Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Princess WenCheng...

Last Sunday I saw Princess Wen Cheng, The Musical.

The casts presented the story very well. It was not under or overly exaggerated and the scene were able to capture my emotion.

Kudos to the person who composed and arranged the songs. The main casts had beautiful voices and so has the casts that has singing parts. The voices were clear and powerful and projected the feelings they personified.

Kudos to the person who did the costumes. From the pictures you can see the detailed given to the various Tibetan ethnic costumes. The colors were vibrant, designed beautifully and the accessories were appropriate. I missed the Mother Tara cast picture as she was painted in green and her costume was beautifully emphasized.

Kudos to the choreographers. I love the dances. The Horse Dance when Princess Wen Cheng was crossing the river, people welcoming the Princess to their homeland and the final dance of The Eagle was so captivating. The black and white costumes brought a sense of sadness and the flight of the Eagles fired one's imagination of the sky burial.  As for the Goddess dance which projected multiple hands was excellent. The effect and precisions from these dancers were superb - kudos to them.

Finally the whole stage set-up was beautiful. I love the final scene when snow started falling.

It was indeed a show worth watching. To think that this fantastic production was done by people so close to home - Malaysia.  They certainly put up a spectacular performance and I hope to see more from this Team!

A little about Princess WenCheng. She was the niece of a great King of Tang Dynasty. Princess WenCheng was married to the King of Tibet named Songtsan Gampo. The marriage was consider a State Marriage to bring peace to both countries.

Songtsan Gampo had two wives and both of them embraced Buddhism. The Princess of Nepal brought with her a Buddha to be enshrined but the Temple she built was always destroyed. Princess WenCheng who was well verse in astrology provided solution and finally the shrine was completed. It is the famous Jokang Temple in Lhasa.

The Temple that enshrined the Buddha brought by Princess WenCheng was housed in the famous Potala Palace. Other information can be searched under Princess WenCheng in websites.

"These is a magnificent production and a standing ovation performances by the whole TEAM!"

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