Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Brisk Walking...

Further to what I blogged, I am determined to lose some weight and I did. 4 kg is not much but is an effort. I have been walking with my bro and friends 5 evening a week. Actually it started with feet dragging and panting and a 2.4km walk took me 23 minutes. My instructor cannot help but encouraged me but I am sure he knew that I am far from healthy but overweight. The regular walk is something that I looked forward to. I am trying to see whether I can lose up to 30 kg...humm.m.m...I will try!

Last week I went to check-out Changi Coastal Walk. I have been to this place so many times and I did not realized that the coastal walk was pleasant and relaxing. I timed my walk with RunKeeper which offers a GPS. It tells me the time, average speed per km, total calories burnt and the distance accomplished. My last walk was 4.85km @ 10.58/ km with a lost of 277 calories.

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