Saturday, August 22, 2009


A friend sent me a set of personality test questionnaires. This is done by BBC Science. Since he is interested to know where I stand, I did it to please him.

My friend is an architect. True to his creative juice, his temper is worst than mine. Looks like creative people are temperamental. I love his non-pretentious personality. Verbally he is very sharp and very direct. Socially he is a party animal. Privately he is a boy at heart. Being with him brings the best and worst out of me. His unfailing support all these years keep me emotionally balance. Not that we do not have fights - when we do, you don't want to be around. I am wondering 'how come all these fights' never tore us apart? What is the chemistry? His answer 'Willingness to look beyond and that you truly want this friendship and the person is worth the price.' He prides himself for picking right friends. For me, I think it is mutual understanding, 'knowing you, knowing me'.

Maybe because of this, we are like minded in many ways. The only thing that makes us different - I am no sarong party girl. I am not tan, sexy, ‘shape..ey, drink and party with him. I am an odd one to him. Fortunately his shoulder and chest is big enough for me to cry and I have soiled many of his nice Ts and shirts. Ha.a.a.a., sorry lah! I am no cry baby but I do cry.

I spent the last weekend with him. I am glad I did. His reasoning and ability to see matters are far clearer than me. I suppose it has something to do with his work - he pays attention to his drawings and details. I believe architectural is an emotional vocation. If there is no emotion, where will there be beautiful and outstanding designs. He is daring and creative and since he is free lancing, he has free hands to do it his way. I am influence by him and I love architectural designs - Building, Interior, Exterior and Landscaping. Oh, he won a few awards too.

OK, here is the result.... I am an innovator!


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