Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Report missing....

Being a neighbor, I am concern over the missing Malaysian Airlines MH370 which have 200 over passengers  and staff on board.

It is unfortunate that to date nothing is found of the missing plane, no trace and evident of where it is or was. There is the black box, where is it? If it burst in midair, the huge fire would have caught the eyes of some people around. Malaysia said the plane may have turned back...the Captain would have called Control Tower for landing, did he? They said it could be mechanical fault, didn't they check the plane before letting it fly? So all is speculation.

Finding where the missing plane is the top of the list but it has diverted to missing passports and fake travelers. The Minister said all security protocol is in place and how did these two persons made it to the plane? I am amused when he mentioned that the two person is not Asian looking but looked like some footballer...great fan of football. Who is the one who said they look like Asian? It is their own people, so don't they check properly before saying anything? Whatever security issues can wait. It is not a hijack nor a sabotage.

We all puzzled why the experienced Captain did not SOS? Was he taken by surprised or he himself was not aware such distress was happening. The Vietnamese was more diligent, they at least call other airport in search of MH370 when it did not report on time.

Cannot blame the Malaysian Government. Even if you pressed them, they are so clueless. All the press interviews are neither here nor there. I listen to all the news, updates, reports from Malaysia and all these are just like not saying anything at all. I admire that Minster who update the press...there is no urgency in his voice and look, he is pretty cool! He is like saying...."hey! we all also don't know what happened. We don't want to assume but we have to give some news to the public so here I am."

As days passed, we know that the chances of survival is deemed. If the broken plane dropped into the sea, it would have been buried deeper now.

To me, I pray that they find something of the missing plane soon so that the bereaved families can move on.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Water...water...water... soo.o.o.....precious.

Call it H2O, sky juice, sea, stream, lake, peee..e etc. it is still water. People will die without it because our body is made up 3/4 of water/ fluid. Animals die without it. Plants die without it. Can imagine a World without any water?.

Therefore, Water is a resource that is shared across boarders and of course nothing is free. Like Singapore, what do we have, so tiny and the amount of water we gathered at all our reservoirs cannot serve a tiny dot on the map. So we are at the mercy of countries that want or don't want to sell us water or overcharge for it.  Talking about humanity.

I have been reading of bush fire in the Riau Island, Indonesia. 3rd world country, what can they use to clear the forest or plantation? Fire is the cheapest. However we all ran into dry spell and underestimating the weather is suicide. Fire raged, and sprays of water...cannot quench it thirst to claim more land.

In Singapore, we are pretty innovative and creative. We dare to venture and kudos to the government with foresight. We started to look at "transforming" sea water. Anyway how to claim sea water as one's property. We are an island so all around is sea water. Do we have to pay anyone for it? The investment for a desalination plant is worth it.

Singapore uses lots of water everyday. We are fortunate so how many of us caution when using water? Taking a basin and fill it with water to wash is just too little, so let the pipe runs. Splashes of water is so cooling and be able to feel it running over our body is sheer joy. You feel washed and cleaned. Some of us shower twice a day and I am sure some do even more. Because it is so convenient, just turn on the tap and there it is, can we imagine rationing?

So again our Government came up with New Water, it is recycle water. YUCKs....you say! However we have been drinking it. We reacted initially and raise an eye brow. We have no resources except with people. No, this water is well taken care of through layers and layers of filtering and purifying before it flows out the tap. For other country I dare not say you try....but this is Singapore. I trust our Government to do it good before releasing it. Don't forget that after using it, it will go through the processes and arrive at your table, bottle, soup, desserts....ha.a.a.a.....again. So you never have to fear no water lah!!

H2O...these sparkling droplets, we must not take you for granted. My brother has turned the water control lock to lower the usage of water. Initially I think wa..lau it takes ages to fill up a water kettle, sigh!.....so use to turning on the shower with avalanche of water when showering ... now the spray is smaller and it took ages to clean myself.

It is a matter of getting use to the small sprays, after all we turn on the tap and let water runs like nobody business, do we need that much to wash? Is it cleaner?

So now, because the sprays are slower and lesser, I washed my vegetables, fruits and food slower and with this I am aware of the leaves and skin and take time to rub while looking at it. During shower, because the spray is lesser, I take time to rub my arms, legs, body and enjoy the water running on my skin. Previously it is like running water and shower is done.

Perception is only turning the Mind. Nothing is impossible!!!

Please care about the World, it resources and your part in it. No matter how small...you play a big part.