Friday, January 11, 2013

Rapist...and the Raped

The Indian girl who was raped, brutally injured and eventually died shocked India. I was equally shocked to core.

This took part in a public transport and how safe can India be? The amount of hurt, anger, shame and most of all pain, who should account for all these? Every day there are girls being raped and only she hit the headlines. The whole of India is asking for justice.

The girl's family quietly cremated her. In moment of grief, the girl's family is willing to release her identity so that she can be a reminder to warn other women in India of their vulnerability. Does India have a solution to protect Women? What was than oblivious was out in the open.

I followed the saga on the news. How fair can the justification to a life be? There are public who want to take revenge and justice into their own hands.  There were people who saw the badly beaten up and naked bodies of the two victims and no one came up to them. The policemen whom were justifying whose responsibility was even more lame. People who are supposed to uphold justice and security are themselves a joke. People's compassion has gone down the drain.

A Guru believed that this poor girl should beg for mercy and should chant god's name. Did the Guru  think that the girl had willingly agreed to be raped without begging for mercy? I believed that her boy friend begged too, did the Rapists heeded his helplessness?
Now the Rapists are in Singapore. During the trial, the Rapists pleaded not guilty? They said that the dead girl should be the one to say "Sorry" to them? The Rapists are not remorseful for the harm they did. They know NO morale and obviously NOT human and they are also NOT beasts (beasts do not attack for sex).
Whatever happened to the dead girl, her boy friend and the Rapists are issues that sadden my heart. It affected the families involved, the lives of those who were involved, it affected the society and it affected a Nation.
Ohm Mani Padme Hum !

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