Monday, January 21, 2013

Oi..o.o...Sinkapor, look at what you have natured -  A 7 years old Dr Jia Jia. Fantastic kid lah! Parents proud or not I don't know. There is one thing I know, he dam good actor. Not infringing of copyright, just sharing some good fun. Mai meh wa hor... Ta boleh tahan!
So Ponggol East de uncles. aunties, jiejies, korkors...dun waste your votes. Dr JiaJia at least is a good candidate but you have to wait for him to grow up deh! By then I don't know whether he will accept sweets or enjoy 'únfair' or not.
Ah loong de DaGe, HeiGe and Muscle Ge, this kid maybe the next Prime Minister also you don't know. He say No Casino = No Ah Loong. What he meant - You Come, You Bet and I chek ka liao!
Sinkapor in the Year of the Dragon is plagued by sex scandals. Sex scandals of the street men where no one bother, right up to the man who is the big chief of ......and public bothered. Looks like all those who are supposed to be teaching also cannot get their neck away from the 'halo'....what to do 'to err is human' and 'sex is the name of the game'. ''Red Color Dangerous Water"...street men die, rich men die, government officials die and Emperor also die at her feet. They pay heavily for this Red Water you know. They pay with name, fame, family, reputation and the whole nation. Lucky Dr JiaJia is guarded by his mum who will scold you 'xiao' if you have such ulterior motives....ha.a.a.a.a.!
The election in Ponggol East is heating up. Everybody wanted this piece of juicy cake and see who gets what. We will see uncle Yam again, Yes? No? No one can read the results better than him hor.
We also wait for Dr JiaJia to become the Speak for!
(The language is Singapore English or Singlish. Fun language whereby one throws in local dialect to give it a punch! Finally I am wondering actually whose language is English - UK, America...says who?)

P/s - Update - The opposition party won the election at Punggol East !

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