Sunday, August 9, 2009

Happy 44th Birthday Singapore - 9.8.09


9th August 2009...we celebrate Sinagpore 44th birthday! The slogan is "Come Together, Reaching Out . Reaching Up". This year emphasized raising awareness for less privileged Singaporeans and working with charity organizations to contribute directly to the whole Nation celebration of NDP 2009.

This tiny island south of the tip of West Malaysia is nothing significant compared to 'big' countries. You won't be able to see us on the map... As for resources, we have 'Human'. The credit of the success of this 'Tiny' owes it to MM Lee KY and all his old guards. I respect MM Lee and I have a few favorite ministers too...Dr Goh KS, Mr Rajaratnam (deceased) and Mr Richard Hu. I am not that old to know them but I read about them. Now it is PM Lee HL and his cabinet.

Years after years, we have this thingy we called NDP (National Day Parade). This is to boost our tiny island, give our citizen a sense of belonging and at the same time create some fun activities for the Nation. All from Air Force, Army, Police Force, various ministries and schools took part. The preparations and planning starts from beginning of the year or maybe even earlier. The highlights are the flypass by the Air Force F6 and the fireworks. Streets were closed for partying with DJs and 'hot' music. Broadcasting over the television is live.

I do not call myself patriotic but I love this little island I lived on. It gives me a place I call 'Home'. I am not bothered about all the scream and shout from some who sneered at the government - you can't please everybody. All the more this tiny island which is not homogeneous but a cosmopolitan city is even more precious. You will find races like the original Malays, the Chinese, the Indian, the mixed marriage Eurasian, the mixed marriage Peranakan, and we have lots of Westerners from all over Europe and USA working here too. This is a multi racial, multi tongues and multi religion island. We just have to look at countries around us to know that we are blessed.

Every year there is a Theme Song to commemorate this happy day! I attached here two Video clips - One is the Theme Song 2009 - 'What do you see'. Another is a song named 'Home' which is one of my favorite.

Happy Birthday Singaporean!!!!!

Cheers Singapore....