. She even made me a cup of hot tea. People were gathering outside her shop waiting for me to show up. Some commented I was lucky or I would be dead by now. I was very calm over the whole incident. Fortunately I am able to swim and have some common sense. I reacted fast enough not to surface when the boat crushed against the ladder. It would have been a 'memorial service' if I had.

On the way back to the hotel, my two staffs were still in the state of shock. The driver was shocked too. To me, I thank whoever that blessed me. Something told me to look up before I surface. You may say it was survival instinct but I knew it was both. I did not tell my Mum until a month later. She knew that my job is not dangerous but no one could tell what will happen as I travelled very often. This was my 1st brush with Death!...... Namo Buddhaya!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

An unseen 'hand'

Life is unpredictable. If we all know what is next, we would have planned all that we need to do, make amendment when possible etc.

I have never known 'fear' nor the word 'Death' means anything to me. It is like talking about something that does not concern me. It is like it is somebody else's affair. It is like it will never be me. How wrong can I be!!! As Birth is inevitable, Death is also inevitable. The process of Birth,
Old Age, Sickness and Death is a path we all walk and walk alone.

When we are born, we came alone. When we started to see wrinkles on our face or our bones aches, we know we have aged. (When I was younger, I can 'tong' the night or nights without sleep. Now a day, my eye lids closed by itself. Can anyone take over my aging? I can only say I have to learn how to age 'gracefully'.)

Sickness do not belong to the aged, it has no age constraints. It hits you 'wham' and that's it. You have to accept it. From the non life threatening little sneezes to the b
ronchitis which takes life. Can we control? No, we can only prevent. This body of ours is a 'time bomb'. It erupts any time if one of the elements is out of 'range'.

So you ask - what elements? To those who are into Feng Shui风水 - we are talking about the Five Elements五形.
Metal金, color : Black ; Wood木, color : Green
Water水, Color : Blue; Fire火, Color : Red; Earth土, Color : Brown

Girl : 'A! Lian, you got 'salah' or not?'
Lian: "Well, many perceive that these 5 Elements are external. In actual fact your body itself is a smaller 5 Elements."
Girl: "You mean my body is made of Metal?".
Lian : "Yes Honey! don't you know inside your body there are minerals. All these minerals are categorised under Metal. Don't believe me?? We'll just see what happen if you are lack of calcium...? Your bones will be fragile and they cracked
and break easily."
Girl: "What is Wood in our Body?"
Lian : " All bones in your body are a structure that supports the form/ frame. So some have big bones and some small bones. Some are tall and some short. What happened if your structure is damaged? You either are paralyzed or you become crippled."
Girl: "The Water in the body is made up of??"
BHD : "This is the interesting part. 3/4 of our body is made up of liquid. I can name you some. From your silvia to your urine, from your blood to your sweat and some others no need to mention. Anything that 'flows'. If you lack of one, you know what will happen. Trust me, I saw it with my own eyes that our body is made up of 3/4 water and 1/4 blood or plasma (not TV!). Therefore water retention for women is a painful truth that we cannot avoid. We cannot drink before we sleep or we will have puffy eyes or puffy face. We have swollen legs and we are so heavy.. all because of this 'water' thingy."
Girl: "So what is Fire, we will burn to death.....?"
Lian: "Body heat, our breath and without these, you know you are dead! If your body heat is unbalanced, you either had a fever or you are turning cold. Both is a sign that you either take care or you are dying. I am sure you have heard of human combustion - people burnt themselves internally.
Look up sites of the 'Unexplained' ."
Girl: " So Earth is made up of ....???"
Lian : "Anything that rots! Your flesh, internal organs etc. Items that will turn to dust."
And finally Death. Death has many forms. Some died naturally and peacefully. Some died because their lives are forcefully terminated. Some died by accidents. Many killed by nature. Whatever forms, Death is "Farewell". Death is something we all associate with 'loosing' or 'unwilling partings'. It is SAD.

