Monday, December 31, 2012

Activities of the Naga Beings....

I have posted on Naga Beings and now continue to talk more about them.

Nagas are Dragons, serpents, snakes or to summarize...they are reptiles but tortoise, fish and frogs too fall under this Family Group.  However Nagas are from both the world and other realms, so if you don't see them it doesn't mean they are not around. The thing that caused Nagas to be angry and bring harm to human is when they are hurt or killed in human pursuit to claimed land, cut forest, burnt jungles, dig ground, built houses, mass killing of bigger mammals in the sea etc. They will create accidents, sickness and deadly ones too or skin diseases and many more.

Buddhists do not take refuge in Nagas but we acknowledge their presence and do offerings to them for peace and harmony within the family, the society and the Nation. It is like making peace with an angry neighbor so we offer flowers, five-color clothes, milk, honey, oats etc. Remember Nagas are clean and they do not accept anything that is stained by blood. In return, the Nagas will protect humans who did the offerings, giving them protection and wealth.

As in human, the Nagas too have the Black and White groups, meaning the Bad and Good groups. The Black group will not help nor forgive and will surely harm us if we agitate them, but the White groups promised to protect Dharma practitioners and those who are kind and good.

So if you dream of snake, please find monks or Tibetan monks to help perform the Naga Puja. It can be done by offering Food, Water or Incense and the Guru will advise what is best. However if there is a serious epidemic that cause sickness and death, the Gurus normally will do the ''lion roar rituals'' to appease these Naga Beings.

There is a certain day in a month to perform these pujas. You will have to check the correct dates and take part if you can or do a small donation towards the payers.

Below is the monthly activities of the Nagas....

1) 1st Month (January) is the Naga's Dharma month. They will listen to Dharma.
2) 2nd Month (February) is the Naga gained Wisdom month. They will help and protect those who make offerings to them.
3) 3rd Month (March) is the Naga Gathering or Meeting Day. All offerings will become nectar and they will fulfilled our wishes.
4) 4th Month (April) is the Naga Discipline and Regulations Day. Offerings at the place where prayers/ rituals is permored will bring peace and harmony.
5) 5th Month (May) is a rainy month. Naga will stay at home and practice. Offerings during this month will help us gain wisdom.
6) 6th Month (June) is Fruits collecting month. Offerings made to Naga will have our wish fullfilled. These is good for people wishing for child or wealth.
7) 7th Month (July) sees Naga collecting essence of food. Offerings during this month will help us not born in places of hunger or be hungry.
8) 8th Month (August) is a Naga dress-up month. Offerings to Nagas will help to gain wealth and also auspicious success.
9) 9th Month (September) sees Nagas collecting essence from trees, give them offerings and invoke their protection and they will bestow wealth.
10) 10th Month (October) is when all Nagas take a rest. They will be sleeping so no need to do any offerings.
11) 11th Month (November) is Winter working month. Offerings to Nagas will bring peace, happiness and harmony for oneself and family and also to the Nation.
12) 12th Month (December) is when Nagas guard their Wealth. Offerings to Naga will help us safeguard our Wealth
Therefore the Monthly Naga pujas performed Monthly will see the people and the Country of Singapore safe, happy, free from epidemic. The Nation will have due rainfalls, flowers will bloom and trees bear fruits. It will also bring abundance and prosperity to oneself and the Country.
(The above is a teaching given by Khenpo Dorje of Sakya Templing in Pasir Ris)
As 2012 is coming to an end, I pray that all Beings be Well, be Happy, at Peace and be Safe. May Beings have Happiness and the Cause of Happiness and be freed from Sufferings! Sadhu x3

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