Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Child's Cry.....

I was watching this video on Youtube and I applaud the children of today. They are well articulated and forward coming. They are not afraid to speak their minds.

The Environmental issue is not something new. From the cry of a few people to what it is today, the World is not doing enough. Lay people will not know what is installed. The people who wanted fame, power and Country should know. They have all the facilities and access to make the environment better. The rich and famous wanted fur and leather. The businessmen think that making money is GOD. The politicians wanted to play with countries like toys. We are so greedy. We keep saying " We are doing all these for our family", or "We are doing all these for our next generations", or "We are doing all these for our Children" actual fact we are doing all these to put star dust on our face.... All that Glitters are not GOLD.

I, for one am guilty and ignorant. However I love nature and the environment. No one tells me not to tear apart a butterfly, no one tells me not to cut a tree, no one tells me that I cannot throw rubbish around my home. I just do it, it is instinctive. Actually we cannot blame the Politician and the various Authorities of the Countries. They are busy creating an affluent environment where everything is luxury, luxury and more luxury. If you do not wear fur or leather, not carry a bag that cost $5000, you are not there. Mind you and one is not enough. People buying houses and accumulated assets and $$$ oblivious to to fact that they cannot bring with them to their dead beds.

Raising funds for the less fortunate are such a pain. You have to do all kind of stunts to get a little donation and all these 'monkey acts' can even cost a life, or a reputation or maybe maimed the person for life. BUT, people will not hesitate to spend endless to beautify themselves, why give so much to donations? They go for plastic surgery, they botox and they patch up or cut off what is naturally theirs from birth.....for? Don't kid are a pile of bones and nothing else.

She is right, everything around us is fake. People are selfish. Too bad for the children, they will not get to see the beautiful animals we saw, enjoy the flowers that once bloomed and no longer exist, they will not be able to see mountain peaks with snow caps thanks to the polluted airs.

You will scream at me "hey! what's wrong being all that and having all that?". NO, nothing is wrong and pray that the generations left behind to salvage the mess will not suffer some kind of funny sickness that will eventually kills the entire World. Just look around with SARS and now H1N1, the earthquake, the tsunami, the typhoons and more...Mother Gaia is retaliating.

It is not too late to make an effort now, everyone and be conscious and not wasteful. It is not just the job of a few, it is the entire World because we are the Global Citizens living on Mother Gaia. I admire Small Footprints and many others Green Bloggers. We can only do a small part but it is never too small with the effort of everyone. This is my appeal.

Sharing with you.."The Girl Who Silence the World"...and be inspired.

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