Thursday, January 8, 2009

An unseen 'hand'

Life is unpredictable. If we all know what is next, we would have planned all that we need to do, make amendment when possible etc.

I have never known 'fear' nor the word 'Death' means anything to me. It is like talking about something that does not concern me. It is like it is somebody else's affair. It is like it will never be me. How wrong can I be!!! As Birth is inevitable, Death is also inevitable. The process of Birth,
Old Age, Sickness and Death is a path we all walk and walk alone.

When we are born, we came alone. When we started to see wrinkles on our face or our bones aches, we know we have aged. (When I was younger, I can 'tong' the night or nights without sleep. Now a day, my eye lids closed by itself. Can anyone take over my aging? I can only say I have to learn how to age 'gracefully'.)

Sickness do not belong to the aged, it has no age constraints. It hits you 'wham' and that's it. You have to accept it. From the non life threatening little sneezes to the b
ronchitis which takes life. Can we control? No, we can only prevent. This body of ours is a 'time bomb'. It erupts any time if one of the elements is out of 'range'.

So you ask - what elements? To those who are into Feng Shui风水 - we are talking about the Five Elements五形.
Metal金, color : Black ; Wood木, color : Green
Water水, Color : Blue; Fire火, Color : Red; Earth土, Color : Brown

Girl : 'A! Lian, you got 'salah' or not?'
Lian: "Well, many perceive that these 5 Elements are external. In actual fact your body itself is a smaller 5 Elements."
Girl: "You mean my body is made of Metal?".
Lian : "Yes Honey! don't you know inside your body there are minerals. All these minerals are categorised under Metal. Don't believe me?? We'll just see what happen if you are lack of calcium...? Your bones will be fragile and they cracked
and break easily."
Girl: "What is Wood in our Body?"
Lian : " All bones in your body are a structure that supports the form/ frame. So some have big bones and some small bones. Some are tall and some short. What happened if your structure is damaged? You either are paralyzed or you become crippled."
Girl: "The Water in the body is made up of??"
BHD : "This is the interesting part. 3/4 of our body is made up of liquid. I can name you some. From your silvia to your urine, from your blood to your sweat and some others no need to mention. Anything that 'flows'. If you lack of one, you know what will happen. Trust me, I saw it with my own eyes that our body is made up of 3/4 water and 1/4 blood or plasma (not TV!). Therefore water retention for women is a painful truth that we cannot avoid. We cannot drink before we sleep or we will have puffy eyes or puffy face. We have swollen legs and we are so heavy.. all because of this 'water' thingy."
Girl: "So what is Fire, we will burn to death.....?"
Lian: "Body heat, our breath and without these, you know you are dead! If your body heat is unbalanced, you either had a fever or you are turning cold. Both is a sign that you either take care or you are dying. I am sure you have heard of human combustion - people burnt themselves internally.
Look up sites of the 'Unexplained' ."
Girl: " So Earth is made up of ....???"
Lian : "Anything that rots! Your flesh, internal organs etc. Items that will turn to dust."
And finally Death. Death has many forms. Some died naturally and peacefully. Some died because their lives are forcefully terminated. Some died by accidents. Many killed by nature. Whatever forms, Death is "Farewell". Death is something we all associate with 'loosing' or 'unwilling partings'. It is SAD.

The disasters in both Myanmar and China make me think even deeper into this subject. I wonder what kind of Karma justifies such tragic death - buried alive. It is so traumatic and what type of thought process at the last moment when life force was terminated. Is it 'Fear", "Anger", "Anxiety", "Helplessness", "Regrets" and many more feelings. These people have dreams for the future but were taken away without warnings. I am sure they all wanted to live on. (So you know why there are spirits/ ghosts etc.? These are the causes. Unwilling termination of live force and unfulfilled duties. Some spirits walking around do not know that they are actually dead.) However there are those that are living but they are thinking of killing themselves! I think this world is insane!

I have a few brushes with death myself. Someone up there LOVES me. That Someone keep me safe and intact so that I can do my duty to my parents. Not only that, I can do my duty as a sister to my younger siblings, my duty to the society and to my religion.

I believe Life has a purpose. It is not like the good lives longer and the bad dies faster. This logic does not apply here. Life is a Big Stage. We all are the actors and actresses on this Stage. Dramas are being acted out every other second all at the same time. Some of the actors and actresses do not even cross path because they are acting in their own drama where we do not have a part in theirs and vice verse. When our part is completed, we disappear from the Stage.

So do you now understand. I am only playing my tiny little part in my own drama and it may not be of interest to anyone else. Life is a Condition. It happens when the conditions are all in place. It applies not only to Life but to anything if you think carefully. Did you ever ask yourself - there are billions of people out there, why are you related to me?

Therefore LIVE with vigor, ENJOY with vigor, LOVE with vigor, FORGIVE quickly, KISS slowly and REMEMBER to be thankful that at the end of the day, you are intact with your family. TRY not to find so many faults with so many unnecessary issues! They are not worth it. Whatever you are UPSET now, the next minute it is HISTORY. Nobody remembers them as time goes by. Be Considerate, Be Caring, Be Concern, Be Courageous and Be Credible.
(These are my 5Cs.)

This is an interlude before I start my narrations on some of my close brushes with Death. Hang in there !!!

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