Friday, July 20, 2012

…spur of the moment

Many of us acted at the spur of a moment without thinking and the results can be quiet alarming. At a spur you flew up in anger and hit someone. At a spur you have hunches to buy a set of numbers that win you big prices….but to act in a spur could be irrational and may get one into trouble.

I read with mixed feeling of a teenage who burnt the National Flag. Is it just a flag? Did she see the meaning of this flag? All these years of education, what was taught to her? Is it the failure of the education system or failure of her upbringing? Did her parents know what she is up to?

At 10pm at night, why is a 13 year-old still hanging around a park? It is not weekend nor is it school holidays. Her friends said they did not know she did it…so why? Are there no more games or things for her to be interested in that she did what she did? She had friends with her and they did not stop her, or are they even aware of what their friend is doing?

A National Flag represents a Country. It is as important as the land you live on. It gives you identity and provided you a place called home. We say The Pledge in school everyday – We, the Citizen of Singapore, pledged ourselves as one united people…it holds the country together. It has the aspiration of the country and the people – ‘regardless of race, language ore religion’…. that we work towards religious harmony.

The daily saying of the Pledge obviously did not appeared important to this 13 year-old or many teenagers. So it is just mouthing and carries no meaning. There is no pondering to the meaning and associate it with the National Flag. What will our younger generations become?

Around us, there are people who care about the country. There are more out there who do not know the meaning of the National Flag and the Pledge to their homeland. There are people out there who are Stateless, they are not even qualified to have a National Flag. I hope it is teaching her the values of the Flag, her Home and Herself. She is a juvenile does not mean she can get off lightly. How does schools see this act? What actions will they take?

My Country, My Home is makeup of everything here that we call Singapore. It is not the Government, it is the People, our Values and what we see ourselves.

With National Day around the corner, it is time we fly the Singapore Flag and I will always fly one in my Blog because I am proud of who I am.

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