Friday, April 5, 2013


Ten years has passed by but the memory of Leslie did not fade. There is no new songs from him nor new movies from him - how can there ever be? I may not talk about him but at the back of my mind I knew he existed.

How time flies, people changed, environment changed but some feelings never change. Looking at all Leslie photos still stir my emotion. Hearing him sing all his top song tracks is still so enjoyable and was like yesterday he just sang them. His 演唱会performances was still so good to look at, he was lively, romantic, daring and he never failed to deliver and entertain.

Looking at how Leslie grew through the years as an inexperienced actor to the day he performed in all his acclaimed movies, he had come a long way. There were so many good movies which showcased his skills and commitment to the role but how many times did they give him the 'Movie King' title? People were biased and jealous of him. NO, he do not need the title as to those who loves him but I believe it hurt him a bit. Because he was a celebrity, all his privacy were opened for all to see. People praised him, criticized him, purposely bad named him but his fans love him.

Once again, my tribute to the one and only Leslie Cheung!

When 1st April "风再起时“,I know this wind will "风继续吹"。 It is this season that brought back " 當年情" when we "為你鍾情"。 "儂本多情" "追 "Kor Kor。 When all our emotion became "當愛已成往事", it was heartbreaking。We have to accept "今生今世 " that you decided "沉默是金"。"這些年來" who will share our "想妳"。 Actually we asked "有誰共鳴" and we miss this "不羁的风"。 We remember you belting out "千千闕歌" and the lyrics touched our hearts。 "以後" you have "拒絕再玩" so in this life time we know "只怕不再遇上 " long........


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