Friday, November 29, 2013

Thailand again....

Have been missing here partly due to work and time constraint. I could have blogged from home but am so lazy after a day's work, mentally exhausted and drained. It is no joke updating profiles and apps for the benefits of Users.

I took a trip again this time in late November 2013 to Thailand. Despite the mobs and protests going on, I supposed I am use to such of Thailand. It is part of their life and life goes on. Those who bothers joined the mob, those who need food go back to work - who bothers. Thailand depends on tourism and I can see the amount of tourists in the airport certainly did dipped. To the joy of those like me who wants to get good exchange rate, I have my wish fulfilled (S$1 = B25.04). Anyway all the monies that I changed goes back to Thailand when I did all that I need to do. Shopping is last on my list, it all goes to temple donations, robe offerings etc.

Like to share some photos here. This is a Temple built by a Thai Actor...don't remember his name. It is a massive landscape and the Temple that house a giant Somdej Phra Buddhacara Toh Phramarangsi statue in gold. Not sure where is this place, Kohlak or at Nakhon Ratchasima. Most devotees are after amulets from Wat Rakhang and they are collectors'items.

This beautiful temple boast super clean restrooms. You have to take off your shoes and wear a house slipper to the toilet. This place also boast free food, from appetizer papaya salads to main dish chicken rice, kao phat, phat thai, and dessert like chandol. My brother and the group settled for the noodle soup. The Q is much shorter and it is always 2 helpings. Of course we donate to the money box so that such activities can go on and benefits others.

Because it is a place of worship, the people who came in buses are Thai. I hardly see foreigners like Singaporean. Singaporean is only interest in shopping and eating and so they are settled in the main city of Bangkok.

Do visit this place and enjoy the beautiful landscape and food. Thumb up to this Thai Actor who activate this place and the massive people who maintain and cook for people visiting here. Whether you are Thai or Foreigners, help to keep this place clean as it is now. 


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