Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Something to improve our JOINTS....

 As we advance in age, our body is getting stiffer, our joints are cracking and some of us have pain walking. I saw these among my friends and we are not that old either. So having joints problems are not due to age but how fast we worn out all the ''padding'' that we took for granted.
Here is a method which is better than popping all the Glucosamine. This is a natural way to counter all the backache and joint aches and are tested by some already. I believe this method is safe enough unless you totally cannot consume liquor.
Here, try it!
1) Buy 2 kg of golden raisins or yellow raisins.
2) Buy a bottle of Gin, you can get Beefeater London Dry Gin which is not so costly (definitely cheaper than your Glucosamine).
3) Put the golden raisins into the Gin. (If it is too much than use another container that can take 2 kg of raisins and a bottle of Gin.) Keep the bottle opened.
4) Note that you need to soak the raisins in gin for at least 7 days. In between please shake the raisins so that it mix well with the Gin..
8) After 7 days, you can scoop the raisins and put them into a container with lid.
9) Every time eat 5 to 9 raisins and eat it 2 or 3 times a day. Here is how you can eat it....
     - with salads
     - with ice cream
     - with oats etc.
The person who sent this article used to have cracking sound when he bend his knees but now he can walk and run very well. The swollen feet joints are no longer puffy and he can bend his fingers and clenched his fist.
You may ask, why is this method so effective? Actually this method was used by people long ago. They knew juniper berries are medicinal. Gin has juniper berries as its ingredient and therefore is effective when used with golden raisins.
I am not able to take liquor but to help me have better joints and free myself from Arthritis , I am consuming this as medicine and not eating/drinking the items (raisins and the gin) as an intoxicating indulgence!
Hope this sharing helps!

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