Thursday, September 13, 2012

Shangpa Rinpoche

Shangpa Rinpoche is a wonderful person. He is soft spoken, humble and kind. His kindness is not verbal but he silently showed you he cares.

On 12th September 2012 (yesterday) was Shangpa Rinpoche's birthday. I do not follow the activities of the Temple so I was not aware. However, somehow, somewhere my connection with Rinpochela is strong as I came to know about it.  Upon entering his abode I saw a beaming Rinpoche. I wished Rinpoche 'Happy Birthday', long life, good health and all his wishes fulfilled as he wishes them to be. I wished that Rinpoche continues to benefit more Sentient Beings far and wide. I am very happy to see so much Guru devotions showered on Rinpoche. Various centres around the world sent in their well wishes and I am sure Rinpoche knows that he is much love by us.
But I have one wish for Rinpoche..."Please publish a Book with all the pictures you took". Rinpoche is an excellent photographer. I enjoyed looking at the pictures he took of nature.

Yesterday Rinpoche also launched his book "The Path of the Yogi" Past and Present Lives of Shangpa Rinpoche. The past Shangpa Rinpoche was an Enlightened Being. The Shangpa Rinpoche this life is no less. Rinpoche said last night that he paled as compared to his past life. No, Rinpoche. The Shangpa Rinpoche this life is just as Compassionate and Enlightened, if not more. Rinpoche had done so much for Sentient Beings. Even for this girl, who probably am a lost sheep from Shangpa Rinpoche's herds was made to feel that I am also one of his.

I have known Shangpa Rinpoche for many years now. He has a presence that a disciplined and practising master has. Initially I was afraid to see him privately as he projected the feelings that he sees through me. I felt inferior being the imperfect me. He actually make me aware that I am far from my practice of perfection.

In my spiritual upbringing, Monks are Buddha's representatives and they are practicing. Many forget that once they get close to a Monk they tend to forget their behaviors and become improper in action and speech. Some have high expectations and expected the Monks to be dedicated to themselves only. Actually Monks belongs to all Sentient Beings and the ultimate objectives is to deliver all Sentinel Beings away from sufferings.

To Shangpa Rinpoche showing kindness is naturally in him but the silent support he gave me during my most difficult times leave me eternally grateful.

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