Saturday, January 3, 2009


I am late again. I realized keeping a blog alive is no easy task. There are many to write, mind is so tired after work and there are 1000 to 1 unfinished businesses, wish lists and things I wanted to do. This week I am grounded to work... work... and more work!!!!

My brother Meng returned today after a 15 days holiday from our birth country. Just picked him from the airport and now he is fast asleep.

Tonight I will share with you a brain teaser. There is no right or wrong answer, just....think out of the box...

I have a very cute picture to share.
[ I owe you guys a picture....imagine how the picture looks like. A frog hanging for dear life! posted 15.5.08]
Picture posted 16.6.08

How do you like this little frog? Cute isn't he? This is the tiniest of all the frogs. The way it hangs on one leg created a talking topic among my friends. Sometime thing like this will help you understand what your friends are actually like. So I posted a question - Where do you think the frog will fall into if he let go?"

Susan said : "Oh gosh, he is so cute.e.e. I will just let him fall into my palm" Here is a motherly figure. She is full of love and will make things easy for her love ones. If she can, she will hand her love ones everything on a plate and save them all the trouble.

Michael said : "Nay.... he won't die even if he falls. By the look of it, he is going to hang in there for some time yet." Here is a never die man. No matter what problem he runs into, he will hang in there for a long long time.

Xiu said : "If he falls, he will be run over by a car. He will not be able to jump fast enough". Here is a timid lady. She is probably frightened about just anything. She will not take risk if possible and will measure every step she takes. Well, what is your thought Lian?

Ha.a.a.a.a..... me? If I am the frog, I will not be frightened to let go. Why should I? I am hanging on the tip of a lotus bud so probably I am hanging in a pond full of big lotus leaves. I will probably fall into one of them.....bungee jump! Or I may fall into the water and don't forget frog can swim.... In life, there are possibilities. When one door closes on us, Divine will open another door. Chinese have a saying "Flower is never 100 days red in color - 花无百日红" - what it really mean is "When times are good, make hay while sunshine. When times are bad, remember bad times will come to an end and you will have good times again." It is only how you want to live your life. Let go, fall and see what happen. After all you only die once.

My Boss sent me an e-mail on the comment some of my senior colleagues said about me. The e-mail went like this "I thought I share with you all this comment. King Arthur and Princess Audrey said Lian is one of the MOST delightful person to work with. She is open, optimistic and service focus." That is me. I enjoyed every job I am given to do. I may not have experience in some but I will find out how, use my common sense and always put my company interest in front of me. I will try my best (may not be your best) to the fullest. Respect is earned, not handed over in a plate. So I DARE!

This afternoon, during lunch I was staring at the computer when the gang walked into my office. Susan said "A! your laptop is going to catch fire the way you look at it." I realized that my "makan khakis" (eating buddies) must have stood outside my office for a while and I did not realized. They came back from lunch and I am drinking milk powder for lunch, yucks! However I spent $200 ++ so whether I like it or not, I better finish it to make some people happy. You guess right, it is slimming powder. The gang sat around listening to music and chatted because they have about 30 minutes to hang around. Michael said "Girls, today is my turn to give you all a teaser. Tell me how you all will react to this.
You have a date with the most gorgeous man. He is your ideal Mr Right and things are moving your way. Today he is not driving so you are going to pick him up instead. He is waiting for you at the nearest bus stop. You drove all the way to the bus stop and saw 4 persons standing there. Three is waiting for a bus which will take them to the clinic 45 minutes away. One is a doctor, one is a sick old man with a walking stick and a pregnant woman who went into labor pain. Of course your hunk is standing there too. No bus is coming this way yet and the situation needs attention. What will you do?????

Susan said "I will drive the doctor and the pregnant woman to the clinic before the baby arrives." So what happen to the old man and your Hunk? Her answer was "Oh he will understand and he can wait. The old man is sick but not dying so he can wait." Xiu said "I will take the pregnant women and the old man to the clinic. The two men can wait." We urged, "Hey! your Hunk is there and there is a Doctor going to the clinic too. He is the Doctor of the Clinic !" She just blinked... Lian, your turn, what will you do?

I was thinking about it all the time the girls were giving their views and I decided - I will give my car to the Doctor who can than drive the pregnant woman and the old man to the clinic and attend to them immediately. I am going to stay with my Incredible Hunk (above pic) ...and lovey dovey at the bus stop until the bus comes! Yeah SUPER !!!!

At time, we need to think of the big picture. Some people only think about themselves. The ego of 'ME' is so big. We have to learn how to put our self in the shoe of another person. By doing so, we will learn how to be humble. There is no perfect answer, to each his own.
YAWN.n.n.n.n..........Good night!

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