Monday, February 4, 2013

Happy Lunar Snake Year 2013

In the Chinese Calendar there are 12 animals that represent each year. Every 12-year is one circle and the animals take turn to lead. Each year is also represented by the 5 Elements, so like 2013, it is the Water Snake year. There are many subdivisions and unless you are a Fortune Teller or a Feng Shui Master, all these are too complicated for you to comprehend.
2013 is Black Snake Year. Black here represent Water Element (if you have not already know, the 5 Elements are Metal/Gold, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth) and therefore if you falls on any of the Element that is not against Water, it will probably be a better year for you. This is in general.
Being a Buddhist, we accept that all are impermance and things good or bad happened for a reason. As long as you keep your heart clean, be honest and earn an honest living and be compassionate, nothing can harm a good person but like I said things happened for a reason.
Do not be too superstitious over all phenomenas. Millions in the world are born in the same year, maybe same day or even same time but the minutes and seconds plays a part. If you really want to check around, I am sure there are people who shared the same birthday with Bill Gates but what sets them apart? It was said that I will have a windfall in 2012 but I did not. I am not too concern as I believe health and family harmony are already the biggest windfall for me.
There will be predictions of the Year, good harvest, calamities and all the unexpected but stay peaceful and be at peace with the surroundings. Many of us stay alive but we did not truly live. Do not waste your life away and to those who is thinking of taking their life and are reading here, drop me a line. I am willing to listen to truth and give you empathy. Recently I have seen too many deaths happening around me and the message Buddha taught hit home - Death is surely; the time of death is not sure and the way one die is also not sure. Therefore find time to be with people you love; smile at people; forget all your grudges and give yourself a pat once awhile.
With this note, I wish all my readers near and far who dropped by my Blog a Happy Lunar New Year 2013. This card is specially for all of you and it comes with prayers that May you be Safe, Healthy, Peaceful and have Enough for what you need!
Warmest regards and Love from....Lian

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