Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Wind beneath my wings

Ouch! I wrote something and I lost it. Isn't it that we lost things along the way, from the time we are born...the first thing we lost is the umbilical cord, a connection to Mum. As time goes on, we lost our pacifier, we lost our smelly pillow. As we grow older, we have friends..... and because of our childishness, we fight and quarrel and eventually lost friends along the way. As we move from schools to schools, we make new friends and lost old friends. We started to lost boy friends, girl friends....etc. However if a friendship is True, no matter how many twists and turns, it remains steady as a rock.

This movie is about 2 girls who met during a vacation and became friends. Many years later they met again. One became a singer and another a lawyer. Unfortunately the lawyer had cancer and before she died she willed her daughter to the singer. It is about friendship, love, bonding and courage. The singer is Bette Meddler and she also acted as the singer.

I was invited to this movie by a girlfriend. She was going through some difficult moments in her life and was contemplating of ending her sufferings. She said to me after the movie " Lian, can you take Michelle and love her like your own if anything happen to me? " I thought about her. We have lost touch since...

Wherever she maybe, I wish her well.

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