Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Sitting around for one year and for me it is better off  working. The job I was looking for is actually backend admin work, 9 - 5 type of routine. Work that keeps me busy and yet fulfilled. Responsibility but manageable. I no longer longed for lime light, big post and high pay. Actually I am working only to maintain my car, give myself some coffee money, enough to donate and sleep with a peaceful mind.

However one can never hide ones ability and I landed a job I was happy like above BUT recently with the yearly reviewed (although I am only with them 6 months), I got my confirmation before due date, got my promotion and increment and even blessed with the maximum of bonus allowed. Alamak! No, don't misunderstand me, I am grateful that I am useful but I have to take on more.

I was entrusted with finding a new office within reachable location by MRT. Town/CBD areas are getting too expensive for us who needs at least 10,500sq ft.  Between us we found a location. I should be happy as it is 5 minutes drives from home and I save like crazy (i.e CBD and the exorbitant car park), Naturally I am also entrusted with renovation. The search for IDs was fun looking at designs. Pinning an ID down and working with them in details was both fun and tired. The selection of designs, the furniture, colors and all nitty gritties are part and parcels of the work.

When I realized that even if I have thoughts for the well beings of colleagues, taking into consideration as many aspects as I can...I forget that I am not the head of the company. My enthusiasm overrun me. In the first place I took the project with faith, now I wonder whether I can shoulder the blame if things don't go right.

Liaising with the Landlord is another pain. I actually don't blame them. It is a new building and many things need to be done. Due to our urgency as the lease of the old office is up soon and the delay from all the consultants are making me sit on needles. Yesterday I lost my temper !!! Such and idiot was I. But with 26 days more to go and renovation not even started you expect me to stay cool?

A girl friend once told me...'Lian, you are only a staff and that's much you can do. If the thing cannot happened on time, it is not your fault. Just communicate to the management and they have to think of a solution and lose sleep...not you'. How true, but can I? Anyway I have a good Boss, so he is the good cop and I am the bad one.

Doing this project is not sitting on roses, roses have thorns. I expect many criticism and blames. People grumble when there is a change, both internal and external when things are not to their convenient.

I hope people won't come and tell me....'you did not let me check the Feng Shui and thus .........

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