Friday, May 1, 2009

Tree House..n..Zamboanga

When everyone is looking for places to go during holidays, few will want to wonder and be adventurous as to track deeper into Philippines.

For me, Manila shopping is cheap and their seashell products are well known. However I support the ‘Green’ movement and therefore refrained from buying any. I saw an NGO’s organization using the bark of banana fibers and making them into beautiful ladies apparels. This is very interesting and making good use of the banana tree after it stopped flowering and bearing fruits.

As for Cebu, it is a seaside resorts area and therefore good and cheap for those who want holidays inexpensive.

What captured me is not the above but a city named Zamboanga.

Did you ever dream of living on a tree house? Many people cannot conceptualize about living up there, on a tree. Tree house gives you sentiment like living back in the era of apes…it gives an impression of uncivilized dwellings. It looks like something Tarzan wearing a loin cloth and Jane will do so. Getting about is like swinging from one tree to another via an aerial root or a rattan. It is not easy because you need arm muscles to do so, let alone swinging with the beautiful Jane on your back.

Given these tomboy characters of mine, as a kid I climbed trees – how many of you do? I have always dream of living on top of a tree where my mother cannot find me. Can you imagine when I saw these tree houses… I was overjoyed and so exhilarated that my heart went ‘GOSH!...where on earth..did I not find this place sooner. It is far from being uncivilized…it is so civilized. The tree house is not only modern, getting up and down is as easy as ABC (no need to swing around like monkey does). Look at the way it is build and they have spiral about owning one and living in one? Well the local said that there is no typhoon here only rainfall. How can I not share with you such a beautiful place. It is still ‘raw’ and not disturbed and spoilt by modernization…so it is a ‘Shang-ri-lah’ to me.

Zamboanga is named the City of Flower. She is also named Asia’s Latin City. To me I named it the City of Tree Houses. The major resources here are agriculture and fish framings. They have unusual trades ….seaweed farming and sardines exporting. This place is part of the Mindanao’s clusters.

So what are the places to see? Well other than Tree Houses, you have the Fort Pillar, the Oldest Catholic Church, the Yakan Weavers, the colorful sailing boats and sails, the Muslim area with their colorful and beautiful mosque and a market where you find imported goods from Southeast Asia

Oh! I met a singer and she is Sharon Cunita. I believed she belted some ballads with Andy Lau. Beautiful woman and unassuming..had a daughter as pretty as she. Some of the sales staff told me that her husband is a Senator. Such sweet lady..she send me her CD after I left Philippines.

To summarize, Filipinos are warm and friendly people. Girls will fall for Filipino men and that is what my Filipino girl friend told me. They are attentive and considerate and very gentlemen…BUT…they are lazy! Mostly the women are the ones who work. How true, you trust me or you trust a Filipino?

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