Thursday, January 22, 2009

Human and their Body - Cancer

How many of us pay attention to nagging pain? How many of us pay attention if we felt something is not right with our body and seek medical confirmation and help?

Most of us are frighten of what we will find and the worst fear is Cancer. However ignoring it is of no help. You could have captured it during the initial stage, postponing it may give it a chance to take your life. I have friends who have gastric pain and later realized it was a growth in the abdomen area. They lost their lives.

I have friends who found a lump around the breast. Diagnosis showed that it was a cyst and only need a minor surgery to clear it. Doctor sent it for biopsy and found that they are just dead tissues. What will happen if we ignore it? We give it a chance to turn ‘toxic’ and later cause us a breast or even our lives.

Listen to your body. Don’t put off and think I will attend to it when I am free and I have so much work to do, children to attend to and family commitments to attend to. It will be too late. I had a colleague who had a nagging pain under her armpit. She put off until recently when the pain is unbearable. The X-ray, CT scan and testing showed that she had a few lumps and there are cancer cells. Due to the numbers and the sizes of each of them, Doctor is not able to operate on her. She had to take chemotherapy until the lumps shrink. That is Cancer at Third Stage.

I got a reading material from one of my friend and thought I share it here.

Eight Warning Symptoms and Sign of Cancer

1) Sore that don’t heal
2) A lump in breast or other part of the body
3) Unusual bleeding
4) Change in bowel habits or bladder functions
5) Recent change in wart or mole
6) Indigestion or difficulty in swallowing
7) Nagging course or hoarseness
8) Unexplained weight loss or fever

For your information:

The Top 10 Cancer found in Men
1) Colon
2) Lung
3) Prostate
4) Liver
5) Nasopharynx
6) Skin
7) Lymphoma
8) Bladder
9) Leukemia

The Top 10 Cancer found in Women

1) Breast
2) Colon
3) Lung
4) Ovary
5) Corpus Uteri
6) Cervix Uteri
7) Stomach
8) Skin
9) Lymphoma
10) Thyroid

I volunteered for HOSPICE and have seen many cases of Cancer. I saw some unusual ones too. I will be sharing with you stories of my experiences.

Take care of yourself and the people around you. Avoid excessive smoking and eating. Avoid extreme to the extend of being a paranoid. As pictures of cancers are shocking, I will not post any here. However do support Breast Cancer and donate to a Pink Ribbon!

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