The disasters in both Myanmar and China make me think even deeper into this subject. I wonder what kind of Karma justifies such tragic death - buried alive. It is so traumatic and what type of thought process at the last moment when life force was terminated. Is it 'Fear", "Anger", "Anxiety", "Helplessness", "Regrets" and many more feelings. These people have dreams for the future but were taken away without warnings. I am sure they all wanted to live on. (So you know why there are spirits/ ghosts etc.? These are the causes. Unwilling termination of live force and unfulfilled duties. Some spirits walking around do not know that they are actually dead.) However there are those that are living but they are thinking of killing themselves! I think this world is insane!

I have a few brushes with death myself. Someone up there LOVES me. That Someone keep me safe and intact so that I can do my duty to my parents. Not only that, I can do my duty as a sister to my younger siblings, my duty to the society and to my religion.

I believe Life has a purpose. It is not like the good lives longer and the bad dies faster. This logic does not apply here. Life is a Big Stage. We all are the actors and actresses on this Stage. Dramas are being acted out every other second all at the same time. Some of the actors and actresses do not even cross path because they are acting in their own drama where we do not have a part in theirs and vice verse. When our part is completed, we disappear from the Stage.

So do you now understand. I am only playing my tiny little part in my own drama and it may not be of interest to anyone else. Life is a Condition. It happens when the conditions are all in place. It applies not only to Life but to anything if you think carefully. Did you ever ask yourself - there are billions of people out there, why are you related to me?

Therefore LIVE with vigor, ENJOY with vigor, LOVE with vigor, FORGIVE quickly, KISS slowly and REMEMBER to be thankful that at the end of the day, you are intact with your family. TRY not to find so many faults with so many unnecessary issues! They are not worth it. Whatever you are UPSET now, the next minute it is HISTORY. Nobody remembers them as time goes by. Be Considerate, Be Caring, Be Concern, Be Courageous and Be Credible.
(These are my 5Cs.)

This is an interlude before I start my narrations on some of my close brushes with Death. Hang in there !!!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Pictures of memories...

Today I am posting up pictures of my childhood taken by my parents. These are very precious to me because it is a record of my presence. In the event that one day I am no longer around, and someone found this Blog....maybe they will read this like a novel, a biography or an 'existence'.
Pictures when I was a baby and when I was 1 year old. So cute.e.e.e. !!

Pictures of my two Kokors...when they were kids. This picture was taken on the beach. The making of the two future footballers or are they? No, those were coconuts ! Stan plays tennis very well and Fook is a golfer!

Picture with my precious MuM. This was the picture she took with us when she decided to end her life. After looking at the three of us, she decided she had the courage to live on for our sake. Mum never regretted it and we proved that we are worthy children too.

Our handsome Dad. He was the best Dad I ever had despite his weakness. He was kind and warm. He has never let us felt that we were not his natural kids. The love my parents gave me..even if I carry them on my shoulder and run 1 million times around the universe, I am not able to repay them for what they have given me.

There are more pictures coming.....

Monday, January 5, 2009

Where I lived before...

I have never felt that I am deprived of anything during my growing up years. We were definitely not rich or anywhere near moderate. Things were pretty tough for my parents. I remembered we lived in different locations as kids back in this country where I grew up.

The first one was a house facing the main road. We lived in a rented room. I like this room because there were two windows. One window was facing the main road and another facing a storage yard. Just outs
ide the window was a tree growing from this yard and its branches hanged down around like a green shade. I later learnt that the name of this tree is "Magnolias". The flowers bloomed at night. There are two colors - white and yellow and the one that grew outside my window is the white species. The fragrance from this flower is strongly perfumed and can be intoxicating. However there were scary stories because this flower blooms at night and it attracts 'non-human'. (See the attached flower). However this flower is also use as offering to the Buddha on special occasion. Coming back to this place, we actually had a room on the 2- storey. We had a little dining table outside our door. There were 4 families living on this floor.

