Friday, April 19, 2013

Sang Ye..or Mulberry Leave

Sharing again a medicinal leave which I consumed recently "Sang Ye " or "桑叶" in Chinese. This leave has another name called "Mulberry Leave aka Folium Mori".  Yes, you are right, the leave that silkworms feed on. What good is this leave?

I stumbled on this plant because I got lazy eyes or Chinese calls it "眼针". The eyes are hot and one side of my eye had a slight swell which is painful and very uncomfortable. My brother bought these leaves and put it in a slow cooker with water and let it boiled. He gave me the drink and after drinking a few cups, my eye swelling when down. This fresh brewed has no taste, just like tea however the smell to me is not so pleasant.

He also took some of the leaves from the boiled drink and pounded them and than applied on both my eyes. The boil on my eye broke and pus started oozing. The swell subsided. I decided to google and read about this leave and realized that it not only heals the eyes and at the same time there are many goodness about the plant. Sharing with you some of the medicianl  benefits and you can read further from the internet.

Sang Ye's benefits - to list a few

1) It is a powerful sugar blocking agent and act as a sugar balancer
2) Good for controlling blood pressure
3) Lower Cholesterol
4) It a Liver cleanser and prevent Liver Cancer
5) It is a powerful Anti-oxident
6) Good for Eyes as it contains Vit A
7) It contains various Vitamins and Minerals that are good for the Immune Systems

As I read on, I realized that various races around the world is using this leaves as remedies for various illness. It is surely a cleanser because after drinking the tea, I have been going to the restroom. My intestine is also cleaning up and I can feel some changes to my body.

A disclaimer - I am not the authority to gaurantee this leaves works for everyone but it works for me and many of our friends who tried it. Everything has to be taken moderately with right dosage. Over dosage of Mulberry Leaves carry some poison so be aware.

Below are some extracts from my readings :

"Mulberry tea is used to treat a variety of health issues including colds, high blood pressure, and diabetes.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, mulberry tea can be used to treat conditions associated with the liver and lung meridians. It helps clear fever, headache, sore throat, cough, and red or painful eyes. Mulberry tea can also inhibit the development of bacterial strains, including streptococcus, the cause of strep throat. Drink mulberry tea to prevent and recover from common cold symptoms.

Mulberry tea naturally inhibits carbohydrate absorption. This is a result of the compound moranoline 1-deoxynojirimycin). Moranoline inhibits an enzyme in the intestinal tract (alpha-glucosidase) involved in the digestion of carbohydrates. This means the starchy, carbohydrate-rich foods you eat, like bread, rice, pasta and potatoes, do not turn to glucose in your body and are simply flushed out. The lack of glucose in your system also lowers your blood sugar levels, making you less hungry. Used as part of a sensible diet, mulberry tea helps you achieve your weight loss goals.

Mulberry tea reduces the oxidization of cholesterol in the blood vessels, resulting in reduced risk of atherosclerosis (blocked blood vessels). This is due to quercetin and additional flavonoids contained in mulberry leaves. These antioxidants inhibit oxidative stress reactions that produce atherosclerosis. For healthy blood vessels, drink mulberry tea as a regular supplement to a healthy lifestyle.

Good Sugar Balance Mulberry leaf tea can balance blood sugar and aids in carbohydrate absorption according to a 2008 study. According to Medical News Today, the herb lowers post-meal blood sugar spikes and stabilizes blood sugar levels. As a result, drinking mulberry tea results in more sustained energy levels throughout the day.

For centuries, mulberry tea has been used as a treatment for diabetes mellitus in Asia. One of the most unique qualities of the mulberry leaf tea is its ability to prevent sugars from entering your bloodstream. Researchers in Japan found that mulberry leaves contain compounds that inhibit intestinal enzymes from passing sugars into the bloodstream. This inhibitor compound known as 1-deoxynojirimycin (DNJ), can only be extracted from the mulberry leaf. By preventing large amounts of monosaccharide from entering into circulation, mulberry tea helps prevent and fight diabetes.

Prior to using mulberry leaf tea to treat any condition, please consult a licensed health care provider. "


  1. Hi. Where to get this sang ye? Markets ntuc? Thank you .

  2. My brother bought them so I will have to ask him. Will get back here to inform you.

  3. Hi.. Have you check with your brothe where to get this leaf? Is the leaf dry or fresh ones? Dry ones can be found at chinese medical hall. thanks..

  4. Hi Mei Feng
    It is the dry ones and you can get in medical hall. Ask the people how much leaves you can boil. My Bro usually buy S$2.00 and divide them into two lots. He will not boil all the leaves at once.

  5. One of my friends mum had her cholesterol lowered in matter of days. Only problem is he's Indonesia. availability in sing. Will go traditional Chinese shop now. Thanks to you. Which shop your brother goes to?

    1. You try the Chinese medical shops and see if you can get. If not tell me where you live, meaning Tampines, Simei? You can send me an email and I will let you know if you cannot find them. email :

  6. Sorry for the late reply because I went into retreat and only return to office today. Let me know if you can't find.