Friday, May 18, 2012

Ferrari-Taxi Crushed

Singapore is shocked over the recent car accident that happened on wee hours of the morning. It left the driver dead and took the lives of two other persons. (You can login to Youtube to see this accident – just type ‘Ferrari accident in Singapore’).

Plenty have been said and Singapore is still talking about it over breakfasts, lunches , dinners and during breaks. People are sharing videos and everyone gasped at the speed of the Ferrari.

I am joining in the fun since it is a talk about topic. I am not blaming here and I know finger pointing is unavoidable. To be fair, we should not blame foreigners for this accident. I blame DRIVERS.

How disciplined are Singapore Drivers (both Singaporean and foreigners)? How many are graceful and gracious in their driving?

Being a driver myself, how many times have I ‘curse and swear’ under my breath at reckless, SELFISH drivers?Singapore Drivers….habits

1) they cannot be behind you, the must get in front of you – by hook or by crook
2) they are blind to signal lights, even if you are already flicking your lights to change lane, they will not slow down but accelerate to get in front before you change lane
3) they forget their udang udang – they slipped into your lane without signaling and squeezed in at the space not worrying whether you hit them…after all if you hit their ‘ass’ you are at fault
4) at traffic light, they must cut lanes and be the first one on the ‘mark’ careless whether you are the vehicle already reaching the first car on the mark
5) When traffic lights turned ‘Green’, they will be the one to speed off
6) ‘Tailing’ is so common. I cannot understand the rudeness of these drivers. They will flash their light at you to move aside. I will only give way to Ambulance and not these road bullies. I too have the RIGHT to the roads.
7) If you do not give ways to these drivers, they will overtake you on the next lane and showed you ‘vulgar’ finger signs
8) People with branded cars must speed or else it is a waste to pay S$1 million for a car to be different
9) It is also COMMON in Singapore that everyone wants to beat the ‘RED LIGHT’. Regardless we must ‘chon’ even if the light is changing from amber to red. The most ideal is to drive on without stopping at any traffic lights…thus drive on to ‘Heaven’
10) Taxi Drivers are the one who are prone to accidents because they are just as reckless. (I am not saying the driver who got hit is reckless) BUT we have to agree how some of these drivers drive
11) Big trucks i.e cement trucks, oil trucks as long as they are bigger than you, you have to give way to them because they will show you that they can ‘drive’ faster than you
12) Those that drive a Van, a 3-ton lorry and likes, I suppose it are a mental conception. They probably feel that they are third class – why do I say these? It is these group of people who also want to race the cars divers although they are marked at ‘70’.

Singapore roads are not made for beautiful cars like Ferrari, Lambo, Lotus, or any sport cars. You have no way to speed. The distance between one traffic light to the next is too short and you either stop or it leaves you dead. Anyway this Ferrari/ taxi/ motorcycle accident is unfortunate. Condolence to the families of people who are dead. The Japanese tourist who died in the taxi is unfortunate. The taxi driver’s death is unfortunate and it taught me a lesson – ‘never be the first one to speed off when traffic light just turn GREEN, you do not know what is oncoming’

OHM MANI PADME HUM…m.m.m.m.m.m.m.m

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