Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Every morning for the last four months, I have been using the Service Lift from the Car Park to my office. I have the habit of looking around me so I surveyed the lift. I realized the management have sealed the lift wall with plywood and the door with white stickers. There is a mic speaker just in case we are caught in emergency and need to talk to someone but other than that, a Lift is a Lift.

As days passed by and with people moving in, the plywood protection got knocked with cracks and scratches. What more when you have workers and movers and of course you see the standard comments of all the vulgarties scribbled on the walls, with drawings and telephone numbers etc. It has something to do with mentality and it is cheap thrills.

One day I saw the white stickers covering the door was stripped off, leaving an aluminium front. While waiting for the lift to stop at my floor, I naturally looked at the lift door in front of me. Suddendly it occured to me that I am not able to see myself even though I was in front of it. I tried waving my hands and could only see slight movements. What happened to my body mass, am I not here?

SO, this was it. I am ''here and yet I am not here''. If there is no reflection of me, does that mean that I am non-existence? Probably this is what the teachings are all about. The ''mass'' you is actually not ''you''. You are neither that ''mass'' nor what you believe yourself to be. So which part of the ''mass'' is you?

I do not say I have any realization but it occured to me that "Emptiness is Form" and "Form is Emptiness". Meaning Emptiness does not mean there is nothing. It comes from nothing and goes back to nothing. Chim, right?

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