Saturday, January 7, 2012

THE END of the World 2012

Have not been back to the blog because of a broken hand. However I thank all those who continue to visit here and support my blog.

2012...the prediction that we all will disappear OR is it only the calender of the Mayan because their wise man only manage to calculate until 2012. Being a Buddhist...I believe in Cause and Effect. Surely there will be an end of the World as Buddha spoke about Impermanence. BUT do not worry because it won't be 2012 or maybe our life time. However one thing everyone of us can be sure...more and more calamities will happen all over the world. These calamities are our making. We are the cause. We do so much harm to Nature with things we call 'modernization'. Thou sow and thus reaped...fair and square.

Coming back to Singapore, a place I call HOME. We are lucky and have enough merits to a peaceful living but there are silly things we enjoy this piece written by a wise Foreigner. How people live or behave is a choice but I am sure I won't JUMP Ship. Nothing is like home and when I am a first class citizen WHY do I want to be 2nd class, 3rd class or stateless !!

The Bizarre Behaviour of Singaporeans
Observations made by a German national who has lived in Singapore for 9 years.

44 years of economic and material success have spawned some very strange behaviours among Singaporeans.

They spent so much to buy a house or flat, furnished it up like a palace, but spent their time outside, most of the time at work. And the maids are the ones enjoying the million-dollar or multi-million-dollar assets..

Then they pay so much, the highest in the world, for a car only to park at home. Too expensive to drive, too many ERPs and car park charges to pay. And they are encouraged to park their cars at home and take public transport, being cheaper and more convenient.

And when Singaporeans travel, instead of seeing the places, they went shopping. The best part is that they would head for the cheapest bargains, buying stuff that they could get in Chinatown or pasar malam, at even cheaper prices. But they are still happy that they got a bargain.

And while the heartlanders are busy trying to make a life here, being told to bust off if they are not happy, which they could not, the rich and presumably very happy and contented citizens are buying up properties overseas just in case they need to make that escape from this paradise.

While many Singaporeans are thinking of jumping ship, or preparing to jump ship, hoards of new immigrants are rushing in to take their place in this paradise.

And to top it all up, they keep complaining about the government and all the policies that they found unpalatable, but come every election, they will vote and return the government to power.

Strange Singaporean behaviours !

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  1. For the buddhist, this year is 2555 and not 2012. Does it mean this will also apply to the buddhists?

    May you be well and happy always.