Wednesday, August 12, 2009

My Dream Cars...

Actually I have diverse interests. Not all girls will like what I like. Make-up, fashions, brands, shoes, handbags, jewelery, $$$...are something that do not really attract me. I like Cars, Travels, Photography.. and exploring places a girl will not do on her own.

With 'F1' hot on the heals, we do not have to wait too long to see the next round of challenge - will 'Shoemarker' appears this time? All cars lovers are eagerly waiting for the race to start.

Being crazy as I am, there are some cars which I 'love' and dream of. They are one of the fastest car in the World. I have ride on a Lamborghini, a Ferrari and a Porches. I just felt that it is wasted to have them here because we do not have the roads to justify their speed... I love them BUT I do not want to own one nor drive one. The driver should be someone who is suave and good-looking - every bit a millionaire and fit enough to be a F1 driver. Yes, you can tell me to go on dreaming and I will....ha.a.a.a.!

I know why people love fast cars. Not only it carries your status, it is 'show-off' that you can afford to own one and you belong to the league. However for me, it is exhilarating...the free sprite...the wind on my face...the wheels at my disposable...and the steering takes me to where I want to be. Of course, the car must be a head turner. The highways in Singapore is not made for such 'beauties' so is the Malaysian highways with all the dead tolls. Imagine driving one of these, cruising all over Europe. The car feel free, the driver feel free and plenty of space to move along. Hum.m.m.m still dreaming.

Here are pictures of the to the cars companies who took them....

Bugatti Veyron

Koenigsegg CCX


Ferrari Enzo

Porsche Carrera GT

These cars are beautiful. They are not cheap and some of them are in Singapore in someone's backyard..and only during motor show that you will see the Owners' showing them off.

It is a expensive one.

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