The second location was at St. Michael. We lived in a long house on stilt. There were altogether 18 families living here. Each family lived in a room. Ours is an extra room created for extra income for the landlord and therefore we do not have any window. The rooms were divided by wooden plywood and you could hear your neighbor's activities. Some of the naughty children would drill holes on the wooden walls to peep into neighbors' rooms. Behind our room lived a family with 5 boys and 2 girls, to our right was a couple and to our left was an older couple who owned a coffee shop. We shared a common cooking area and you can imagine that your neighbors looked at what you eat and gossiped. The common washing area was also a problem. Mum tried to avoid certain hours and troublesome neighbors. Mum always washed her clothes late at night. We have lots of children in this long house and there were always quarrels and fights which the parents heatedly joined in. The worst came later when both sets of parents canned the kids and there were howling and crying, screaming and scolding and banging of doors. Mum told us to stay in the room to do our homework and we can only go out to sit on the balcony when Mum and Dad were around. We were a humble family back then. Both parents were trying to make ends meet. Even in this situation, my parents never let us feel that we are inferior. Mum always said 'Be happy with what you have and not compare with others'.

As I grew into teens, Mum was even more careful with my upbringing. Other than going to school, I spent time in the rooms doing my homeworks and reading story books. Our only entertainment was to sit outside the door of a neighbor to watch Television because we have no money to buy one. This entertainment has to depend on the mood of the wife and when she was in a fouled mood, there goes our evening entertainment. Mum actually does not like us to watch TV but we do not understand the sensitivity. Mum went to work as a washerwoman and with the money she rented a Rediffusion (a kind of radio) and applied for a telephone. We were very proud of these. We spent time listening to both English and dialect programs and making telephone calls from our own telephone. When our finance got better Mum decided that it was time we moved to a 'zinc' house.

This house was located along the same lane as the long house but right behind and 5 houses away from river. We have a living room, two bedrooms, kitchen and a bathroom. The bedrooms have a raised floor or about 30" high and we have to take 2 steps to reach the landing. I loved this house. One exciting thing about this house was when it rain, the water level from the river will rise. During this period our house will be flooded and there w
ere fishes swimming into the house. You can just pick it up with bare hands. These are 'Gurami' fishes. I was in higher school now and my younger siblings were in their junior school. We walked to school every day. It was here that I completed my higher school education and due to lack of money, I stopped and look for a job.

The 3rd place we lived in was at AMK. We are lucky to get this new unit thanks to a special person. I was very active in the youth group which was a sub organization under the government arm. Due to this merit, we were given this flat because our rented 'zinc house was due for demolish because the landlord sold the land. He did not even give us any compensation. Mum and Dad were very happy that we moved to AMK. Our living condition got better. During this period I am having a permanent job and we decided to buy our own apartment.

This 4th Place is at Tam. It was a 5-room apartment on 13th floor (the highest floor). This place is ours today as we have completed paying our mortgage. We now have our own property and a car. I do not consider ourselves anywhere near 'rich' but we are comfortable. Mum loved this place. However Dad passed away in 1990 and we moved in 1991. Dad did not have a chance to enjoy this nice house.

To all those that are growing up and going through phases in life like what we did, strive and have fate. The motto is work 'hard', be realistic, put your feet to the ground and builds your future step by step. There is no short cut but hard work. You will need a good education and always upgrade yourself. I am sure you will make it - maybe even better than us. For me, I am happy with what I have today. I need not carry any financial burden on my shoulder. I have my CPF, my insurance, my savings and my career. Meng is retired and he is enjoying life. He is a simple man with simple needs. He is doing some small business of his own. Ya worked with a health group as a medical record clerk. She now has her own house as well. Our parents can rest in peace because they know that we are well catered for.

I always believe that being filial to your parents, you will naturally be blessed by the divine. Divine will make sure that obstacles will be cleared for you to move on, this is my experience. May whoever read this be encouraged and motivated to move ahead in difficult times and BELIEVE in yourself.

Saturday, January 3, 2009


I am late again. I realized keeping a blog alive is no easy task. There are many to write, mind is so tired after work and there are 1000 to 1 unfinished businesses, wish lists and things I wanted to do. This week I am grounded to work... work... and more work!!!!

My brother Meng returned today after a 15 days holiday from our birth country. Just picked him from the airport and now he is fast asleep.

Tonight I will share with you a brain teaser. There is no right or wrong answer, just....think out of the box...

