Friday, February 22, 2013

People's Day Dinner forThousands

Sharing here are pictures of the Dinner I attended on 16 February 2013 organized by Fa Zhou Shi. 16 February 2013 or Lunar 1st month on the 7th Day is cited as People's Day.  There is a Chinese Legend of how mankind are '''made'', quite different from Adam and Eve.
It was said that Nui Wa, the Mother Creator created Rooster on the 1st Day;  Dog on the 2nd Day; Pig on the 3rd Day; Goat on the 4th Day; Cow on the 5th Day; Horse on the 6th Day and Human on the 7th Day. Therefore this day is celebrated by Chinese as creating/birthday of Mankind. This day is viewed as a reunion day and families, friends and big gathering like this is a joyous occassions.


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