Monday, March 11, 2013

Walking back to health...

My recent medical checkup was a disaster. My doctor me for not taking care of my health. Actually all sinful food are so yummy and anything that is blend tasting is ''yucks''!. However I have taken all he said seriously. I realized that it is not whether you are overweight or you are slim, it is the stamina and health which matter most.
I count my blessings as just behind my block is a canal and a path with benches where people jog and cycle. Not far away and just around the corner is Tampines Eco Green.
This is the first time I visited this place by National Parks Board. I am happy that there is no place for car parking and therefore the place is peaceful and not swarmed with people. The people who jog and walk here are residence of Tampines and Pasir Ris and it keeps the Park in good condition and clean.
In the middle of concretes and highway, it is a hidden haven away from the hustle and bustle of a hectic day.  This Park not only provide sanctuary to the animal and reptile, it is also a sanctuary for all those who wander into the Park.  This place allows one to be near nature and be at peace with the environment.
The open grasslands around its vicinity allow people to walk and jog with shoes as well as bare footed. One can also sit down on the grass and smell its fragrance and to mediate or listen to the chirping of the birds and insects around. The flora and fauna around is green and healthy. This park is also a haven for biodiversity which is so crucial to our well being.


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