I have a very cute picture to share.
[ I owe you guys a picture....imagine how the picture looks like. A frog hanging for dear life! posted 15.5.08]
Picture posted 16.6.08

How do you like this little frog? Cute isn't he? This is the tiniest of all the frogs. The way it hangs on one leg created a talking topic among my friends. Sometime thing like this will help you understand what your friends are actually like. So I posted a question - Where do you think the frog will fall into if he let go?"

Susan said : "Oh gosh, he is so cute.e.e. I will just let him fall into my palm" Here is a motherly figure. She is full of love and will make things easy for her love ones. If she can, she will hand her love ones everything on a plate and save them all the trouble.

Michael said : "Nay.... he won't die even if he falls. By the look of it, he is going to hang in there for some time yet." Here is a never die man. No matter what problem he runs into, he will hang in there for a long long time.

Xiu said : "If he falls, he will be run over by a car. He will not be able to jump fast enough". Here is a timid lady. She is probably frightened about just anything. She will not take risk if possible and will measure every step she takes. Well, what is your thought Lian?

Ha.a.a.a.a..... me? If I am the frog, I will not be frightened to let go. Why should I? I am hanging on the tip of a lotus bud so probably I am hanging in a pond full of big lotus leaves. I will probably fall into one of them.....bungee jump! Or I may fall into the water and don't forget frog can swim.... In life, there are possibilities. When one door closes on us, Divine will open another door. Chinese have a saying "Flower is never 100 days red in color - 花无百日红" - what it really mean is "When times are good, make hay while sunshine. When times are bad, remember bad times will come to an end and you will have good times again." It is only how you want to live your life. Let go, fall and see what happen. After all you only die once.

My Boss sent me an e-mail on the comment some of my senior colleagues said about me. The e-mail went like this "I thought I share with you all this comment. King Arthur and Princess Audrey said Lian is one of the MOST delightful person to work with. She is open, optimistic and service focus." That is me. I enjoyed every job I am given to do. I may not have experience in some but I will find out how, use my common sense and always put my company interest in front of me. I will try my best (may not be your best) to the fullest. Respect is earned, not handed over in a plate. So I DARE!

This afternoon, during lunch I was staring at the computer when the gang walked into my office. Susan said "A! your laptop is going to catch fire the way you look at it." I realized that my "makan khakis" (eating buddies) must have stood outside my office for a while and I did not realized. They came back from lunch and I am drinking milk powder for lunch, yucks! However I spent $200 ++ so whether I like it or not, I better finish it to make some people happy. You guess right, it is slimming powder. The gang sat around listening to music and chatted because they have about 30 minutes to hang around. Michael said "Girls, today is my turn to give you all a teaser. Tell me how you all will react to this.
You have a date with the most gorgeous man. He is your ideal Mr Right and things are moving your way. Today he is not driving so you are going to pick him up instead. He is waiting for you at the nearest bus stop. You drove all the way to the bus stop and saw 4 persons standing there. Three is waiting for a bus which will take them to the clinic 45 minutes away. One is a doctor, one is a sick old man with a walking stick and a pregnant woman who went into labor pain. Of course your hunk is standing there too. No bus is coming this way yet and the situation needs attention. What will you do?????

Susan said "I will drive the doctor and the pregnant woman to the clinic before the baby arrives." So what happen to the old man and your Hunk? Her answer was "Oh he will understand and he can wait. The old man is sick but not dying so he can wait." Xiu said "I will take the pregnant women and the old man to the clinic. The two men can wait." We urged, "Hey! your Hunk is there and there is a Doctor going to the clinic too. He is the Doctor of the Clinic !" She just blinked... Lian, your turn, what will you do?

I was thinking about it all the time the girls were giving their views and I decided - I will give my car to the Doctor who can than drive the pregnant woman and the old man to the clinic and attend to them immediately. I am going to stay with my Incredible Hunk (above pic) ...and lovey dovey at the bus stop until the bus comes! Yeah SUPER !!!!

At time, we need to think of the big picture. Some people only think about themselves. The ego of 'ME' is so big. We have to learn how to put our self in the shoe of another person. By doing so, we will learn how to be humble. There is no perfect answer, to each his own.
YAWN.n.n.n.n..........Good night!