Monday, January 28, 2013

Committing Suicide...

Near my apartment, a young man committed suicide by jumping down from 12th storey. I may or may not have met him but it saddens me. I felt sad for the grandparents, the parents and his siblings for this traumatic experience. I realized people are lonely and they do not know where to go for help. They do not know who to talk to and they felt they are all alone by themselves with their problems. If someone paid a little bit more attention, we probably could have save him.

I really do not understand how one get the guts to jump to such traumatic death? If one had the guts to jump - why one do not have the guts to live? I realized that one can be sick in the body but not sick in the mind. If one is sick in the mind, one can do anything to harm one self and others.

In my practice, it is said that there will be circumstances that cloud our mind and if not mindful, we will waste this life away. There will be time when we want to practice but due to our passed Karma we lost our lives, or we are sick, or we are maimed, or we become bad – there are more unfavourable conditions than favourable conditions to practice. This mean we have to have full perfect faculties to practice but many are wasting this chance to do so. I realized that human rebirth is so precious, once lost cannot be recalled.
Having perfect facilities is not enough. If one is born in the land where Buddha’s teaching is not available, people are rude and cruel, places that people do not have enough food and in constant poverty – these are not conducive environment to do so too. If one live in countries that are at wars all the time, people believe in killing lives is to please God, people who abuse and trade in human and even kidnapped children to kill them and sell their organs. In America, every now and than people went amok shooting others - do you need to be in Hell to know it? No, there are people who are already living in Hell.

Some of us do not know whether we love our self or not. Asking one to love others are even more difficult. Some of us don’t even love our parents and how do we love others. There are so many types of people, some good, some bad, some unreasonable, some passive, some arrogant, some rich and think they do not need a religion, some take on a killing profession etc. The paths to Hell are everywhere, so is the paths to Heaven. Due to our defiled thoughts, the good path even though is in front of us, we will miss it.
Unless you are fully aware of what is going on in your head, most of the time you let it influence you into believing it is true. That is why we have differences with others. It is actually our own agenda. Your thoughts will find many reasons for you not to like the situation, the taste, the remarks, the other person etc. Is it the fault of that person? NO! it is your deluded mind.
Every day I will try to recall the teachings of Buddha and reflect on what happened around me. At time I also realized that a good person will say and do negative things even though they are well respected practitioner in the eyes of others. This is the ripening of negative actions done in the past. The Law of Cause and Effect taught and emphasized by the Buddha is a Universal Law. This Law applies to all human beings, no one is spare. Don't kid yourself and tell me that you belong to a different religious group or you are so high and mighty that you are spared. You cannot bribed a Universal Law. If human beings become so low in moral, than Nature will clear up these rubbish from the surface of Earth. We have been harming the Earth, People, Animals and we are not going to be scotch-free - the punishments are happening. The End of the World is not just a talk only - it will happen when the Effect is right. Don't be too happy that we all did not die under the Mayan Calendar's.
I am not flawless and I realized the sufferings of beings. It is a suffering person who will act and said negative things, at time I am also like that - yes, because I am suffering under that circumstance and I do it to another person and caused sufferings to him/her. However I am working on this split personality in me. If you watch Lord of the Ring - that "Precious" is a split personality! Are you like that?

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