Friday, September 21, 2012

Wise Sayings ...My very own

Kindness may not be returned with Kindness but need not be returned with Hatred.

Relationship cannot be measured by who gives the most and who get less.

To be alive is not guaranteed but death is guaranteed.

How long you will live is not guaranteed and when you will die is also not guaranteed.

You do not grow old now, it started when you are in your mother's womb.

All human beings have the same temperaments except some show more on certain traits.

Pain is universal - human or animals alike.

Human expressed pain vocally, animal's too. Do we only hear humans' pain and ignore animals' pain?

There are time we did not hear others pain BUT only our own pain.

Happiness is not given by others, it is a mental choice.

We complaint about others but never about our self.

Make peace with Yourself and that of your Surroundings.

There is no fairness in this World, the fingers on your hand are also uneven.

Why is it so hard to be Good and so easy to be Bad?

When is it the last time you realized that you are acting Bad. Are you apologetics?

Many people forget how to smile and be at peace with themselves.

Does it makes you inferior just to say ''I am sorry"?

It is not Fun taking other people's life, when your turn comes you will realized what goes around comes around.

Wisdom comes from your daily life and not that you are born with it.

Wisdom does not belongs to the intellectual, the beggar on the street has it too.

 Until we stop cyclic existences, we will travel around the Six Realms.

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