Saturday, January 31, 2009


I attended a Kalachakra empowerment recently.

My affinity with Kalachakra started years back. The first sticker was a present from my Guru Lama Zopa Rinpoche. At that point of time I do not own a car but Guru gave it to me and told me to stick it on. I did not think too much about it as I was very happy to be with Guru, even for a very short few minutes.

When I returned to Indonesia where I worked, sure enough I had a car because I need to drive to work. It was a beautiful black color 5-door Suzuki Vitara. I took out the Kalachakra sticker and put it on the back door window. It is this Kalachakra sticker that see me through my fatal accident, my car turned turtle twice. All the windows and the car body was badly smashed. I had cuts and abrasions on my body and right shoulder blade but I do not have broken bones and internal injury. The dented roof of the car nearly cut my head into two if it was 1" lower. However the back window where the Kalachakra sticker was remained intact - the door was not dented nor was the glass window smashed.

I am attracted to the beautiful colors of the Kalachakra symbol. The five colors of blue, red, white, yellow and green. These colors represent certain aspects of Kalachakra. I used to wonder how does the Buddha Kalachakra looks like but did not search for the image. So when I got my new car, I continue to stick a Kalachakra sticker at the back window. I did have a few more car accidents - body smashed and I am not hurt.

Kalachakra is a wrathful Deity and a manifestation of Skayamuni Buddha. In Chinese it is 时轮金刚. In Varja practice, if you are not empowered or initiated, you are not allow to look at the picture of such Deities.

Due to the kindness of the Master, he did not request a commitment from us. At the same time he taught us method of Kalachakra Meditation. Because this practice requires a Master's empowerment therefore I am not posting it here.

Kalachakra requisites three principal attitude - renunciation, bodhichitta and the understanding of voidness. Renunciation is the willingness to give up problems and their causes based on a strong determination to be free from the sufferings. Bodhichitta is a heart that is set on achieving enlightenment. It is motivated by love and compassion for all beings. Voidness means an absence of fantasized ways of existing.

The mantra is

May all who set an eye on this mantra be blessed and protected from calamities...


  1. I have this pasted on my window too...
    Guess it really protects the family in some way.

  2. Hi bet. This is a very powerful protector. I am glad you find it useful.