Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A book....?

Life is like a book, you decide on the character.
All stories will come to an end.
You choose the ending...a good one or a bad one...
and it all depend how you live it out.

The next chapter of your Life is another newly written book.
You will not be the same character you were in the last.
How simple or how complicate...you want the story to be?
You weaved the ups and downs

It must be about love, desires and all worldly things
that make the character in the book exciting to read.
What if the story is devoid of hate, anger and ignorance?
The plot is no longer worth writing.
Thus the book ends here!

Don't forget that a good character will have a good ending
a bad one have bad ending..
but are you sure it will be that way?

In reality that is not so because the hands of Karma decides it all.

The pretty, the ugly, the so-so
The healthy, the sick
The rich, the poor and the millionaires
The successful, the failure
what do you have to say?
So it was you, at the point of time
give rise to the character and the
life it will lead

So, choose wisely
Act carefully
weave the character correctly!

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