Monday, January 26, 2009

Rajgir - Vulture's Peak

This is an article published in 'Mandala'... I am posting it here to share with all who have been or yet to go to this holy place.

Vulture's Peak or Rajgir is a holy place to Buddhists. This is the place where Buddha taught the Heart Sutra - The All Encompassing Essence of Buddhism. Deepest respect to Buddha and all my Gurus of this life time and that of past and those coming in future. Here is something I wrote at the spur of the moment inspired by the journey with a pure heart.


Ha! Rajgir, the Vulture's Peak
I pant and I puff my way up
on a winter day
with sweat on by brow
and pain aching from my legs
but my determination is set.

As I reached the Peak
my heart is filled with joy
Hooray! I made it
but where is the Vulture?
Oh! it is only a little rock-like

I passed Ribur Rinpoche on the way
He was resting on a rock
surrounded by his convoy
but still he finds the joy
in seeing us puffing past him.

How can I let my Guru down
by not making my way up
when he is game at his age
to make this memorable journey
for the sake of all his students.

Suddenly there were exclamations
behind me I looked
coming down from the sky
a stream of beautiful light.
Oh what a wonderful sight!
Even heaven is delighted
at this Group who is devoted
to both the Gurus and the Buddha
to make it up in this weather.

We cramped the little platform
some even sitting on the edge of a rock
But what do we fear ?
Nothing !
cause our hearts were set on a
wonderful puja we did
and Heart Sutra we repeated.

It started to rain on our way down
Little droplets of blessing from Heaven
it is encouragement of a puja well done
I must not get wet 'cause I
don't want to lie flat

Then I heard a Venerable was sick
a crowd had formed around a van
with Lama Zopa standing in the rain
giving his great compassion
to this sick man.

Looking at my Guru
tears welled up in my eyes
I am sure he was too tired too
but always putting himself aside
and forever giving himself
to us with no
reservation and complaint.

I felt gratitude to this sick monk and others
who have worked tirelessly
for all of us
so that we are not hungry and thirsty.
How many of us realized
that they (monks) ran around
getting ready food and
hot sweet flavored tea
that we all consumed so readily.
At places such as these
where nothing can be available
but only through hard labor.

As I sat quietly in the bus
I sent my loving thoughts to
both Lama Zopa Rinpoche and
this sick monk and
all the lamas who have done
so much for us.

I hope I can practice
like all these Lamas.
They are a source of example -
Something I must learn to acquire....


Experience is sensing the moment. Be there, heart and soul because what we felt then will not be felt again although we may go back to the same place. The people will not be the same, the feeling will not be the same, the Gurus will not always be around and all that happened, only happened once. It is a Once in a Life Time Experience.

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