Friday, April 12, 2013

My slimming receipes...

I never thought that I will give slimming priority. I love food and I enjoy food and to eat ''healthly'' is not taken seriously. However my concept has changed. It is not about looking nice but it is about not getting sick. When an unplanned check-up showed that I have bad BMI, bad Blood Pressure, bad Cholesterol and badly overweight, it worries me. So other than exercise, I am experimenting on things I eat.

My daily intake should be 2000 calories and if I want to lose 1/2kg weekly, I need to lose 2500 calories daily. It is a major task for people who love coke, cakes and anything fatty to go on such diet. I refused to take slimming pills and popping it without exercise comes to 'zero'. Here are some facts and if you want to eat like I do...try it.

To lose 500 calories daily :

For Breakfast - Mee Siam/ Mee Rubus (do not drink the gravely)/ oats with skimmed milk (no condensed milk nor sweetener) and a banana or other fruits

For Lunch - a bowl of steamed rice (no chicken rice), a plate of assorted fresh or steamed greens and once a week I pampered myself with grilled chicken (no skin) and drink only water (no coffee/ tea/ coke)
For Dinner - Fishball soup, Ban Mian or anything soupy (no fried food but light food) and fruits

Do you know

1) Potato chips = 1225 calories and Baked potato = 100 calories
2) Prawn Noodle Dry = 409 calories and Prawn Noodle Soup = 293 calories
3) Roti prata = 317 calories and Chappati = 90 calories
4) Goreng Pisang = 195 calories and a banana = 100 calories
5) Chicken chop = 499 calories and Steam chicken without skin = 100 calories

Therefore I have to eat carefully. I love cakes but I have to abstain for the time being!

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