Saturday, February 18, 2012


We all want happiness. How than can we be happy? Is happiness so evasive and so difficult to have?

Happiness to many people means different thing. To a hungry man having food is happiness. To a poor man having money is happiness. Some think that love is happiness, others acquiring more and more personal wealth is happiness. Career at the top, fast cars, beautiful women, power, entourage, big houses...are these really happiness.

Since when happiness are so conditional? Are these happiness permanent? You have food today and maybe hungry tomorrow; you have money today but overnight you become a pauper; you acquire wealth and you are so afraid of losing it; career at the top but many came down and do not know how to pick themselves up again; beautiful women and power, entourage and big houses can be lost in a split second BUT we still cling to all these to prep ourselves. We believe that it is a protecting is not.

MONEY cannot buy happiness, POWER cannot command respect, WEALTH cannot buy health and WOMEN will not prove that you are better than the next man. So what is it than?

Being ALIVE is happiness. Happiness is very simple. You do not need to spend money to get it. You need not park yourself with a wealthy man to get it AND what you get from beautiful women and pay for it are cheap thrill, it is not happiness.

Touch your heart and ask yourself sincerely are you happy? We have too many baggage and we do not want to let go any. People who already have want more...where is the limit? Did anyone realized that after acquiring all the things we want we may not be alive to enjoy it.

Happiness should go beyond worldly materials, it is spiritual. It is within you. Happiness is not handed over to you by someone else. Given happiness is pathetic because it can be withdrawn. Happiness out of fear is worst.

Recently when I am not working I realized that living simple, having enough, having a roof, being with family and there are no unrealistic DESIRES is happiness. Having no FEAR of how am I going to conduct my life with no more name, fame and a steady income is happiness. Having time to pursue my spiritual happiness is happiness because I can get ready for something beyond.

Living simply, having health, being alive, having a handful of good friends and being with love ones is happiness. All these years I thought I have it all BUT where are all these now that I resided from the worldly arena? Therefore what seems real are but passing and not real. NOT REAL does not mean it is not there BUT it is not permanent.

Search for this HAPPINESS within.

May you be well, be happy, be safe and healthy.

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