Thursday, October 3, 2013


I have shared the goodness of Mulberry Leaves and this time I am sharing that of Parsley.

Here is a health care tip to protect and clean our kidneys. I believe this is important. I normally share things that are easy to buy from market, cheap and good and will not cause harm to the body. is the vegetable named PARSLEY !

Parsley, to many is not a main vegetable, it is a garnishing vegetable. It makes your food look fantastic with this green on it. To the Chinese, this is certainly a much needed garnish. It gives a nice smell in your mouth, it adds fragrance to your food and not many know that it actually clean your kidneys.

We have been feeding our stomach with everything we think is delicious or exotic. Many of us are oblivious that we are constantly poisoning ourselves. Our organs are carrying added baggage and due to overweight, some organs breakdown. Kidney is one of the most important organs we have on us. 

With all the rich food and drinks consumed over time, our kidneys faithfully filter our blood by removing excessive salt, poison and unwanted minerals from our body. However hard the kidneys work, we will still accumulate all these rubbish. So here is how you Clean Your Kidneys and add a thumb-up for your health. I call this a S$1.00 treatment.

 Here it goes...

1) Go to the market/ supermarket/ neighbourhood stall and buy a bunch of Parsley (Chinese parsley)
2) Wash and clean it thoroughly 
3) Slice the parsley into small pieces 
4) Put these slices pieces into a pot of water and boil it for 10 minutes
5) Let the beverage cool off 
6) Filter the pieces and keep the beverage in a bottle or container. Put it in the fridge
7) Consume one glass daily, better in the morning when you stomach is empty

The magical things will happen - you will notice accumulated salts and other unwanted minerals/ poison coming our from your urination. You will realize a change in your body and you will feel good. Try it and let me know.

There are many benefits which you can find from the internet, so go and check out for yourself.

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